The Taming of the Yandere


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A boy takes on the weary road, to fix the unfix-able, to cure the incurable- To tame the infamous Yandere.

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17 Reviews

Nov 20, 2017
Status: Completed
As the former translator for this series, I would like to address some positive and negative points of this novel, especially some doubts readers have towards this work. I promise I won't be biased. I've finished the series. Reasons to keep reading:

    • This Chinese yandere novel strays from the conventional Japanese yandere, where the main focus is on violence, horror, dismemberment, etc. It presents the yandere aspect in a more realistic fashion, emphasizing on Slice of Life. You don't see that many yandere these days that do that.
    • The novel goes into philosophy at times, and expresses the author's points and views of Chinese society. It's interesting to read.
    • The number of characters are fairly minimal compared to Japanese manga/novels involving harem and such, it's easy to keep up with the story, and plot twists hit harder than normal, since less characters = more development.
    • The yandere has a legit reason for being a yandere. She's romantically obsessed with the MC, because she believes that he's the only one in the world who cares about her. The MC's goal is to pull her from that mentality, to save her from her own self.
    • The MC isn't totally s*upid and dumb. At first, he seems to be a slight ret*rd with dashes of cleverness and cunning, but he becomes more mature as he learns more about the girl, Jiang Muqing.
Doubts you may have, and my response:

    • Slow plot development. A number of chapters are agonizingly slow and make little to none development to the plot. An example would be the cliche game aspect, Republic. Although it seems filler, it plays the entire role of introducing a character of the story, as well as revealing interesting perspectives of JMQ and MC. I know this is contradicting the reviewer above me, Gillmour, but hey, I'm a translator. I think I have a better understanding of the novel that I make money off of, than a casual reader.
    • Not a lot of actual, physical action. There are only about 5 action scenes in the first six volumes. While the action scenes aren't half bad, there is a lack of them in TOTY. However, the series is riddled with scares and cliffs, so you don't actually know when or whether the action is going to happen. That's one of my favorite aspects of this novel.
    • Fillers: While the author does go into philosophy at times, it's fairly boring. I admit that. I skipped a sixth of Chapter 12 because of its annoying filler that did nothing but half-assedly explain the title. I skipped a whole Chapter 5 because it served no purpose other than the author's experimentation of adding gaming aspects. But remember, I'm not some machine, translating every single sentence word by word. I shuffle the phrases. I remove errors, and add more entertaining content. I add translator notes. Every time I translate anything, I wonder, how would a non-Chinese person feel if they read this? I read your comments, I know what you readers want.
Keep reading, and enjoy. -Serra
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Nov 13, 2017
Status: v1c3
So far I'm really interested in this story. The translation is good (as of chapter 3 with the original translator) and the potential for the future plot and character development looks fascinating.

A Brief Synopsis of the First Chapter:
... more>>

The story opens on a normal, hard-working high schooler MC living in China. On his way home from school, he notices a figure dressed in white at the top of a tall building, moving over the railing as if planning to jump. Disturbed by the lack of action among those around him, he decides on the spur of the moment to go and try to stop her. After a revealing talk (which includes a proclamation of eternal and single love in an attempt to talk her down) and a harrowing experience where he nearly falls to his death along with her as he works to save her, the two of them are rescued. After giving false information to the police in order to avoid complications, our MC heads home thinking it to be all over—never suspecting what he might have set into motion...


I like that the MC is a normal, unassuming guy who happens to be lead into a heroic act by the adrenaline of the moment, but does all he can to avoid the attention that such an act might garner. I'm really looking forward to how he will handle the yandere he helped create by his "heroic" actions.

I'm also excited that this series does not have the horror tag—looking forward to seeing a more real-to-life take on the yandere character model. I think that this series has a lot of potential and hope that others will give it the benefit of the doubt and support its translation.

