Please, Divorce Me


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Since I was born, it was the first time I’d seen a man crying so gruesomely.
At his friend’s funeral, I fell in love with him at first sight and offered to marry him by contract.

“Please marry me, sir.”
Despite knowing that he loved his deceased friend’s wife, I’d thought that his heart, all withered and worn out over the years, might come to me. I was pretty s*upid.


“Don’t be mistaken, sir.”
“I’m crying because I’ve been sad for the past years.”

Kyle Herace. He is the man I am married to and a war hero. From a young age, he was raised in a family with only titles but became an Imperial family.
He never lost his composure, and he rarely had an expression-filled face.

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New Bolovis rated it
November 30, 2022
Status: c56
This novel is about a girl that falls in love with the grieving war hero duke, that is devastated at his friend's funeral. There she notices that the duke is in love with the widow and would do everything for her. So she proposes to him a contractual marriage with her to put an end to the gossip that could hurt the widow. But things go wrong (to put it simply, extremely simply) and so she ends up asking him for a divorce.

And there you have it. A simple plot.

But... more>> nothing is simple in the world. So let me dive deep into some points that I would like to comment on:


To put it simply, the ML is broken. First of all, he found his parents dead by suicide himself. So we have one of the worst starts to his character. Add to that 2 people that turned into his rock, his security. His best friends, the now widow, and her husband. When they were children, both saved ML from complete loneliness and despair. But, the friend ends up killed in the war while saving ML, giving him more despair and a new impression, that all he loves and cares about will end up disappearing. So he starts to try to protect his last connection, the widow. He loved her, as one in his position would. But he recognized that she was in love with the other friend, and it was mutual. So he gives up his feelings and supports both of them. Now that she is alone, and the gossip of their relationship is inflated, he is unsure of what to do. After all, he wants to be there for her, but the more he does so, the more fuel it gives to the gossip. Enters MC.

MC lives with her drunkard scumbag father. She lost her mother in an accident years ago. She died protecting her son, MC's brother. This same brother is then violently attacked by the grieved father. He was the only solace MC had, but one day he disappeared. And MC is now alone having to work to maintain at least the bare minimum in the household while the father drink and gambles all the family money away. She lives her life without desires or anything at all. But then she sees the grieving duke at the funeral and developed feelings for him. She knew from her work about the gossip and gathering all of her courage she finally proposes to the duke that in face of all the gossip, it would be ideal if he married and finally put it all down. And with her knowing his feelings for the widow and that he wants to stop the rumors, she thinks that this is the time to try to make him love her. It is, obviously beyond s*upid, but for someone that has nothing and suffered alone, maybe this ray of hope could help her at least achieve the only dream she now has.

Regardless of his initial negative response, ML ends up accepting after seeing firsthand how the gossip is turning and noticing that eventually, it would reach the widow. Thus began pain and suffering. Why? Simple. He has zero interest in MC, which is understandable. He knows jack sh*t about her. Worse, he in under the impression she is using him for something nefarious, after all, why would she propose it? So he not only keeps his distance but antagonizes her at every turn. What happens is that she, in turn, gets more and more despair, after all, her loved one sees her as nothing, but a cunning wench. But she still searches for him. She still believes that they could be together, eventually.

Some people notice that she really has feelings for the duke, and nothing else. But even her frugality and meekness come to ML as a plot to get whatever she must want. This ends in a cycle of her searching for him while he thinks she is trying or plotting something. Even so, she ends up achieving something. She got near him, and he seems to start at least tolerating her. Even when the widow appears between them, she perseveres, even with MC's gargantuan self-depreciation, she still maintains her belief that she will one day enter ML's heart. So they eventually have a night together (that is depressive, to say the least) and she ends up conceiving. That shakes both her and him. But gives her hope that maybe they will come closer even if only for the sake of the baby.

But nothing is good in this novel. She ends up discovering that his "business" travel was a lie and he is living in the widow's house. She ends up miscarrying and to make matters even worse she sees how he is carrying to her when she goes to the widow's house and sees him and the widow talking lovingly. So she brakes. And brakes hard. Not only she is almost catatonic, but she lost all the feelings she possibly had for him. After all she have said and done for him, he still chased the widow, even in face of her pregnancy. So she decides to ask him to release her, thus divorcing her.

More than that, she wants to forget all this pain. Forget the baby and the duke. And then remember a folk tale about a forest that makes you forget any memory you want to. And so she asks that not only they divorce, but that he permit her to visit said forest. But the duke is resolute and negates both. We soon learn that after his blunder, that is, he spilled the beams, the widow takes the same stance and goes to the forest. But when she came back, she did not forget her husband, but sees the ML as the dead man and started to become frantic and uneasy whenever he is not near. In face of that knowledge, he prohibits the MC from going there. But to MC this is only his guilt and pity after her losing the baby, giving her even more hatred of the situation. And even when she is confrontational and seems to hurt ML she notices that even then she lost all the feelings that once were there, and even the desire to affect him somehow. So she decides to escape and go to the forest even in face of his negatives.

