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One day I got a younger sister.

Only I know her true identity.

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환생자 사용 설명서
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New pomoli rated it
December 4, 2023
Status: c21
Felt like a fever dream to read :

  • MC reincarnates into a game a world as a kid, proceeds to act like one... He also kills monsters and is even ready to kill people. He comes off as a socially weird psychopath.
  • Characters around him don't question his behaviour, while he's supposedly 10 years old, making me feel a disconnect when reading.
The only good thing is the pretty nice art.
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New Zhaskm rated it
November 16, 2023
Status: c60
Quite the decent novel with decent translation. Characters and side characters aren't one dimensional and world building is quite decent too as of now (ch 60) . The only downside is korean repetition of "transmigration into game" Cliche however the execution is done fine by author.

Overall a decent read and will recommend it.
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Ravenpeko rated it
September 17, 2023
Status: c32
This was pretty boring, considering how I forgot most of it in like 5 days so I might be incorrect on some of the things.

So MC transmigrates into a game and his sister (not related by blood) is a reincarnation of a legendary hero 500 years ago. So she died and came back 500 years after and the world has magic, swords, and fantasy stuff like that. I’ll say this, the novel isn’t bad or good, it’s just pretty boring. Like it felt so much like other possessing “young master”... more>> that is worthless novels. You have stuff like battle or trial ceremonies whatever they’re called and other stuff that I’ve forgot. And I don’t think there’s in*est but the comments on noblemtl says otherwise.

Overall there’s not much to say bout this, I dropped it for now since the comments made me not want to read it anymore. But you can give it a try. <<less
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Novel Casanova
Novel Casanova rated it
November 9, 2023
Status: c50
Pretty good characterization, decent action (with occasional high points), interesting situations and tension-building, topped off with good descriptions, slow pacing but a really nice 7 out of 10. (Would have easily been an 8 if the pacing was a bit better). This is not some groundbreaking piece of literature, its decent. And you know what? Thats all it needs to be. The story can be a bit slow and meandering sometimes making you feel that the author should just get on with the plot, but there definitely is plot worth... more>> reading here. And its a hell lot better than the other tr*sh that seem to populate the highest ranks of NU series rankings.

There are no plotholes (mostly because the novel doesnt even attempt something outlandish, which is fine if a bit lacking in excitement), there is a plausible reason given for his transmigration too, he didnt just 'happen' to look like the character, the character was designed based on him. Rather than a step into the unknown this is more a refinement of already existing novel tropes but packaged quite good. Its not boring per-se tho the starting of the novel does lack the tension, its a slow but fair ramp to the 'succession ceremony' and the novel really starts from there. From what ive seen and heard it also does have decent romance and harem with giving ample time for each character's development. There is no in*est (realistically speaking, tho I sure wish there was).

Its an interesting world btw, strength is not gained via level ups but entirely via skills (occasionally) and items and companions. And the strength of enemies scales with a hidden variable which the player *can* manipulate to an extent using very deliberate actions. But there are some creative uses of power that the MC in this novel takes full advantage of. And he is living with a game system despite not having any interface access to it.

Anyways, a fair novel to check out. <<less
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