For its future potential, I give it 5 stars! <<less
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May 14, 2018
Status: v1c10
This novel... This Author.... here's the list of problem:

The author tried to make it that the MC is this Hard working student that wants to get to the top of his school while also trying to write novel, play video games and that's fine

The Author thinks the police are too s*upid to actually let someone use a fake name (Hint:Fake Identification is extremely hard to get let alone believed) And that's fine

The Author tried to make the main Heroine a possessive Suicidal girl and that's not conventional Yandere in fact... more>> that's actually a mental problem which resemble BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) Conventional Yandere meanwhile leans more closer to Schizophrenia/Obsessive Love Disorder and that's fine

The Author thinks people personality can be described as Color which is to put it lightly? that's a ret*rded way to judge a humans personality are constantly changing so judging people based on their age, occupation etc and that's fine

The Author thinks that

BUT when The MC thinks what he does is correct which is promising a suicidal girl an empty promise and then denying it is where I draw the f*cking line <<less
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Dec 31, 2017
Status: v2c1
This novel "story" probably deserves more than 3 star that I rated, but I can't stand the author storytelling ability.

lets give the example of a chapter

1-the beginning of the chapter it starts with a tense situation that you have no idea how the MC got involved, because there is a time skip from the end of the previous chapter.

... more>> 2-then at the middle of the chapter, it will go in a flashback to explain what happen, breaking the rythm of the first part of the chapter

3-when it catch up to present state, there is new development or resolution and chapter ends trying to tease what happen next, but this is a cycle and and you will be back at point 1

This bad use of both cliffhanger and flashback make for bad immersive story and I'm out <<less
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Nov 17, 2017
Status: v2c1

I have read about 4x chapters, I do not remember

I liked the novel a lot, but if there is something I would like to remove or something that spoils the novel, it is... the game rpg

this game is like the naruto's fillers.

the moment you see it, you feel like not reading it, I can not tell if the filling is bad or not, because at the moment I read more than two lines I did not feel like reading it.

... more>>

the only thing that comes to understand is that the protagonist reached a higher level, at the time that killed a superior magician and his friend who put him to the games is surprised, also say that the class that chose the MC is the most garbage, can not stand anything... I think you know what side this is going for, right? MC powerful in the game with the worst kind, it is so predictable that it makes me sick


the author plays with our way of seeing a yandere


the girl comes to stay at home, and so far all the scenes where he comes home (and the girl is there) he finds the lights off and gives you an air of certain that he has already gone crazy and killed his parents or that is waiting for him to kill, I do not say that they are bad, but the grace is lost if it becomes repetitive


Most chapters start with MC reflections on life, it is interesting because it is very philosophical (I study the philosophy career) but you always find holes, but they are small. It is a very interesting way, a very original introduction to each chapter, I hope it does not become irrational at some point.

the personality of the MC is well defined, always looking for a way to get rid of the burden (the girl), because he has plans and is studying because he wants to reach his goals and little by little you find out about his past and how he arrived to be like that, and how little by little this event of saving a girl changes him.

also defines us in a different way to the yandere girl on irrational love, but different, after all we are not all the same, and that's where many Japanese novels fail creating yandere characters like crazy women who will do everything to be alone with the MC or for your happiness.

this yandere girl has her touch of tsundere that does not feel bad

the plot has many holes, but they are small, like the excuses that the MC gives and how a teacher ends up believing, or as a student so important for a school is very neglected by the school, you know the geniuses have more importance, but they are passable.

In short, the novel is about how the MC tries to deal with a nuisance (the yandere girl), and I am with great expectations.

I will really say it again, but the game's filling really is unbearable

This novel is in a 4 star, but...


in the last chapters that I read the author tries to force the filling and pass it to the main story, the MC tries to help the girl (yandere) and thinks that if he makes friends for the game or finds another hobby he will forget about it, and all the chapter talking about the game... so overwhelming, I do not know if it happened but I hope it does not.


I also want to say that the chapters are available (free) until 75 I think I did not see well, and after that they are only for VIPs and since I am not Chinese, I do not know how to pay for a subscription in those pages, so wait for the translator is updated.

If you want to read the novel with a translator and do not know where to find the raws, put the name in Chinese in google and next to the word "raws" and choose the first page, there I read the chapters but as I said they are for vips the following.

also if someone is up to date with the raws could you tell me if "the game" is still filling or is part of the main story, I feel that it will ruin it.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for the spelling mistakes. <<less
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Nov 11, 2018
Status: v1c25
This is a review from me for the first volume
It's okay, not too shabby but not that good either
Good Part:
- The idea of the story is actually pretty interesting
- The MC is realist, and the author doesn't exaggerate him in some way
- Not a lot of character, so it's easy to remember who's who

Bad Part:
- On the first chapter, the author is showing that the MC is heroic, next chapter the author is telling us that the MC is just a normal bland person... more>> without a goal (That chapter with color thingy). Another chapter, the author is telling us how dilligent he is. But even with all of that, his personality isn't that strong as a whole.
- The author really likes to times skip, jumping to a skipped times, then jumps to before skip on one passages to another
- Sometimes there would be a passage with some sort of physcological thing going on, I don't even know if this is how the author trying to let us see how the MC's thought of process works, or it's just the author wants to put it there. Sometimes there aren't any connection with the next passage at all, so it really puts me off while reading it.
- The development is too slow, it felt like the first half of the first volume is just a prologue.

