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He hadn’t even met his so-called “fiancé” when he found himself labeled as an “abandoned husband.” Discussing marriage had always been a sensitive topic for him, but he ended up falling victim to a cunning plot that involved marriage, dowry theft, and a seemingly arrogant “high and mighty” family. Those individuals who posed as “orphans” and “villains” wore sinister grins on their faces. They audaciously conspired against this young master, ensuring that peace eluded his family day in and day out. And now, what was this? The supposed “orphan” had suddenly transformed into a royal grandson?! Tears welled up in Lin Yuxing’s eyes as he exclaimed, “My love, let’s continue our days of togetherness!”

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New CayDraconis
June 30, 2024
Status: Completed
Like the prior review commented, it was a bit confusing at first, so I decided to try the MTL (which was actually more understandable for once). It was a pretty long story...I've read stories that were as long if not longer before, but honestly it felt more like 1000 at times (that could be due to binge reading the MTL). Also this is a male only world with men and gers, set in an ancient China type era. Terms like wife and mother are in regards to the gers, so... more>> don't let that confuse you.


traveled through from an apocalyptic world where he was a doctor who had healing powers, and was a big leader. One of those "die with the zombie king" type of cliche backgrounds. They didn't spend a lot of time explaining this background. It was mainly used to explain his OPness of being a miracle doctor who had surgical knowledge as well as knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. He was also very knowledgeable in martial arts and poison... all attributed to his prior life. He did not bring his powers with him nor his prior strength. The 15 yr old body he woke up in was a weak ger who just had his engagement canceled... drama right off the bat


ML is an orphan and is later discovered to be a prince... not a spoiler since this is in the description.

ML was saved by an old man when he was abandoned in the mountains as an infant. The old man gave him to his son to raise, and that lasted until the old man died when he was 7. He was then kicked out to live on his own by the rest of the tr*sh family. He genuinely considers the old man his grandfather who was truly good to him. ML and MC marry due to a marriage fraud and he is 17 (ML says he is 16 or 17, but it's been 10 years since his grandfather died) at the time of their marriage. MC decides to stay married to him because he is a very honest and good person, although they are married in name only for quite awhile before MC falls for his sincerity and decides to make it a real marriage. ML's "luck" changes after he is married. More and more good things come his way and those who are bad to him and MC start having bad luck and self imploding. His luck is so good that his fields produce more abundant rice and fatter fish and his rice tastes better than others rice. There's no explanation for this other than he is blessed or lucky


Trigger warnings: domestic ab*se as well as elder ab*se/neglect. Some of the shrewish gers get slapped by their husbands (honestly I had wanted to slap some of them myself... but that is no excuse) as well as descriptions of mistreatment of MCs elder brothers (gers) and of MCs maternal grandmother. There is a little gore towards the end with slight descriptions of torture and punishments and mentions of genocide. There is also Mpreg (of course, in an all male world... but I list this as a trigger warning because not everyone likes Mpreg). s*x is only slightly (very very slightly) alluded to (sorry to those who like more graphic scenes, this might be a trigger for you)

Pros: The relationship between the ML and MC is very loving and no misunderstandings. They also really care about their family (MCs parents and siblings) as well as those villagers who are sincerely good to them. They are not the types to take revenge at the drop of a hat, but don't touch their reverse scales. MC is a big believer in karma and letting nature take its course... and it always does. He's seen enough death from his prior life and doesn't see the need to go around killing people in this one for minor things. And my favorite part is that they stay true to their roots

Cons: Very cliche to the point where you want to ask what didn't the author include

You have your transmigration from zombie apocalypse, rags to riches by introducing Chinese cuisine, orphan husband becomes prince, miracle doctor, farming, face slapping, imperial intrigue, conscripted into war and becomes general, and a huge protagonist halo where those that are good to MC have (mostly) good things happen to them and those who have bad intentions fall into a ditch and break their legs

. I think we are just missing zerg and cultivation. While we don't have live streaming with netizen comments, we do get the feudal version of that with village gossip.
-There are a lot of repeated storylines with different characters... and a lot of these people just never learn.

