Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress


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She is the legendary queen of mercenaries whose name daunts even the big shots in society. With an ancient jade pendant in her hand, she is great at almost everything, be it seeking the truth or the art of healing.

However, she unexpectedly reincarnates into a dumb good-for-nothing whom everyone loathes and hates. She is even the laughing stock in society!

The once legendary genius of the mercenary regiment can’t help but express her disapproval.

——Who are you trying to kid? When I was playing with grenades and explosives, all of you were still playing in the mud!

A good-for-nothing? Do you feel great after having your arm twisted by a good-for-nothing?

Bottom of the level? Allow me to show you what it means to be a genius!

Did someone just call her untalented as compared to her younger sister—born from the same father but different mother—who is gifted in business, finance and business management? Humph, do they know that even the man who stands at the top of the corporate world once begged her to take him in as her disciple?

And her father? If she were to mention the name of her biological father, even the world would be shocked…

A mysterious ancient healer, they said… She is their saving grace in the eyes of countless patients.

An annihilator, they claim… She is a force to be reckoned with.

Possessing both beauty and great acting skills, she is a goddess whom everyone looks up to in the entertainment industry.

Despite reincarnating into a human again, she still manages to take the world by storm and even accidentally becomes the Missy whom no one dares to trifle.

On the one hand, she controls life and death. On the other hand, she controls fate and destiny. She tortures those who deserve it and takes revenge on those who once bullied her. She plays around with influential families and the entertainment industry while casually impressing a certain someone in the process. A legend, indeed.

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Famous Queen: Rebirth National Daughter
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nandakishore2009 rated it
January 25, 2021
Status: c260
Clever. Interesting. Fast paced. Well developed characters.

This is a fascinating story with an intelligent badass MC that is OP, but feels like it is only right for her to be that way. Sometimes you can feel like a character is so special and amazing that it is ridiculous. Not so with this heroine. She carries herself as if she was an Empress. She is incredible. There is a range of interesting supporting characters that go from white lotus, annoying, pathetic "villains" to dynamic and thoughtful friends and supporters.

If you have... more>> read the author previous work and liked it, then I guarantee that you will love this one. <<less
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Eustoma White
Eustoma White rated it
September 25, 2021
Status: c789
The novel was great in my opinion. I really enjoyed it! This Novel is the only second book I finished. I don't know why people would rate it 3 or 2/5 butbin any case, I had a great time reading it. Would've given it 5/5 if there weren't parts where the plot seemed repetitive. There was too much face slapping. However all in all, it was quite an enjoyable read. Recommended for those who like OP leads, unrealistically great at everything and oh well, not at all (even a bit)... more>> realistic plot. It's supernatural (͡°з ͡°). If you're looking for a realistic plot, this novel is not your cup of tea.

FL was great, so OP and I love OP female leads. ML was (๑•ᴗ•๑) ♡ (๑•ᴗ•๑) ♡╥﹏╥, he's also very OP. So they both suit each other very well. There's also the case in which ML is not aggressive or typical domineering type. He loves and respects the FL and doesn't interfere in something she decides on, except those few when she puts herself in danger. He silently supports her.

What's also good about this book is that there is no love triangle or reverse harem where every single male is attracted to FL due to her abilities. Instead, the men here in this novel, looks at her with respect and admiration. So it's great to not see a reverse harem bg plot after all there are only few without it, like 'Rebirth of an idle noblewoman' or 'Ma'am, you've been uncovered'

Fl's companions are also very loyal. Yu Xiangyang, Qu Yan, Gu Li, Chi Yue, Apollo, Dugu Yansheng and others. Everyone is so loyal (ㄒoㄒ) I want to have friends like them too. They never betrayed or abandoned the FL and remained true to her till the end.

