Rebirth of the Treacherous Official’s Madam


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From the awkward extra luggage from her mother’s first marriage, to the wife of the treacherous minister whose power could overturn the world, Yu Lingxin whose every step was filled with difficulties finally exhausted herself out, closing her eyes with regrets. But, who knew, when opening her eyes once again, she actually returned to her thirteen year old days in the boudoir again. Wait, a certain someone at this time, shouldn’t he be bedridden, how come just this shameless, unable to get rid of?

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jenmini rated it
November 12, 2023
Status: c209
As the translator, here my very short and brief review. I actually had this written up a while back, but completely forgot to post it.

Originally I actually hadn't planned on translating this. During my first read through, perhaps because I'd skimmed through too quickly, I didn't end up liking it enough to want to translate it. However, two years later as I was finishing my first translation project, I decided to reread it again and ended up liking it a lot more. Thankfully this novel is relatively short so I... more>> can squeeze it in between my long projects.

Overall, the premise itself is just both the male and female leads going back in time and trying to change the future. Both of them in the original timeline suffered many tragedies and both lost their family due to the battle of the throne. Although they only spent three years together, due to ML only having three years left to live, they still ended up developing feelings for one another. They eventually reunite again in their second life and work together to not let the same tragedies repeat itself.

The plot itself is pretty straightforward. The usual battle for the throne shenanigans, ML wants to help the least favored first prince onto the throne. This was one of the reasons the novel didn't stick with me during my first read through, because the political battles isn't really that exciting. I suppose my favorite part of the novel is just the characters. I really like the cast a lot, especially the leads' interactions. In general, it's a pretty light read. There's no glaring plot holes or flaws, and not overly cliche, but not that deep or intricate either.

The romance is really good though, very heartwarming. In a way, in the previous life, after they'd both suffered a lot, they helped heal each other emotionally, but ML really didn't have long to live. When FL had married him in the previous life, he was already told to only have eight months left to live. However, he ended up lasting three years because he didn't want to leave FL behind, even though it was very painful for him because he was dying to poison. There's a line in the novel that describes their relationship in the first life really well: "For Xun Che, Yu Lingxin was that last bit of warmth at the end of his life, and for Yu Lingxin, Xun Che was the only light left in her life." <<less
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xXLicorneXx rated it
November 26, 2023
Status: c10
While I've enjoyed reading cutesy, light-hearted novels lately, I have to admit that I genuinely missed and craved my true historical novels with their aristocratic feuds, complex relationships & schemes, and all the flair and excitement they bring!

This fit the bill to a T. The translation is also beautifully done.

Plus, I quite like the idea of both MC and ML being reincarnated and fighting (together?) to overturn their miserable ending.

To conclude, I'm only 10 chapters in but I'm already having a blast reading it and my brain cells are positively... more>> singing. So definitely recommending. I can't wait for what's to come! <<less
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dramamonster rated it
January 18, 2024
Status: Completed
In their first life, the FL's life was tragic. Her family ruined during the fight for the throne and her dowry taken, she was married to the treacherous, poisoned, bedridden ML who had 8 months left to live. After 3 years of marriage and lovingly taking care of her dying husband, the FL lived another 12 years as a widow taking care of the Marquis manor, raising an adopted heir for the family, and serving her mother-in-law.

Both FL and ML are reborn to their teens, and fight to save their... more>> family and friends and marriages again.

One of my favourite paragraphs is when the ML confesses that after his rebirth, his family is there, the Capital is there, but his home/heart feels so empty because his wife is not there.

Usually, rebirth novels revolve around the FL saving her family and friends from tragedy. This story is even better, because both the ML and FL are saving their respective friends and families in this second life.

The ML is scheming, smart and completely on the FL's side. The FL was smart and kind, my favourite type of heroine. Also, their trauma from their first life, their poignant chemistry with each other, and the complexity of the aristocratic circles in the Capital made this novel stand out.

I read the translated chapters up to 29, then MTL'd the rest. <<less
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February 13, 2024
Status: Completed
GREEN FLAGS. This couple's relationship is elegant, supportive, and very fluffy. The ML is black bellied and incredibly cunning... although he obviously has the advantage of being reborn, it is insinuated that he was just as ruthless in their first life up until his passing.

The way ML flirts with MC is teasing that's filled with sincerity and his true thoughts of how he imagines that they can be together.

I actually skipped around a lot because sometimes the author is a little draggy with descriptions, and I'm so impatient with... more>> suspense. However, I could still follow the plot quite easily. At the time I completed the novel, it did not have any extras and I'm uncertain if there ever will be, so I have to say the ending is very abrupt.


at the end, we don't know if Xun Ying and Qi Ke ended up together. We don't know Mrs. Qi and her daughter's outcome aftet Mrs. Qi was kept by FL. I'msure FL will take care of of her half sister but I wonder if she will ever reconcile with her mother. We also don't have an ending for her father's concubine and half siblings. We also don'tknow if her male cousin ever passed that exam and got the girl. I recall reading that he was missing her a lot and so he understood the longing btw Xun Ying and Qi Ke. If there was a conclusion with his crush I might have missed it when I skipped around. But yea... lots of unknowns remain.

