Rebirth of the Super Thief


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Let go of your burden and chase the footsteps of your predecessors from the shadow.

Blinded in the past life, hence train the body to locate enemy by sound.

Upon rebirth, using the future information, obtain the best equipment! Purgatory transcript on strategy! The strongest thief skills!

With a dagger in my hands, slaughter the world of those who oppose me.

Traditions does not die only fade away

Rebirth of the Super Thief average rating 3.9/5 - 77 user ratings
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New ArgosYesu rated it
November 24, 2017
Status: c25
I like the premise. It's different from other VR Second Chance stories in that the MC is already married and has a kid. This family of his is the reason why he needs to make money, and the game itself is really his only avenue. That's what I like. That right there. A damned reason to make money. LMS had a reason. Even Ark had a reason. Both weren't Second Chance stories though.

Most Second Chance stories have a rather vague/'childish' reason for wanting to get super rich and super famous.... more>> Those reasons don't make me relate to them much, so this novel is refreshing.

But there are, of course, issues. The TL itself is noticeably weak. I don't really hate on this and instead decided to look up the raws and read those instead. This is why, although there are 50+ chapters, I only read under half of them. But then I noticed the novel details and found it was actually dropped by the author.

Damnit, dropped... Is it because of all those reasons why I said I liked it? I can understand, somewhat. It should be rather hard to make good plot with that kind of setting... but still... sighs...

So rather than continue and get disappointed, I stopped instead. Sighs.......... <<less
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Katherine rated it
April 19, 2017
Status: c4
This kind of Novel is what I like, Novel that have elements like :
- Time Travel,
- Rebirth/ Reincarnation,
- Second Chance,
- Virtual Reality,
- Sword and Magic,
- Fantasy World,
- Fantasy Race and Creature[ Elf, Dwarf, Demi Human like Cat Maiden /Cat Girl, Dragon, Werewolf, Vampire, Demon, Devil, Fiend, Gods and so on],
- Crafting,
- Dungeon,
- Cunning MC,
- Hard-working MC,
- Cheat[like future information, Bug, or even Ability/ Skill... more>> and so on], Game Elements[Quest, skill, stats, skill books, etc],
- Level System
- Sci-fi [the Technology to create Virtual Reality itself already in the Science Fiction Area, it would be better if in the future Story there will be robotic race and monster, like Automata, Android, Synthoid, Machina, Cyberoid, Angeloid, Autobots, Steel Magic Puppet, Magic Doll, Demon Machine, Machine Titan (Machine Dragon, Giant Animal and Insect Robot, Machine God and so on]
-Changing Future and Destiny.

There are some similar genre novel to this one that will not make you bored :
-Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World
-The Great Thief
-Reign of the Hunters
-Emperor of Solo Play
-MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

And there will be many others in the future be it that still not be translated yet, or not born yet IoI.

This novel is about MC that want to change his bleak Future, wants to change his personality, wants to be loved by his family, wants to make them live a happy live, and that's all can be done and get by using the future Information in the Virtual Reality Game and use it all by himself to become The Best of the Best, Become the Richest, Become a Legend and Become a God Like Existence.

With it he pay all the debts, With it he can get his wife love back, with it his Daughter can go to school, with it his family will not Starving, with it he can make them live in more Big and Beautiful House, with it he can make her Daughter and Wife become the The Most Fortune and Happiest person. <<less
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Tragically Rad
Tragically Rad rated it
June 24, 2017
Status: c15
The quality of the novel may be alright but it was not to my taste. Which is strange, since I have a sweet spot for reincarnation and gamer novels like LMS

I really enjoyed the premise, the "intro" part that takes place in real life but after that it just went downhill. Not sure what it was but something about the novel makes me cringe. It might have been better later on but I just couldn't set my mind to keep on reading.
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