There were few plotholes but which novel doesn't have one? At least, the ones I've read had one or two ͡° ͡͡°

Oh, I also wondered what happened to that Zhang Mingxi or Mangxi guy who was originally fl's fiance. He followed the miracle doctor sect at some point and never appeared again after mocking the FL on the fact that they were not from the same world. The auther forgot this fodder ( ̄∇ ̄)


All was good except the ending seemed a bit too rushed. The author did not explain how that Chi Qing guy knew Sui Huiqing was still alive. He had not appeared for like 200+ chapters but knew the FL was alive when supposed to be dead. Like did I miss something in the previous chapters? I don't know. The author wanted to end it fast


Anyways, this novel was worth my time~ ちわ~v ( ̄∇ ̄) v <<less
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Aster Anemone
Aster Anemone rated it
December 8, 2022
Status: Completed
3 stars for the character sketches.

All The twists and turns that could possibly be conceived were there.

This story is like a child pretending to be an adult.

... more>> Its like it was written to sooth deflated ego.

A girl solving everything with force, every prominent person is either a friend or foe or an admirer. A genius that shocks every human being. An impressive perfect ML following around as a lapdog, like he is robed of his own free will.

If even one scenario could be taken and properly written with a sensible starting and ending, it could be a great story. But writer had to touch everything and anything, without going deep into it and skipping over the details as well.

Every impressive and wow factor was taken from other Chinese stories and added here and there like all spice.
Good for a mindless read. <<less
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zerotosiki rated it
December 9, 2021
Status: Completed
Okay, I've finally done reading.

The story is quite interesting. Too bad the author drags the story too long... It has 700-ish chapters and my head is already hurt when I'm reading chapter 556 because there are too many people who always look down on FL before they got shocked when seeing her true power.

In the beginning, it's okay, but if it happens every time FL went to a new place, it became repetitive and boring... And I felt frustrated whenever reading them looking down and mocking FL and her... more>> friends. God d**mn it. The only thing that motivated me to continue to read it is because I'm still curious about FL's past memory and how ML knew her...

Even until the end, I am still somehow confused because the author has been making hundreds of chapters to solve one drama but when it comes to re-telling her past and the coming back of her new life, it just takes dozens of chapters... And there's still something they don't tell us. And the extra chapter, does that mean FL life because of Empress Su's sacrifice? Does FL will know about this in the future? Idk, but I think the Author is only good at making dramas or face-slapping. Because when ML finally found FL again, the story just ended at that. No telling us how their life after that. No fluffy romance at all! :" (

Btw, because the Author brings a lot of new characters in the story, some of them are forgotten by the Author at the end of the story. For example, Zhang Minxi, Sun Jan Ke? (I don't remember her name), even Chi Qing suddenly be mentioned by Author but I found that it was so strange and doesn't make any sense at all. ML doesn't want to tell FL what he told to Chi Qing and it makes me upset because I'm curious Dx

Do I recommend this? Only if you like OP FL and OP ML, and if you don't mind there's only a bit of romance because 90% is about drama and face slapping. Otherwise, don't waste your time.

This is my first time reading 700-ish chapters. I have my own principle that I won't read a story that has a total of chapters past 200-ish. But I don't know this story has 700-ish chapters since in Novelupdates, there are only listed 73 chapters from the web novel until I realize that you have to buy the rest chapter so when I search on the other sites, I found out their real chapters. Because I already found the story at the beginning is quite interesting, I finally found the courage to try to finish the story. And I regretted it tbh... I'm disappointed with the overall story. <<less
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September 19, 2021
Status: c210
Dropping this @210.

I have decent level of expectations for this because I have read 'Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered' by the same author. It's even longer than this one and also the FL have similar character design. OP. Cold. Has a lot of identities and vast skill set. The ML also share some similarities. Doting. Protective. But I guess that Cheng guy from the other novel is more supportive compared to the ML here. BUT. I am disappointed because it's boring and there's a lot of things going on. There's... more>> a bunch of information and aspects mixed in and there's little explanation of it. In other words, it lacks in smoothness. One moment she claims to only have a decent knowledge about stocks/business but the next moment she reveals that she once messed with a certain country's stock market. Then she suddenly becomes a miracle doctor. Dude???? Even a potion maker?

