Raised by Monster Royalty


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On a distant planet, orcs ruled the planet as rulers.

The demon spirits that parasitize all things, and the short and intelligent goblins, all dedicated their labor to the orcs.

And Mu Le, who strayed into this confused planet as an ordinary human being…

can only be regarded as a “rare animal” and sold to the orc nobles.

*The scene*

The man who was nearly two meters tall squatted carefully in front of Mu Le, stretched out his index finger, and poked her face very lightly.

Mu Le, who somehow turned into an eight-year-old doll, did not dare to move.

“Don’t be afraid, little one.”

The man held a shower head as big as Mu Le’s entire arm in his hand, and no matter how soft his deep voice was, it didn’t look gentle at all.

He lowered his head and approached Mu Le, and said word by word, “You must, take, a, bath.”

Mu Le… hugged the black dragon horn on his head and began to cry.

The man:”………”

He called the veterinarian on the spot and asked carefully about the feeding methods of humans.

He also asked, can human beings not be bathed?

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