The idea is interesting but the execution is bad.

I'm actually a bit annoyed with the MC since I don't know his personality but he really likes to throw lies and thought everything will be finished with a couple sweet words.
He said the game is s*upid so I thought he doesn't game that much, he only played the game a bit but felt like he know the game full well (the part where his friend gave item to him), and that chapter felt like a filler to me.
He doesn't think of another people (to be fair, he is a realist person so I guess it's passable), he saved the heroine and felt like the heroine should felt indebted to him.
And yeah, I still really don't like the idea of him lying so the heroine, thinking he is in the right.

I'll say this first hand, but the story doesn't really left any impact to me, it's a bit too bland. The setting it pretty detailed, but sometimes doesn't support the story at all. The first volume doesn't seem like finished volume at all. Surprisingly, the MC doesn't really interact with the heroine that much, and the yandere heroine doesn't seem to try interacting with the MC either, the MC does thing first then the heroine followed.
Rather than taming of the yandere, it felt like How I lied to a person with personal problem, then trying to cut off my connection to her while making her a better person so I could feel good about myself. <<less
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Sep 06, 2018
Status: v2c19
Interesting premise but the way each chapter starts by breaking the flow and suspense of the story by either skipping forward and only sometimes going back to where the last chapter ended or waffling on about some random topic that's only tangentially related to the story gets very old. Also translation is a bit lacking.
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Cupcake Ninja
Cupcake Ninj
Dec 22, 2017
Status: v2c1 part1
Now, to start off, this isn't a regular yandere novel. The main character isn't a magnet for yanderes and the girl doesnt listen to his every word or stick to him at all times. In fact she is kind of rarely seen so far.

Its much more... grounded than a lot of its counterparts. The glimpses we get of the main heroine's obsession and mental sickness is gradual and well done, its a slower process and the way its pulled off is fairly simpistic and, more importantly, realistic.

Now, that said, lets... more>> get onto a few of the keypoints in this review:

Translation Quality: 4/5. It should be a full five out of five but the reason its a four is due to some small details like minor spelling mistakes. Really its not even all that noticeable, even negligible, found rarely every two or three chapters. As a whole the entire work is very clear and creates a smooth flow. The only somewhat unneeded bit is the translator notes which explains some things within the novel that may cause confusion due to certain topics or phrases. Still, always nice to have them so it's not really a flaw. Plus the translator, BlackDay, is super chill.

Story: 4/5. Now usually the plot is fine. Each chapter is fairly interesting and can keep attention just due to the way its written. However there are times when the author seems to ramble on excessively on topics that have little to no connection with the rest of the novel. Simply put, they don't seem to progress the plot and appear, at times, to be placed there more for wordcount rather than anything else. In fact if I remember right the translator even sometimes skips chapters that are like that, that don't have any importance on the story. The filler content is why it gets a 4. All stories may have them to some degree, but not to this extent where its so blatantly obvious. Take, for instance, the whole gaming side of things. In the novel some chapters are devoted to the MC playing an online game. But its like the author just saw it was a popular genre and threw it in his story without any real build up. And its not all that interesting so it makes you feel your time was just wasted reading it.

Characters: 3.5/5. Now this is kinda different since the characters aren't bad. But neither are they really good. The main character, for example. He isn't a pushover and has shown some liekable qualities, especially in regards to how he decides to handle the main heroine. His initial bravery in chapter 1 earned him my favor too. But his inner thoughts can sometimes come across as bland, especially because the novel is written in first person POV. The author's ramblings make the main character, due to the first person POV, seem to be the one who is ranting about things instead of the author. So the character suffers. And apart from him only three, maybe four characters have any realm substance that puts them away from the rest. The heroine and the mother of the MC the best two. And hell the mother hasn't been making all that many appearances, maybe just like five throughout the entire first volume and that's just towards the middle or end. The only other notable character being the MC's friend who isn't all too important himself. In short, as of right now there hasn't been many moments that make the characters jump out and grow on you.

