Qing Xuan


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He was helpless and humiliated when he was a child. It was the warmth given by Qifeng that gave him the courage to survive.

However, once upon a time, there was a woman between them, and that small illusory world of happiness shattered instantly.

The pain of being humiliated, the heartbreak of being abandoned, finally turned into irreparable and irreversible hatred!

Qing Xuan , carrying the hatred incarnate as Shura,
walked step by step on the ground full of blood, to the peak of power…

However, only he himself knew that when he
returned to the dream at midnight, his hands were still cold, and his heart was still bone-chilling, so there was only Zhuo Han who stayed by the bed every night to accompany him to sleep(?)

He brought the last trace of warmth in the world. The sound of the flute outside the window is lingering. When you have time, please compose the music for me alone.

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