But the forest is not what it seems like, and this is where I got until now.

Both leads are culprits in this situation. Even considering the s*upid misunderstandings that are raised in some parts, the clear notion is that not only one of the parts is the sole culprit. She, for forcing the situation on him trying to use his desire to protect the widow to squeeze herself into his heart, and her passiveness in front of all his disdain and neglect is hard. I get that she is broken, but it will get you frustrated nonetheless. It is thus nice to see her get livid at him and talk sh*t back. But this is hard after you notice that she is only doing this to get revenge while still having so many feelings for him. So it is not that nice. He is inept in dealing with people. And considering how scared his psyche is, it makes sense that he will not trust her, after all, she comes out of nowhere and seems to know his feelings. But when he sees how his actions had affected her, and that she really did not seem to be after his money, power, status, and whatnot, his guiltiness and affliction rise. He ends up noticing that she will be another person that is trying to disappear from his life. But worse yet, this one was his own actions that drove her away. The relationship was doomed to fail from the beginning, but both sides made the worst of it all. So it pains to see where it comes to. And makes me want to know how this will end. Part of me hopes that it ends well, but not with them together. But who knows where it will lead?

My only complaint is about the cult of the forest part. I get where it will lead, but it is boring nonetheless. Even so, it is nice seeing her being more strong and more resolute there. Even considering her sh*t end goal.

One nice touch is that he sees himself in her. As he seems to feel that she had an affair when he was the one that was closer to the widow. It is like a reflection of his own actions that he projected on her. Worse yet when considering that she only had eyes for him. On their first night, he practically uses her while giving the impression of thinking of another person. And then, after the relationship falls, she hinted that she too did that, only fuelling his fault perception. It is a bad thing, for sure. But part of me thinks that he deserved that, and more. If only he looked her way to see her for what she really is. But who knows if one day it comes to that...


It is interesting and I recommend the reading. Just be ready to see some ugliness and be frustrated. Even so, I can not wait to read where this is going while hoping for the best. <<less
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meyuh rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: --
Truthfully, I thought I would hate this just because you have the typical foolish fML who fell in love at first sight with ml. To add, she's hoping that something will bear into fruition to their contractual marriage. Don't get me me wrong, both main characters are s*upidly hopeless in their own circumstances — so much that you'll be angered, pained, sympathetic, and sigh in resignation.

If you're the type of reader who will get disappointed to an i'll-bear-my-unrequited-live-for-years fML that took almost a decade for her to realize that enough... more>> is enough, and paired with an ML who is deprived of love and thus; wants to be loved in return but is cold and blind to the person who is actually there for him. Then, probably this is not for you to read if you cannot stomach the angst.

I also don't like this kind of trope, but boi, I'm staying because of the author's gut wrenching delivery of emotions. Every heart aches, the guilt, agony, longing, and love: I can feel it stabbing my heart and it's so BEAUTIFULLY written that it hurts (in a good way). <<less
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July 13, 2021
Status: --
Too little chapters to rate yet, and the only thing that caught my attention was the ‘guilty ML’ in the prologue, I like seeing characters regret and grovel.
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cookie_monster007 rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: --
This novel, each is woven up in their own circumstances.

Kyle, well he is faulty but not to the point where he would be excessively hated. If the book was only to be written from his POV everyone would pity him. He did got the karma of his negligence.

Ael, her behaviour, especially after


is absolutely understandable. Tbh, I think she's strong and so is her love.

More of the reason I read this story is the way author deliver emotions. Amazing! I will for sure read this author's other work.
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Cherry-doll rated it
February 20, 2022
Status: c29
Honestly, where do I even start, I have not written a review for a book before so I just had to for this one. This book really caught me by a surprise, especially the events, it just was like so smooth but surprising.

I cried buckets of tears! If anyone — and I mean anyone, wants to read a novel that has them in tears the first few chapters, this is the ONE!

I can't wait for the next update and I also want to thank the translator who flawlessly translated this.... more>> I could understand the story line and plot line. I'm extremely grateful to this translator and every translator that I've ever crossed paths with!! ☺️ I just hope this book has a HE instead of a SE. I have my fingers crossed!

P.S. - The ML is actually..I understand his way of acting towards FL in the beginning, because it is suspicious that a woman wanted to propose marriage. Like what exactly is her purpose? Is what I would personally think too, but I disagree with his way of acting it, because it's just so heartbreaking watching FL crumble each day she's with him. But, the pain and angst is what keeps me reading and anticipating more.

P.S.S.- I forgot to mention the fl, alright, honestly, I love her. She's so precious! I was honestly very hurt every time she was disappointed. Every time! Literally, I can't get enough of her character! She also has the most realistic views and opinions (as another reviewer stated). I'm glad we get to see the 'dark side' of the FL too.