That said...i fukken love yandere novels. And this is one that has a lot of untapped potential even still because it's not over-the-top like a lot of others. As I said its more grounded in reality and now that v1 is over and things have really started to take shape im really looking forward to seeing what the story developes into. It feels like the entire first volume was sort of a prologue, an introductory. Now, with the last chapter of the volume turing out the way it did, it seems like the story will be a lot more interesting from here on out. <<less
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Apr 21, 2019
Status: v3c11
The story of this novel has a lot of potential and the characters are interesting so far. It's a pitty, that the writing style of this author is unbearable. I can describe it with one word: "chaos"

Often you finish a chapter and want to start the next, but you get utterly confused, because the next chapter or at least the beginning of the chapter has nothing to do with the previous one.

Imagine this. You get finally to some juicy parts of the story, click on the next chapter and all... more>> you get is 30 sentences of MC's inner thoughts on some random matter.

Sometimes interesting parts of the story are totally skipped and other times there are random temporary time skips. Even within 1 chapter. I will summarize a short example:


Our protagonists had to discuss something with the "Yandere", but she doesn't want to open the door. The neighbor girl had a suggestion. She shouted loudly at our MC: "Apparently she isn't here. Come to my room. I will give you some juice" At the same time she hugged his arm, while going to her apartment.

MC was sitting on a couch, while a girl was in the kitchen to make fresh juice. MC took a look at the room... (the room was described etc.). Suddenly the Yandere girl came out of the kitchen.

Why is our MC at the Yandere girls room? Well this little story will be revealed later.

[A few sentences later, author suddenly time skipped back to the past]

The yandere girl came out of the door, took MCs arm and dragged him to her room, while the neighbor girl let go of MCs hand and thus the protagonist was in the Yandere girls room instead.



The writing style improves in the later chapters and you get accustomed to the "flashbacks", but I still don't like this style. Also, the flow of reading will not be interrupted as much, in the later chapters.

The thing is, the storydevelopment is really really amazing later on. It pains me to give this novel just 3 Stars. <<less
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Dec 20, 2017
Status: v1c25
Pretty great if you aren't too choosy about your novels. The progress is so-so and it doesn't develop too fast unlike other novels. Although you will find annoying fillers from time to time (Almost every 10 chapters -_-)

Translation: 9/10
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Nov 27, 2017
Status: v1c20
Not bad so far, but not really gone anywhere yet either...

Seems to be focused on character development & interactions. At this point I'm really just giving this the benefit of the doubt.

The BAD:
Well, putting aside that yandere are a bs type of Otaku-only stereotype, I'd say that the pacing is pretty slow. This has been called 'slice of life' in the hopes of getting it off, but honestly 'slice of life' would have better conversations with more people, or more events/interactions. After 20 chapters, something like 10... more>> situations have happened, and that's not so horrible, except I'm calling 'getting called into the teacher's office' an event. The issue with the events is not so much the low number, or the content (though that's partly an issue), but the blase tone that permeates the novel. The MC has an attitude where even in life or death situations, he will say he's affected, but pretty much act like needed for the plot to quietly progress.

After saving her life, he gives the police fake info- rationalizing some stuff. This turns out to make it hard for the yandere to stalk him- but it wasn't planned. What he apparently planned was to break the law giving false info to the police, assume no one would be taking cell phone pics, and that it wouldn't complicate his HS/home life for being a hero/liar. No wait- not what he planned. Well, it was just as likely. The MC does this 'all risk/no reward' thing 'just cause'..
Much later when she throws a bunch of knives at him, I guess he brushes it off/acts like it's not a reason to break off ties/avoid her like the plague since she had bad aim. Well, I dunno why actually- but he pretty much acts like its no big deal.


