Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie’s Dearest Beloved Wife


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Yun Bixue is in dire straits—

Her fiancé has abandoned her for the country’s top socialite. Worst of all, her family has been declared bankrupt, and the media has forced her into desperation. In her desolation, she seeks help from the powerful Young Master Xie, and gains strength through her marriage with him during her lowest period. From that day onwards, she eggs herself to grow stronger to become the best wife for her husband.

This novel is a sweet, sugary book. There are no heart-wrenching scenes or misunderstandings.

Sugary Scene

Yun Bixue: “Limo, aren’t you going to ask who I met today?”

Xie Limo: “It doesn’t matter who you met. What matters is that you’re here by my side now.”

Yun Bixue “Limo, let’s make a pinky promise. In the future, I will trust you, and you will trust me too. We will not allow external factors to affect our home, and we’ll be just like the saying ‘if you do not abandon me, I will always be at your side until the end of my life’.”

Xie Limo met Yun Bixue’s determined gaze and without thinking, he reached out his finger and sealed the promise before intertwining their fingers together.

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Noahjeno rated it
December 9, 2018
Status: c34
Considering the length of the story, I read only.5% of the story. I am reviewing it bcoz there is none here. So others can have some idea of how the story is, atleast the beginning.

For a moment I felt the story written by a teenager doing wish fulfillment. The characters are introduced with out proper info about them including MC. We are directly facing scenarios without fully understanding why they are happening at all.

Author wrote MC is smart n talented but so far we only see her as naive, innocent,... more>> pitiful and enduring person. ML is the Blueblood talented, beautiful young master.

MC n ML are already married and it happens with both parties willingness. When they decided to get married, I was like.. Whaaaat, how did they decided to do that? And I bet everyone who reads the story will be react like me too.

ML is so kind and considerate that he feels surreal and MC bcoz of him has decided not to endure be smart and be the best wife possible for the best hubby we can get in this genre at the very beginning without any idiotic rape or anything happens.

So far the story is just cliches nothing too cruel. Story writing is not enough. It already has lot of cons but I don't mind reading it further. MC is already started to change and the backgrounds of many characters has lots of stuff to explore.

I have not found anything off putting to drop the story. It's not great not worse just average so far. But a story with more than 6000 chapters should have more than this from now I believe. After all story is only at the beginning. If you guys have time to waste and doesn't hang up on logic too much you can give a try <<less
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