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Eeria rated it
January 11, 2024
Status: Completed
It’s a 4.5

The story is quite interesting and focused on protecting their loved ones while having the court politics and fight for the throne as background. The main couple is great, though I am not a big fan of them individually but together they have great chemistry.
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Reader coming through
Reader coming through
May 16, 2024
Status: Completed
Really good and original novel. The couple are both reborn individuals. Their love is strong and cute, no big drama with a love debt that come between them and that was really really refreshing.

I loved their interections before they married and the whole sides characters.

I miss a whole bunch of extras : Xun Cong, Xun Ying, Yu Shengshan and the Ming son of course but also the point of view of less importants characters like the FL two half sisters or the antagonist Qi. It would have been interesting to... more>> see the alchemy of the first fourth couples and also the point of view and growth of the two half sisters and Qi (we after all don't know what happen to her and her husband). Also one on Xun Dan because he's born in the wrong family (in a way) and try to find a way for him and his family.

First bad and good point is the intrigue, it's thick and full of twists and turns with the ML always trying to control the situation in the background and avoid the past life coming back. But because we're following the FL's point of view, many many situations are not lived and though by her but actually explained by ML or others after it actually happened. That make it a bit weird, we're not so invested because it seems like we're reading a newspaper rather than living the events. The villains like the princes actually have little to no dialogue! The VILLAINS who are responsible to the misfortunes of our MCs! And it's not even that they never meet, even FL met them apart Fourth Prince a few times. We most of the times listen to ML explaining their moves and his shemes.

Second bad point which echo to the first one is the passivity of the FL, because she's not the only one reborn she actually has little to do and just rely on the ML. Weird again because she has lived 12 years more than ML but the only benefit it gives her is becoming a better housekeeper lol. I know that ML in last life died after all the succession sh*t has been cleaned but I wanted her to help ML too with her knowledge in deep hidden alliance for example rather than only be his stress reliever.

I feel it would have been better to sometimes see the ML point of view too or for FL to truly have her own battles (and not ML involved in every little thing she experienced, he's everywhere). She actually has little to no growth in the entire novel, the FL!!! In a way the sides charaters or even some antagonists seems to have more growth than her! But I liked the fact that she doesn't hold grudges, is wholly supportive of her hubby.


And don't know for you but when I read of Xun Ying being shemed against by Prince Wei and actually rather than bedding her, he's bedding his own brother hahaha I laught so hard! Best counterattack ever!

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MistressClea rated it
March 13, 2024
Status: c51
The ML & FL's relationship is just so SWEET! Sure, their past lives were tragic, but it's glossed over thankfully quickly, I don't need too much information with such sad circumstances. You get glimpses of it here & there, but the steadiness and sweetness in their current lives made up for it.

The FL grows wiser and smarter. She's not overly forgiving, but she's not needlessly cruel as well. She has family and friends that she could count on, and of course the ML too, so she doesn't have to struggle... more>> much, if at all.

The ML is omnipotent. As of C51, it feels like he has everything in the bag and everyone's just playing by his rules. How hot is that? The guy also can't stop teasing the FL and wanting to marry her from the start <3. ML's incredibly reliable, you'll find yourself not too concerned about potential fall outs because the ML won't let it happen. SO RELIABLE!

Translation is great! Doesn't read too stiffly from a Chinese novel in ancient times, terms and phrases are seamlessly blended into English, and the occasional photos help to paint a clearer picture of the novel's world. As always, Chinese names are impossible to keep track of (for me), but overall I wasn't too lost. I'll just guess which is who based on the context.

I love the flow of the story and the character's personalities. It's a joy to read and can't wait to read more. <<less
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January 20, 2024
Status: c30
Not giving a rating for now as I'm only on c30. Could not MTL it as it was rather difficult and headache inducing.

First 30 chapters so far are quite okay. Both FL and ML are reborn to a time when they could still change future events.

FL doesn't seem to be doing much after ML helped intervene in some events in her life. ML on the other hand seem to be a master schemer. Awaiting more translated chapters to see how it goes.

Story is in FL's POV mostly. Considering the fact... more>> that both leads were reborn and ML is doing more of the schemes I would have expected more of ML's POV during important times but they focus more on his POV when he's missing the FL only. <<less
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hellohaso rated it
May 12, 2024
Status: Completed
MTLed the whole story since the translation isn't complete yet. Really hooked with the story and I'm glad the ending was not extremely rushed.

MCs, especially the ML, is a bit OP because afaik, he never made any mistakes in his plans aside from one miscalculation on the latter part of the story.

Overall a solid 4.5 for me. Will definitely re-read again once the translation is complete.
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May 4, 2024
Status: c98
The beginning was very enjoyable and promising. I really liked reading about their past life and how they were married. The fact that both the MC and ML re birthed is amazing. I thought this would be similar to The rebirth of the malicious empress of military lineage. The ML sounds really similar the XJX, but alas the schemes in this novel are less than average and disappointing. MC is obviously only a 13 year old girl so there is not much she can do at the moment, but after... more>> her first few fights against her mother, she almost does anything and is basically a side kick for ML? While ML is also disappointing, he seemed really smart and capable (and the author implies as such), but after the first 20 or so chapters he just becomes a love struck fool. Dropped around halfway into the novel as it wasn't really going anywhere and felt boring. <<less
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