A character's engagement was broken because their family plotted against the MC and the dirty water bounced back on them. So later when the MC started making money, they came up with the bright idea to have the ger try and seduce the ML to become a concubine... which backfired and completely ruined their reputation. Then later, MC's ger cousin (whose marriage was also canceled thanks to their plots against MC backfiring) also decides to double down and see if they can marry in as co-wife... because obviously the other person failed because they were practically strangers with MC and hey, I'm family

-Parents and villagers obsession with MC having kids and assuming he's infertile because he hasn't gotten pregnant yet. When he has repeatedly explained he and ML do not want to have kids yet, he's too young and is waiting till he's older

there are two parts to this that bug me. The first is everyone's insistence that his husband will leave him if he doesn't have kids and that only by having children, especially male children, will his life be secure... when he's the main breadwinner in his family AND the ML has made it clear with both words and actions that no one will come between him and the MC, children or no children. The second is that as a doctor he keeps thinking that it is not healthy for his body to have a kid while he is still a kid himself, plus by this point he knows his husband is a prince and doesn't want to have a kid until that danger is cleared up... then suddenly decides this is making his mom sad, so hey let's go ahead and have a baby now to make everyone happy!

-There are also some very glaring discrepancies toward the end. This next spoiler is very detailed

I mentioned their ages at marriage for a reason. 15 and 17. They go through at least 2 rice harvests together and a New Year before ML is conscripted (so they were married at least 6 months if not longer). MC spends about 6 months apart from him between traveling and training (he snuck off and joined up to follow the ML but was sent to a different training camp) before finding him again at the front lines. They separate again for another 6 months. During this time they show MC's parents celebrating another New Year. 2 months later they leave the army and return home. At this point it is mentioned the soldiers he trained with have a little over a year before their 3 year conscription is up. They spend at least a month and a half before they decide to get pregnant (this is demonstrated by a new group moving into the village that mentioned it took them a month of showing their sincerity to get approval to move in, then a swine plague where MC and ML spent at least half a month helping to treat and disinfect a village). Also at this time (before NI decides to have a baby) he mentions that he's had 2 years of profit from the tofu business. This would put him around 17 when he gets pregnant and ML 18-19. He is 3 months pregnant before he gets summoned to the capital, and they travel for 3 months to reach the capital... now here is where we start seeing the discrepancy. Everyone describes both him and the ML as 16 while in the capital. Later, it is mentioned that the prince who is the same age as the ML is 17


Whew this is a long review. If you've made it this far, I'll conclude with this is an ok story. I give it a 3 mainly for the personalities of our MC/ML <<less
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Ebonsolaris rated it
October 13, 2023
Status: c8
This is pretty confusing and it’s not necessarily the translator’s fault (though there is a bit of he/she mix up and likely ‘ger’ has been directly translated to ‘little brother’).

From what I can fathom, this is a male only world with men and gers. The MC is a ger. The story dives straight in with a broken engagement and what looks like a transmigration (I say that as sometimes it appears that the MC has just transmigrated, but later seems to hint that the person may have regains memories? I’m... more>> not very sure on this hint, maybe a lost in translation thing).

This is also where the world gets confusing. They start off in school? Or rather before a teacher, but then the ex-fiancé tries to break in to his room at night wanting his cake etc, there is all sorts of midnight drama, I mean what sort of ex-mil turns up in the middle of the night? The MC manages to scr*pe together some leftover reputation and gain a tael out of the encounter. You learn that they are villagers, but seem to have martial arts, but when you think it maybe wuxia, it looks like it could just be historical genre (with someone going for scholar exams). Anyway, the MC is only 14, already with a broken tenure in a rich persons house (should have been there 10 years, only served four), a broken engagement, a dodgy reputation, thanks to an Aunt as being lavious, despite being almost crippled in one leg... yes it doesn’t make much sense.

And this is all in eight chapters... Honestly, it’s a bit messy with no clear structure (so far) and unless you persevere, you may not even get that much from the story thus far. <<less
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