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Linze used to be a normal 2nd year middle schooler who once had 8th-grader syndrome, and after being stabbed to death by his younger sister’s classmate, Linze realized that he is able to [Return by Death], restarting time back to the very beginning after dying.

Surpassing innumerous situations of despondency, let’s look at Linze as he learns to sustain several love relationships, while searching for the hope of living on under the many paths of death.

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RE:Yandere (Starting life in a Yandere World from Zero)
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Redmi rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: c22
You don't have to wait for the killings by deranged female characters very long. No beating around the bushes here. If you like violence and gore, put this novel in your reading list RIGHT NOW!
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Potato Tomo
Potato Tomo rated it
July 8, 2018
Status: c21
I know that most guys does not probably know about yans. But, if death is the trigger of the reverting of time, and he dies for the third time without knowing why he was killed, it will be too off-putting coz the ML does not seem take his problem seriously at all.... more>>

Like, he is not even considering all her emotional states and that should be what he is worrying about.


Aside from that, it is still the beginning. It is a good read with realistic interactions, active MC, and he's still basically a newb to what sht the girls got for him.

And this is a yandere novel so I doubt he will be ignorant of their 'love' for too long lol

Was giving a 4 but clicked 5 meh <<less
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GUTB rated it
October 11, 2018
Status: --
An otherwise excellent series gets 3 stars due to extreme padding later on. Once you get deep into the raws most of the story arc will be pointless filler. Author will spend many chapters writing about MC’s countermeasures and analysis — just have all of it be completely useless in the end. In the Chainsaw arc there must be 30 chapters describing MC’s escape efforts when it was obvious that MC wasn’t going to actually escape and that he was going to surrender to the yandere like he does literally... more>> every other time before.

The girls are inexplicably driven to violent jealousy but they aren’t yanderes. If you get over the false advertising in the title and you’re willing to read the raws (I use fireshot screen capture -> save to pdf in Google Drive -> open with Google Docs -> Google Translate) then I can recommend it. <<less
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