Reincarnation in Another World Starting from Bones ~The Bare Hero Rise from a Skeleton


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A man who was hit by a truck and reincarnated into another world, but could not remember his previous life until he was reduced to bones, rose from the weakest skeleton to become a harem hero? A demon king? He aims to be.

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CrimsonEagle rated it
January 26, 2024
Status: c64
A subpar gag novel.

The author keeps repeating the same jokes/skits over a dozen times in the hopes that they'll eventually be funny. Unfortunately, they're not funny in the slightest.

MC is a pe*vert aiming for a harem life, constantly talking/thinking about his non-existent p*nis due to him being a skeleton. The evolution system is a joke, with the MC being given choices like 'golden skeleton', 'unique ghoul', 'unique lich', etc. He always chooses the worst sounding ones, even actively avoiding ghoul and lesser vampire, because in his mind a ghoul is... more>> a devolved skeleton. To top it off, his stats barely even change following his countless evolutions, making him weaker than his followers and even his enemies.

The power balance is completely messed up,

with him farming high-level undead using basic level 1 holy magic, and earning less exp from 100 liches than from 1 metal slime.


Overall, the novel is completely senseless, and it seems the author meant for it to be a gag/comedy novel, and it even fails at being that. If you shut off your brain and don't mind all the cringe, you might enjoy it for 30-40 chapters, but after that it just gets boring and bothersome to continue reading. <<less
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