Pirate: I’ve Loaded the Game Interface


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Carrying a system interface, descending into the world of One Piece.

If it weren’t for the system reminding that the game’s public beta would begin in three years, Adrian would have thought this was just another standalone transmigration story!

In the Sea Round calendar year 1498, Pirate King Gol D. Roger bid farewell to this world, ushering in the Great Age of Pirate, along with the legendary Fourth Calamity…

Hey, wait a minute, why don’t these players know anything about the plot?

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New Vincent1873
April 15, 2024
Status: --
Probably one of the best One Piece fanfictions I've ever read. MC is sent to the One Piece world with a system and premise very similar to The Legendary Mechanic (I wonder if they're the same guy, took inspiration from the same source, or if one copied the other). If you liked that story then you will like this one.

Now you may be wondering why I gave it three stars if it's so great. Author did 3 things that rather annoyed me.

  1. Trying to keep the MC up to date with the plot of OP. It's dumb. Luffy's fruit was when the story was mostly done and author tries to address it and or vent in the story. No no author. That makes no sense. Your character can't get updated information no matter how much you want to talk about it.
  2. Bait and switch nonsense. The MC will go over what his plans are. The MC will get to the point that he can fulfill those plans but not carry them out. Then a hundred chapters later the MC will do something else and the author goes "you thought I forgot about this." So he had the MC make a plan, change the plan off-screen, have readers screaming at the MC, and then present the new plan like it's some great twist. He did this at least twice in the story and it was infuriating both times. I feel like it's a cheaty and poor way to try to surprise readers.
  3. The ending was fumbled. I feel like the author forgot what genre he was writing in or something. He's writing a power trip fantasy story with a system. He wraps the story up trying to explain the mysteries of One Piece. He didn't case in on the power trip system side of things. The mysteries of the One Piece world was not why anyone was reading the story and it's not even in the MC's character to care that much about it IIRC.
Anyway those things knock two points off the score for me. Still super entertaining overall and worth a read.
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