Another thing, she also cultivates. Why is there a lot of things going on? And it's barely explained causing a lot of questions popping but no answers. And if there is an answer, it's unsatisfying and underwhelming.

I would've endured these stuff if the plot is only a bit more interesting, but its not. There's little to no romance. I refuse to call their interactions as romance when all they do is cooperate twice or thrice abt a mission and the ML constantly getting her out of prison and driving her home. They barely talk about personal stuff. It's always about some cases and favors. That's basically it. <<less
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Mavsynchroid rated it
April 12, 2021
Status: --
Bland. That's the best way to describe this novel. It's also somewhat hard to follow. Not because it's complex or anything like that, either. Rather, it's because the author seems to jump around, making things seem disjointed for no apparent reason. I actually really like novels like this usually, but this one just isn't really enjoyable.

Also, the translation is just mediocre. It words things in such an awkward way, which also contributes to the confusion in the novel. There are also errors littered through out that would have been caught... more>> if the translator looked over their work. There's obviously no editor. Or, if there is, they're not doing their job.

The senior guarding the first checkpoint actually felt cold hair behind him - what was happening?


Su Huiqing stroked.

That was an excerpt from the novel. Cold hair? Have absolutely no idea what the "bang" was supposed to be either. Nobody shot anything or slammed anything. What the hell did Su Huiqing stroke? That was three sentences in a row that were all screwed up. <<less
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wolfeng rated it
October 31, 2023
Status: c111
This is so bland that I'm almost tempted to set it as a 2 star review, but there's some potentially interesting story here if you can stomach the writing style.

Everything is described as vaguely as possible and instead the author makes up for the word count by constantly repeating how cool and cold the two leads are with their hands in their pockets or smoking.

The dialogue is also not that interesting and the romance is practically nonexistent, at most it could be tagged as a subplot.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 26, 2023
Status: c90
It’s an interesting revenge/transmigration novel. It’s just the FL is too awesome? Like she is excellent at everything and everything gets resolved perfectly so it’s a bit boring to read... I mean there are plots twists and a lot of action but character building is zero and that kills a bit my interest in it. The ML is cold typical and also super amazing... I’ve read too many too long novels like that so for this one I lost interest in reading it so couldn’t rate it. Maybe one day... more>> I’ll come back to finish. <<less
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Kiohoneyxx rated it
November 30, 2022
Status: c557
If you looking for romance novel this is definitely not the one.

It's more like revenge, mystery, action.

It's pretty good novel. I really love it and it's really exciting to read but it's quite draggy and boring when it gets to chapter 396. It's becoming more ridiculous and more unimportant people show up. Idk why MC waste her time with those people. She's got more important things to do😩. I really wanna stop reading it many times but I have to finished this bc there's some mystery unsolved.

It's lacking romance too.... more>> It's pretty disappointing bc their chemistry is really great😭For me MC is cute when she's with ML. I want more of them😭I hope there is since I'm still not finished reading it.

You welcome to read this if you have the patience.😅



No regrets reading it👍🏼👍🏼 fr it's really good novel. Love it👍🏼👍🏼

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Sheddy rated it
March 24, 2021
Status: --
Just another average mary sue story, an assassin who could win against the country's best racer in a racing match, could play around in the stock market and make billions in a day, knows martial arts and cultivation, send people chill down their spine with one glance.. bla bla bla.. it's really bland, so I only read it if I got nothing better to do.

Honestly, the cultivation really feels unnecessary especially since the story is set in modern era. The author should have just focused on 1 theme but instead... more>> she mixed everything up, if the MC is an assassin, then she should've just stick to assassination skills, but instead the author added unparalleled driving skills, unparalleled business knowledge/skills, godlike medical skills and a lot more... the story just turned into a giant pile of mess. <<less
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