Pretty Cannon Fodder [Unlimited]


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[In this detached villa, there was once a vicious case.] [Graduation season, the protagonist and his group meet to go on a self-guided tour in a remote mountain village, laughing and chatting all the way. And where they settled down is where the serial mu*ders happened in a remote place where there are constant rumours…] [Waiting for them is a graduation party with no survivors.]

The old hapless guy who was innocently involved in the horror escape game, the well-known ghost-fearing up master* Huai Jiao, after reading the story brief given by the system, squeezed the horror movie standard mobile phone with low battery and no signal in his hand, and asked in a trembling voice: Then me, what is my setting?

System:[If you want to visit the haunted house at night, when you hear the strange noise, you will go over immediately, you will never commit the final blow after defeating the boss, your curiosity is bigger than life, and you will die in three minutes.]

Huai Jiao: (with tears in my eyes, will my appearance be as a cannon fodder?)

System: [It’s just a little special beautiful cannon fodder.]


Huai Jiao felt that something was wrong with this unlucky game. The specific manifestation was that it should be in a well-known haunted house with a gloomy atmosphere.

At that moment, the young male NPC who was sitting beside him and staring straight at him asked him with a weird smile——

“Hey, have you ever kissed Xing Yue?”

Huai Jiao: “?”

It’s an old horror movie.

* Up master, a term used to describe video uploaders

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漂亮炮灰 [无限]
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sole_sun rated it
August 30, 2023
Status: --
The story is similar to "Became an Infinite Game Beauty NPC"

The MC is beautiful as it always being describe in the novel. The only difference is the MC here is often described by the other male leads as beautiful but an idiot (which I would deny)

I don't really know who is the main ML is, the story is like a harem but not really a harem? The 1st and second arc, MC always being targeted by a creepy serial killer who ended up falling in love with him, then... more>> always stalk at him.

I'm really quite confused who is the male lead, cause in the 1st arc MC had 3 love interest, the second arc had 4 love interest. The 3rd arc had also had 4 love interest, but this time in this arc MC ended up being with the mermaid, in which I think MC made a right decision of choosing out of the 4 mls.

The mermaid is respectful towards the MC he nevers force MC, he always observed the MC, whenever MC cried or throw a tantrum he do whatever he can do to please the MC, despite the two have a problem in communicating (because the mermaid can only make'hiss' sounds), while the other two male lead always take advantage on MC (MC's role in this arc is a native boy who still think as same as an 12 year old)

the other guy (the brother neighbors of mc) can also had a potential of being with MC but he have some flaws that you may feel turn off.

Overall the story and plots are good.

(I am sorry for any grammatical mistake) <<less
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SilverWolfHiddenInSnow rated it
December 16, 2023
Status: c211
No CP! No CP! No CP! Important things must be said thrice! The novel is “open-ended”, meaning that the author got bored with their own story or what-have-you and ended it prematurely. Before the end of the “Desire Cruise” arc, I was really enjoying the story. The world-building seems fleshed out despite the lack that we see it because of the plot focusing on every one of the male species salivating over our protagonist, and each arc was “cliche” but had a unique spin. The author just sped up the... more>> ending and did no justice for the masterpiece the rest of the novel was. Two stars off from that. Otherwise, it was a really chill, light read (fair warning, do not read in public. Nothing s*xual actually goes on, but there are a lot of graphic descriptions of the MC’s eroticness in others’ eyes). My personal favorite ML candidate was Joker. He got done dirty. <<less
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Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly rated it
December 9, 2023
Status: c59
I mtl-ed up to the 2nd arc, while I do agree with sole_sun about this being similar to infinite beauty NPC, this fits more in my alley.

The suspense and mystery from the first and second arc kept me on my toes. I can't say for the other arcs but the first two have more realism compared to infinite beauty NPC and I love me some creepy realistic instances!

Some summary from the first and second arc:

... more>>

1st arc: similar vibe to Until Dawn, 6 students returned to the same cabin/manor where one of them mysteriously burned to death 4 years ago. They're having fun, seemingly forgotten about the dead guy, until one of them died and they were locked in unable to call for help.

2nd arc: MC lives alone in a neighbourhood that is plagued with serial mu*ders until he found several signs that he's probably not alone in his house and that he could be the next victim. This arc both scared and impressed the sh*t out of me, there are some creepily disturbing scenes.


This is a must read for anyone who loves horror and mystery, with a touch of creepy realism. <<less
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November 23, 2023
Status: Completed
Just finished reading the raws and oml, this is just a light and nice read.


Ok so our baby Jiao is way too cute and gets kissed left and right lol, it might be annoying for readers who expect some kind of brain work.


Also this spoiler might spoil way too much so open at your own discretion.


The book is open ended, that means:

    1. No CP is decided
    1. We do not know what happened to the characters, they are just living their lives in the book
    1. Our Jiao is well protected and can go thru and back in his real world according to the author BUT we have no such things in chap except the one copy where MC goes to clear the level in his own world
    1. Sadly I could not find the extras but according to the author, they will release 3 or some extras, ig they haven't been out yet? If someone finds, pls send them my way
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Nanya rated it
January 10, 2024
Status: c215
I love this novel. It's such a fun read if you like face-cons and their obsessions with Hua Jiao. The arcs were real fun to read and I liked seeing the prospective love interests.

I overall enjoyed the ride even though some of the arcs aren't fully explained.
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