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Linze used to be a normal 2nd year middle schooler who once had 8th-grader syndrome, and after being stabbed to death by his younger sister’s classmate, Linze realized that he is able to [Return by Death], restarting time back to the very beginning after dying.

Surpassing innumerous situations of despondency, let’s look at Linze as he learns to sustain several love relationships, while searching for the hope of living on under the many paths of death.

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RE:Yandere (Starting life in a Yandere World from Zero)
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The Taming of the Yandere (1)

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Date Group Release
06/19/18 Random TLs c18
06/19/18 Random TLs c17
06/19/18 Random TLs c16
06/19/18 Random TLs c15
06/17/18 Random TLs c14
06/17/18 Random TLs c13
06/14/18 Random TLs c12
06/14/18 Random TLs c11
06/14/18 Random TLs c10
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06/12/18 Random TLs c6
06/11/18 Random TLs c5
06/11/18 Random TLs c4
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New EternalEmperorLQY rated it
June 17, 2018
Status: c12
It has many tropes but as of now it hasn't gotten boring, it is good enough to give it a try!

It has a return by death system similar to re:zero.

Not sure whether it's good enough to warrant a 5 star.....?

But I'm gonna throw in a 5 star as this is one of the soo soo very few yandere novels!!!
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