Apparently this yandere is less violent, more psychological. I kinda think that makes it 'not a yandere'- but since yandere are nonsense anyway, I don't got much to say other than--

My dumb note:

Tsundere & Yandere are both dumb. I think at one point tsundere was an unintentionally racist comedy thing (almost all redheads), but for some reason the Japanese seem to love them & keep putting them in other places (despite the fact that generally speaking, people's brains aren't actually that broken). Anyway, someone 'upped the ante' & did the yandere, and of course the Japanese think any good looking girl interested in you is awesome-- even if she would kill you due to any unintentional act that could spark a sliver of escalate-able jealousy (I'm hoping not really- but anime seem to be trying to convince otherwise).
Anyway, she's not at all stalker-ish, & fairly safe to be around- ie, not really very yandere. This is pretty much a necessity since this isn't the slightest bit a comedy so far. 'Why does it need to be a comedy?' you ask'? because hitting people is a crime & causes injuries/bleeding/death/jail visits EXCEPT in comedies. Since this isn't one, the author needs to either 'make less yan', 'use plot armor', or 'control pre-yan situations'


I started this to see where it could go & if it could be interesting, because it seemed like it might be a writing challenge. So, was it? Dunno yet, but from what I've seen so far- not expecting much to be honest... <<less
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Nov 20, 2017
Status: v1c12
I have been reading until Chapter 12 before writing this review

I really like this novel because its diffrent than those chinese reincarnating story. There is nothing thats been put too exagerating and the MC is realistis and he is not like the other MC where they are too full of them self and justified everything they said. The side character of this story is not like the usual story where they put an idiot character only to anger the reader, this story put a normal character that interact with MC... more>> like normal.

I hope this novel will keep this style of writing because its the selling point of this novel. <<less
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Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Jan 04, 2018
Status: v2c3
First of all this is my first yandere novel.

Nothing remarkable happened till now, so I'm not going to comment on storyline. Well this seems to be focussed on character development. Pretty good one to try a new genre.
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Nov 19, 2017
Status: v1c10
Ok our boi Lu makes a rookie mistake on day one as a protagonist...... lieing to a yandare. Anyways story is kind of slow but, like with good food you wanna simmer it over a low flame to let the food absorb all the juices. I hate/love the simmer because it gives time for a painting to made about the MC and his circumstances but I kind of want some MC gets his head chopped off kind of action....... Sorry wrong script, on the plus side though no horror tag... more>> which is a welcome change of pace! <<less
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Apr 18, 2018
Status: v1c13

I'd like to mention that I wanted to give this series a three star review, but I accidentallly clicked the first star, and now I'm having trouble changing it to three stars. I'm sure there's a way to change it, and I'm also sure that it's on the desktop version of the site rather than the mobile version. Again, totally my fault there, sorry about a misleading star amount!
[End Edit]

[Edit PS]

I found it, and it was all the way at the bottom of the page, did not... more>> know that was where you could change your star rating. I'm definitely still a newbie when it comes to this site.
[End Edit PS]

Wow, okay so I've gotten to chapter 13 of the first volume and I've gotta say, the main character is your average douche, so much so that it's shocking to me and is thus a giant turn off. I'll try to get to the recent chapter, but at this point his character makes it nearly unreadable.


One example of this is in one of the earlier chapters he blames the girl's earlier suicidal actions on narcissism and being an attention whore. And then at one point, the girl confesses her feelings to him and he just blatantly says to her "That was just a lie so you wouldn't jump". Sure, it's the truth, but maybe he could've phrased it a bit better so that he wouldn't come off as a giant prick. Later on, when the main characters are alone, the male MC then goes on to tell that same girl that he loves her, just so that she would come to school once again. His reasoning for lying to her once again? It's all because she's the selfish one. The Male Mc's actions are just extremely egotistical, selfish, and narcissistic which is a major turn off for me. So if you don't like that type of character in your novel, then I wouldn't read it since as of chapter 13 he hasn't gotten any better and it looks like he never will.


I'll definitely update my review once I get further caught up with the series, since I will admit that I am only on the first volume, so hopefully the main character's personality changes a bit and we can see some growth for his character within the near future since I really love the yandere stereotype, so I was really hoping that I would love this series. <<less
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Apr 14, 2018
Status: v2c1 part1
Its a really great Novel and you should definitely give it a shot. The early chapters feel a bit lackluster but afterwards you will be able to really "dive" into the novel. Its very interesting.
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Apr 18, 2018
Status: v2c12
The heroine it's more kinda possessive suicidal girl than a yandere, which is misleading title for me, and already explained by the translator, this novel called'yandere' isn't the same like genreal trait of yandere, so it's cut permanently 1 star from me.
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