Picked up a Demon King to be a Maid


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If the big breasted demon queen was reduced to a s*ave, what would you do to her? Would you kill her and become humanity’s greatest hero? Or would you ens*ave her and enjoy the highest level of pleasure in the world? No, he doesn’t want any of that, Lin Xiao just wanted to be an unremarkable reserve hero. Black stocking long leg princess, two-faced loli saint… no one can tempt him to change his majestic ideals of eating and waiting for death! That’s why his answer was — “Demon Queen, can you quickly put on your clothes and scram on out of here?”

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Foompa Loompa
New Foompa Loompa rated it
June 20, 2020
Status: c139
I have such mixed feelings about this series. And I can't tell if how I feel about is just personal grievance or that it's actually bad. So keep that in mind as you read this.

It's hard to put it all into words. Ultimately I just hate this vibe of this series. Every one of the characters is horrible. I can't really say there is anyone person I like and that includes the MC. They're all just a**holes and all of their relationships revolve around mostly verbal, occasionally sexual, and sometimes... more>> physical abuse. I just get so sick of the characters speaking horribly to and of each other constantly. That's with the exception of a single character and her relationship with the MC but it's already heavily hinted that she's a two-faced bit*h that will turn into an enemy at some point.

It's like another person said it's like watching two tsundere's in a relationship. Except EVERYONE acts like that with that one exception.

I kept reading it hoping and thinking that something would change but finally, I realized it isn't. Even if they get together I know they're still gonna act the same. And I'm just fed up with it. I place huge importance on the characters and I can't continue reading a series where I can't stand a single character. And the plot basically revolves around character interaction. There's not much there besides that. Which my complaint with most Chinese novels is that they gloss over the character interaction too much. So I should be happy about this series, right? I probably would be if the interactions weren't agonizing and soul-sapping to read.

And the MC is awful. He just upsets me. I can handle an MC being a bad person but what I can't stand is how damn inconsistent he is. Oh, he claims he wants to live a life in peace with no trouble but he constantly invites trouble into his life. He acts like a horrible person that does anything to his benefit one second but he can't bring himself to kill the demon king who literally wants him dead and constantly threatens and even directly and intentionally disrupts his "simple" life constantly. A lot of these anti-hero protag series will balance it by having an evil MC that has principles and boundaries that he won't cross and being kind to the people he cares about. But this character doesn't really have anything? It's like you can't figure him out and he makes no sense whatsoever. He's so damn flippy floppy and is like that with every single thing and I cannot deal with it anymore. You could argue that this is good character writing as real people tend to act like this as it is the basis of his selfish nature. But I just know I'm sick of it after 139 chapters. <<less
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July 13, 2018
Status: c70
I like it. Read the free raws. Not groundbreaking, but story kept my interest. The description is correct, but kind of has a different mood from the novel. The MC is a transmigrating genius mage who wants to live a life of luxury. He inadvertently ens*aves the Demon Queen which throws a wrench into his plans, as it draws attention. Thankfully, the MC is a gifted liar and is able to get out of most situations that would put him in the limelight. MC is not a dense protagonist like... more>> a typical Japanese harem MC (it's a Chinese novel).

The main downside for me is that the worldbuilding is somewhat lacking. No geography, no politics, no detailed description of how spells work. Could be flushed out more. <<less
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Danthefanokaku rated it
July 15, 2019
Status: c114

Top 5 reasons I hate this series

Number 1: They’re all dumb and s*upid

... more>> Number 2: They’re terrible

Number 3: It’s dumb and s*upid

Number 4: It’s boring

Number 5: Everything is dumb and s*upid

Meh. I’ve read it up to chapter 114 and honestly I’m done with it. It was an interesting premise, but the author really screwed the pooch by trying to make it have a “Friends” vibe (the “Will they won’t they” vibe). Which is extremely annoying. Imagine trying to get 2 tsundere’s together and that’s the romance in this series. That’s not even mentioning the terrible main character. I get his whole spiel of not wanting to go to war (ie be cannon fodder), but he’s just such a terrible person. One example is this (spoilers ahead)

One of his classmates has been dragged away by a kobloid knock off and is about to be raped Goblin Slayer style, and he spends 2 chapters debating whether or not to save her. He just doesn’t care. Sure, she hasn’t been the best to him, but does that mean she deserves to be raped? I’d say no. If someone called me a bunch of means names, I’d be “Okay, cool” not “Okay, I won’t help you when you’re about to be raped”.


And that’s just his general vibe throughout the series. He’s not a “lonely man who doesn’t want to die” but rather a “angsty wanker who is trying to be the biggest weeb out here in this fantasy trainwreck”.

To put the final nail in this coffin, it’s just so drawn out. Every chapter had to have a recap section at the start, and every action is like dragon ball in that it’s way too drawn out. But unlike dragon ball, it’s not a flashy fight move but something totally unnecessary and dumb.

In conclusion, this series is dumb and s*upid. I might read more of it as it comes out, if I don’t scream my head off at these characters and all my blood vessels LITERALLY burst inside of me. <<less
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Renaxan rated it
September 4, 2019
Status: c129
I did enjoy this novel. The protagonist isnt someone who are kind and good, he is actually pretty evil as he does anything possible that could benefit him. Although he is actually just damn lazy.

Actually, im also like that in real life so I feel myself relatable. I didnt save stranger just because I have power and knowledge, and mostly do something that could benefit myself in foreseen future, I will endure the hardship. The MC of this novel also this kind of character, moreover he's schemer and trickster.

The letdown... more>> of this novel probably how convience the plot armor going arround MC. There's a lot time he's in danger and about to be discovered, somehow, all other character simply doesnt get to know. Even neighbor doesnt find anything amiss when his home broke oof. Also his maid pretty ANNOYING, literally because MC got pushed arround by her and the tsundere just going too strong.

Plot, somehow structured and the enemies isnt really come out of nowhere. Some character sometimes has their own pov to explain the character itself. One of decent fantasy CN novel with op MC that doesnt use drug and face slap moment as plot so far.. Im really thankful.

Overall, I did enjoy this novel. The MC is act like real human, let aside his laziness tho.. And that maid, oof. I wont give perfect rate for this novel cause that aspect but I cant lying to myself because I did enjoy this novel. <<less
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AutumnSnowz rated it
December 28, 2018
Status: c58
I'm on chapter 58 and the novel is starting to lose my interest with the way the MC decide to do everything. He get push around by his "maid" constantly getting threaten and just puts up with it. They show him as a hard head strong MC but he always getting push around and just goes with it. It gets so annoying. Also it seem that him trying to be lazy is actually twice the work of just being a hero. He's doing so much extra work so he's doesn't... more>> have to be a hero. But it just doesn't make enses to me since he's still training to be strong and so why not just be a hero kill the Demon Lord and then live easy. But no he's gota train to be strong to make up all this crazy s*upid plan to not be the hero. Again this doesn't annoy me as much as the maid always pushing him around getting him into big trouble while all his does is grope her a little revenge. Was reading this novel hoping for a bad ass MC but got the typical "Japanese" betta male that gets push around by the female lead. <<less
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Valex rated it
May 8, 2019
Status: c95
Look the main character is both lazy but kind of sly, the maid is sarcastic and berrates him a lot. It contains fantasy tropes and a level system. Look I cant express why I love it, but I just do
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