Queen’s Knight Kael


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A 500-year-old, low-ranking demon knight Kael suddenly finds himself inside a royal secret chamber, summoned out of the blue by Yulia D. Beatrice Scachiel— the precocious queen of Nesland who only turned eight recently. As it turns out, she’s in grave danger of getting killed by mysterious monsters that have appeared out of nowhere, and Kael is her only way out of the castle to safety!

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퀀즈 나이트 카엘
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06/30/16 Xant & Minions v1c5
06/04/16 Xant & Minions v1c4
05/01/16 Xant & Minions v1c3
03/26/16 Xant & Minions v1c2
02/29/16 Xant & Minions v1c1
02/23/16 Xant & Minions v1 prologue
12/20/13 Imoutolicious LNT v1c1
09/17/13 Imoutolicious LNT v1 prologue
09/16/13 Imoutolicious LNT v1 color pages
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Poison_Ice_Blade rated it
April 29, 2019
Status: c3
What I expected: a reluctant demon/queen relationship where the demon is going around doing cool knight stuff pretending to be human and learning how to function in the modern age all while warding off dangers to the queen.

What I got: a typical sloth-like demon but for some reason manages to find a way to act just like what an isekai protagonist would act like. aka finding a harem, unintentionally being surrounded by beauties, but surprisingly not OP although it not like it matters because its made very clear that all... more>> future threats can be handled with unless they go outside with no guards or doing some other equally dumb action. oh btw the main running gag the the 8 year old trying to seduce the demon and the demon rejecting her advances for fear of being considered a pedo. even tho the fact that he finds an 8 year's body to be attractive in the first place is already considered being a pedophile in my book. and it almost like the story tries to justify it by claiming "oh she is a prodigy and knows exactly what she's talking about so that makes it consensual" but then also claim in the same sentence that she's innocent??? sorry but trying to force the demon into having s*x with an 8 year old isn't funny. I just dont get it...

Im giving a 2 because this story has potential but so far has only offended me. love the concept but the pedo vibe is just too annoying to ignore. <<less
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