Reincarnated After 200 Years, the Six Elves Who Once Served Me Are Now at the Center of the World


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There was elf s*avery in the country where I was born and raised.

Their treatment is horrible. I want to change this thinking…

Ficelle was a young genius magician who made a fortune by developing a new recovery medicine. One day, he decided to buy some elf s*aves by chance, but after interacting with them, he realised that something was wrong with his country’s society. He became determined to revolutionize it for the sake of the elves’ freedom.

However, in the middle of his plans, he collapsed from overwork and, on his deathbed, realised he couldn’t change the world himself and cast an incomplete reincarnation magic, hoping to some day return and see the world changed by his six disciples.

He then woke up 200 years after his death, and at the heart of this new world were the six elves who served him long ago who have become great men and women and founded a new country. But even after 200 years, they still yearn for Ficelle.

From here begins a slow life that transcends race and status, of Ficelle, who was reborn with no magical talent or sword skill in his second life, and the talented elves who have become the center of the world.

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Elf & Slow Life
Saikyou Elf-tachi to Okuru Saikou no Slow Life: Tenseishita 200-nengo no Sekai no Chuushin ni Ita no wa, Katsute Ore ni Tsukaeteita 6-nin no Elf Deshita
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    Fluffums rated it
    October 16, 2021
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    This was an interesting idea, but the execution is pretty bad. Basically, there's a quick arc in the past where he helps the elves and dies, then a quick arc in the future where he meets up with them again after reincarnating and gets a summary of the time skip and current state of affairs, and then ???

    The first arc didn't bother me so much, though it was kind of (very) condensed. Based on the title it was clear it was just the prologue. The second arc went from from... more>> ~3/5 to ~1.5/5 though with how it continued to summarize everything and how it ended, making it seem like a second prologue. I dropped it after that.

    The writing style feels like the author was just posting a novel summary + a handful of scenes in preparation for writing a real novel. Maybe if it has a light novel version that will be interesting. <<less
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