Anyways, if you're up for a heart-wrenching story, then this is the story for you! Remember to have tissues nearby, because you'll be crying a river before you even realize! <<less
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maenochka rated it
March 15, 2022
Status: c32
This is incredibly well written and translated, and it's very melodramatic. Like other reviewers have said, the author is great at conveying actual pain and the physicality of sadness.

However. I've never been less sympathetic towards an FL before in my entire experience with the "unrequited love, enduring the coldness of their tr*sh husband with earnest patience" subgenre.

... more>>

She proposes a contract marriage to her unrequited love in the immediate aftermath of the death of the love of his life, still firmly in the grieving process, and has the audacity to get hurt feelings when he doesn't treat her like an actual lover?? She knew exactly what she was getting in to, she took advantage of him and the death of his wife in order to live her fantasy of being with him, and that puts her firmly in the wrong here. It doesn't matter how Sweet or Soft or Kindly she acts, it makes total sense for him to view her as someone trying to emotionally and romantically take the place of his wife (because, well, she is) and react with hostility towards her. They aren't friends, and she states multiple times that she knows little to nothing about him and bemoans the fact that he won't let her in. Why should he? It isn't enough for them to be married in name only, they need to foster a friendship first, and she can't even do that when she crosses his boundaries in the name of her Unrequited Love and milking all the experiences she fantasized about having with him before their marriage.

It's very hard to view her with sympathy when she thinks "Well he was mean to me because he assumed I'm trying to seduce him... but at least I got to talk to him in our nightclothes on his private terrace in his home bcs I'm his wife now." It's tragic, certainly, the girl can't help herself. But I feel way more for the ML who isn't even allowed to process his grief in peace with a life partner who respects him and his pain.


All that being said, it's very enjoyable to watch her wallow in the name of melodrama, sometimes what you need is a good novel where the leads thoroughly Suffer. <<less
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KillTheWhiteLotus rated it
October 10, 2021
Status: c15
First of all, thank you soooo much to our translator for translating this delicious work of fiction. The translations are excellent.

It's starting out to be quite interesting and I'm very eager to read more. I like how author does not sugarcoat some of the FL's more 'darker' or 'selfish' thoughts which shows a more human character.

I'll come back to edit once I've read enough chapters to write a more detailed review.
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maven.kyland rated it
June 10, 2022
Status: c51
I know that the novel is nowhere near its end, but I will say that this novel is worth reading. The translation deeply conveys the melancholy and angst that adds to the over-all mood of the novel.

Now, for the characters:

... more>>

I did not like the female lead at first. I first saw her as an opportunist and lovesick girl who used her personal dilemma (with her father) to justify her selfishness to marry the male lead. It's a pity that she lost her child, but it's not like she's completely faultless.



The male lead is your typical male lead who is cold and unaffectionate, and realizes his feelings too late so more than half of the whole novel is dedicated for his redemption arc.


This novel may start out as a dark and tragic novel, but it invokes a lot of feelings and make the readers think if it's worth it to gamble on love. <<less
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_EyeCandy_ rated it
February 13, 2022
Status: c29
Why is this pain somehow kinda good? The novel is really gut wrenching and it's really painful to read. The author just constantly stabs us multiple times in the heart to the point that my heart feels numb.

I applaud the author for giving us such a well-written, sad, and depressing story.

But oddly enough, it isn't a story that I feel like 'I can't read this anymore', it's more like a story that I want to read more and more even though it's painful to read. Or have I become a... more>> masochist?

It's sooo bad and painful yet sooo good. <<less
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Chiqi322 rated it
November 12, 2021
Status: c19
Wow this is really, really, Really hard to read, but in a good way. The translation is smooth (I appreciate the excerpts and notes at the end of some of the chapters). The storyline so far can be absolutely heart wrenching. I was initially annoyed with the FL and her expectations but as someone else said in their review, love really is blind. I’m looking to seeing how it progresses.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
doomscur rated it
July 7, 2022
Status: --
Oh this novel makes me hurt. It hurts! It's a good hurt though LOL. I'm loving this so far!! Even though the root of all this crap is the FL herself, f it I still love it lmao.. hey... she's not perfect. At least she knows she was the one who started it. She is realistic, that's for sure. I'm proud of her. She liked the ML and went for it but regretted it when she didn'treceive his love in return. We should all have her courage. She knows it's... more>> her fault. She knows why she's hurt. Maybe this is why this novel literally hurts to read Lol

5 star. Her pov will break your heart. <<less
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Shaynarenae rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: --
Hope more hapters come out. It's really good so far but poor fml, it's not that I agree withtheway she did things but. Love can make you s*upid. So far hes kot done anything to make me hate him other than to make her so sad.
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