Saimin Regulation


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This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school.

There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.

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Hypnosis Regulation
Saimin Shingi
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0000000 rated it
September 9, 2017
Status: c10
Fun thoughts, there are only 4 main girls that the MC plays with, and their first name correspond to the four cardinal directions, and the girls are introduced in the order of North, South, East, West...

Also, I call BS for MC not wanting to attract attention in Chp 5.

And at chp 10, we now collect the classics, elder sister type, friendly school friend type and loli. Guess which one will West be.

Good fap.
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Keisotsuna rated it
January 6, 2018
Status: c21
It's better than I expected. I'm honestly surprised at the MC. Despite being a pervert himself, he has more of a self-control and doesn't lose his reasoning unlike other MC of similar plotline or genre. I've seen quite a few stories with similar genre and they always end up with the MC conquering so many girls without restraint that it loses its substance. But this story is different.

... more>>

The MC, using his hypnosis skills, knows his limit and doesn't try to take control of every girl he can see (cause that's how usual harem goes).

He has four girls by his side, each with different personalities and character, which make the story much meaningful despite having no deep conflict or plotline.


The translation is awesome. ^_^ I really love how the scenes were portrayed such that the readers can imagine them vividly. I'm really disappointed with smut novels these days, because they aren't well written and doesn't compel the readers to that "I want to read more" kind of state. So five stars for this one!! <<less
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ArgosYesu rated it
February 27, 2018
Status: c27
Surprisingly good. Can I say nicely written? Most of the erotica novels are just short and dull, mainly relying on speech or quick narrative to describe the ero. This is like comparing Invisible Dragon-level writing with regular novels, with Saimin Regulation being the better written one.

Lots of detail, a hypnosis system that isn't bullshit, girls who aren't characterized into Loli1, Loli2, Onee-san1, Teacher6. MC may seem a bit dull, but he really isn't. He likes surprises and laughs when his thought-out plans don't follow his script. If I have to... more>> shorten it, I'd say he's perfect for the Hypnosis power.

TL;DR, better than most. Nothing really tops it IMO. <<less
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Krazyguy75 rated it
July 7, 2019
Status: c81
I found this series. Instantly loved it. Hit my strike zone directly. Smart protagonist, hypnotism (and not that boring s*x doll s***), and smut? 5/5.

And then it got repetitive. The ideas were fairly stale, and you started getting a lot of repeats like "s*x in a classroom of mind controlled people". But that was still in the minority, and most of the stuff was new. There wasn't much plot, but it's a smut novel, so that was to be expected. At that point, it'd be a 4/5.

But since that's past... more>> tense, you can tell something changed. And here's what it is: I can stomach a protagonist who rapes girls using hypnotism in my smut novels. But I cannot stomach it if that same protagonist rapes girls, gets them pregnant, and then tosses them aside with a dismissive "their families will handle it" remark. I cannot stomach a protagonist who suddenly turns as dense as a pile of lead bricks when confessed to, tossing the confession aside as a joke before raping the girl. I signed up for a intelligent jerk, not an incredibly evil sociopath. 1/5.

Overall I give 3/5, as it is really good until it gets terrible. I haven't dropped it yet, and that should show how good it was early on when I can rate the current parts 1/5 and still have hope. <<less
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Fluffums rated it
June 23, 2019
Status: c57
It starts off great! Then slowly gets worse. Then takes an abrupt nose-dive after a certain point.

At the beginning, there's a story. The protagonist is well-written, how he makes the heroines fall is pretty good too, and the translation/writing is good. Overall 'good' and I'd mark it up to 5/5 just because I like the theme.

But then the last heroine is added, and the protagonist just starts cycling between current heroines with "new" scenarios, many of which are old scenarios with a different girl. There's no further development of the... more>> story, protagonist, or the heroines, and the writing is not as good. The story is as good as dead, nothing new to be seen in over 10 chapters.

If the author wanted to focus so much on smut, he should have kept adding new victims while maybe occasionally going back to his favorites. If he wanted to focus on the 4 heroines, he should have toned down the smut a little (since it's clear he has a limited repertoire anyway) and developed their relationships a little more. The same story would have still been a 4/5 still if either case happened.

But they didn't happen. Story 1/5, characters 2/5, setting 2/5, smut 2/5, average 2/5. And only that high because of a strong start. <<less
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magefeanor rated it
December 3, 2018
Status: c39
In the beginning my impression was much like the other reviewers. Surprisingly decent ero novel.

Sadly any attempt of progression or plot gets ruthlessly shut down by the MC. It is essentially just a sadistic bastard having sadistic mind break s*x over and over again.
There is absolutely no character development from the MC.

You can pretty much see when the author gave up any inkling of plot, it's when the format turns episodic.
There's a chapter that ends with the MC ruminating how one of the girls will reject when she... more>> wakes up the next day next to him. The next chapter then begins with him on the beach. There's no acknowledgment of what happened last chapter.

That's not why I stopped reading though, I can live with that. The increasingly sadistic s*x kinda killed my interest. The mind break tag takes more and more of a backseat position. <<less
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Oshibo rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: c35
A decent Ero Novel but calling it mind control is pushing it, he isn't forcing them to do anything, rather he is changing them on a fundamental level. One example is that he has the females of the school walk around naked in a chapter, he hasn't forced them to nor has he told them to, instead he made them believe it is the natural thing to do. Another is example is that he is raped after messing with a girl's libido, he wasn't expecting to be raped but she... more>> pushed him down with brute force and had her way with him. Things don't always go how he wants it as he never has complete control of anything, but it works out in the end. <<less
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bushwhacker2k rated it
August 3, 2019
Status: c30
As others have said, this starts out 5/5, doing everything extremely well.

The focus is only on four girls. Depending on how such a story is written, that could work- but this author is handling things in a really odd way.

He isn't really advancing their relationships at all (in some ways the protagonist is weird like he's specifically avoiding real relationships despite his easy availability to them) and instead just does random sexual scenarios.

The thing that solidly made me knock it down from 5/5 was that he keeps having other girls... more>> with connections to his main 4 show up... and then barely lays a finger on them, like he has some bizarre devotion to the main 4. This is really weird because first off, he has 4 girls, this means he's not a monogamist-type, devoted to a single girl. What makes it really odd is he goes out of his way to include them, remarks on how attractive they are, and even brings them into the sexual scenario, then he specifically avoids doing much with them! What's even the point of including them then!? It's like the author is rubbing our faces in his refusal to do the obvious correct thing for the story.

Still a ways to go in the story, and something tells me things can only either stay the same or get worse...

If that turns out to be correct, then it seems like the beginning of the story might be best treated as the entire story and the rest ignored, as it'd just be wasted potential. <<less
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