Pirate: I’ve Loaded the Game Interface


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Carrying a system interface, descending into the world of One Piece.

If it weren’t for the system reminding that the game’s public beta would begin in three years, Adrian would have thought this was just another standalone transmigration story!

In the Sea Round calendar year 1498, Pirate King Gol D. Roger bid farewell to this world, ushering in the Great Age of Pirate, along with the legendary Fourth Calamity…

Hey, wait a minute, why don’t these players know anything about the plot?

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
02/20/24 SigmArc c83
02/18/24 SigmArc c82
02/18/24 SigmArc c81
02/17/24 SigmArc c80
02/16/24 SigmArc c79
02/14/24 SigmArc c78
02/14/24 SigmArc c77
02/14/24 SigmArc c76
02/11/24 SigmArc c75
02/11/24 SigmArc c74
02/11/24 SigmArc c73
02/09/24 SigmArc c72
02/09/24 SigmArc c71
02/08/24 SigmArc c70
02/08/24 SigmArc c69
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