Physician, Not A Consort


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The modern-day doctor Lin Haihai has transmigrated into the body of the sixth princess consort.

The woman who had been mistreated her whole life was going to be divorced by her husband, the Sixth Prince, to make room for his childhood lover.

Lin Haihai couldn’t care less.

All she wanted was to start her own hospital and focus on her career.

Equipped with her knowledge as a 21st-century woman, she soon won over the hearts of the common people, and perhaps a few men’s.

She didn’t need love, of course, or so she thought.

Fate had other plans for her, and she found herself falling for a man she shouldn’t want, and faced with the choice between love and the greater good of the nation.

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Dizaster rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: c22
Am done..

This stuff is so boring that I barely managed to drag my way to ch22 but this is my limit.

The concept us not bad, a highly motivated, kind doctor, on a day predicted to have heavy storms goes to euthanize a patient to let him die painless. On the way back she gives lift to an old poor women stuck on road the old woman seems to have rotten flesh and MC tries to save a her but the woman and coughing blood on MC and inform her that... more>> she is going to die because her blood was poisoned and that she was a snake devil who was heard by a fox demon so to repay her grace she helps MC cross over to another body in another world with a spirit egg which will help for cultivate powers. MCA then crosses over to ancient times into the body of a woman who jump off a high place after the engagement was broken and she had no way to go as biological mother was dead and the stepmother was cruel. The MC then takes compensation money from her ex husband and establishes a clinic where she treats poor people free of cost and doesn't charge much for rich. She takes in lots of poor children as disciplines and of course that's attracting high quality men like the emperor, her ex husband who is the sixth Prince and emperor's brother, general and of course The mysterious ML. I DON'T KNOW YET IF THERE ARE OTHER MEN. From the description I assume that this is not a reverse harem.

The worst part of the novel is how idealistic the MC is. She went back to the ancient era and tries to implement the modern principles over here without trying to behave in any way like the ancient times. She advocates equality and is abhorrent of s*ave practice, which is understandable but unlike in other dramatic novels she is very welcome to here and the people feel she is so kind and are grateful towards her. Smooth approach and getting away with her nonsense is kinda irritating. She has no concept of money e revenant in those times and makes no conscious effort to do so. It's like in a world everyone is so your and lawyer and the boat that there's no one that's going to harm her.

She knows that she doesn't understand anything about the attitude and how this current world works but she's fine because she can live her life in her own way and even if she ends up offending the imperial power somehow she is totally fine because both the prince and the emperor instantly fall in love with her. This BS is intolerable. I want how the translator managed to read and translate it without hurting his brain. <<less
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beecw rated it
October 7, 2021
Status: c28
I made it to chapter 28 before I realized the MC attitude was absolutely annoying. She has no respect for culture or ancient times. I mean reading about her trying to make an imperial guard standup instead of kneel to the prince is wild. Like its more than just your principles at risk her ma'am he could lose his life all because you don't like to see people kneel ????? Get your head out of your butt miss. She's pretty much plot armored out and I really was looking forward... more>> to a good historical doctor transmigration story but this one is a bit too unrealistic like there are zero consequences for her behavior. <<less
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light in the woods
light in the woods rated it
September 12, 2021
Status: c10
Everything dizaster said and more. The FL has no respect for the ancient lifestyle. She just assumed all people get off carriages by stepping on a servant's back and hops off instead. You know they have little step stools too. She's also telling people to stop kneeling and such and address her as elder sister instead of her title. She's think she's giving them self respect but actually telling them she's a silly pansy that doesn't need respecting.

I gave it three stars since it might get better but I'm not... more>> wasting any more time on it. <<less
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Rijwi rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: c25
I am done at chapter 25. Very amateurish writing with no depth or thoughts towards the plot or the characters. Character development is also fragile to say the minimum. The plots are not even clear. I will not waste my time on this any further. I don't know how Volare is translating this novel. As I keep reading, I find each upcoming more pathetic than the last! Reading this is a total waste of time.
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Kiriko rated it
January 3, 2022
Status: c23
This novel is translated really well, as expected of one done by volarenovels. It has a similar genre to many of their other translated works like Poison Genius Consort or Demon Wangs Favorite Fei, but to be honest is written so badly that it can't at all match up to either of them. The premise isn't bad - a modern day doctor tries to save a snake spirit (who appears like an old lady), but ends up dying after coming into contact with its poisonous blood. The snake spirit then... more>> gives her all its cultivation to transmigrate her into the body of a woman who suicided in ancient times after being humiliated and served divorce papers by the husband who just married her.

The way plot points play out is very....... strange. Oftentimes, there are sudden scene jumps between chapters which make you feel like you've missed a chapter or two. It reads like someone is fast forwarding a drama that you're trying to watch, but only manage to catch a few select scenes from as they're doing that. On top of that, the main protagonist seems to have an inexplicable charm buff that makes other people almost completely ignore her weird (for the time period) actions and lack of etiquette, along with making any major male character pretty much fall in love/become interested in her on sight. Pretty standard for a Mary Sue novel, but really jarring when you read it in this one. She acts like a rampaging bull that's been brought to a fancy dinner party, but all the guests are just looking at the bull and saying "wow, how unique and charming!".

Maybe it's because I've read too many Quick Transmigration novels with the whole villainess counterattack systems, but this novel feels exactly like the original novel world that the MC of one of those novels would transmigrate into and make 100 times better than the original story. If this were one of those novels, I feel like we'd find out that the protagonist's weird charm is due to the snake spirit's cultivation giving her some sort of bewitching aura which makes men go crazy after her and decreases the IQ of anyone who sees her. Rather, that would make for a better explanation than the whole "well, she's a bit rude but whatever" situation that's going on right now.

Long story short, this story might be enjoyable if you're new to these kinds of stories or if you completely shut off your brain and ignore all the glaring plot holes. Props to the translator for doing a great job and somehow managing to get through this brain killer though. <<less
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Clara_the_fish rated it
January 13, 2022
Status: c122
Oh god. Don’t waste your time.

I assume you’re here because you’re into strong FLs who have OP skills to rely on after transmigration or whatever. I’m telling you, THIS IS NOT IT.

Our dear author cannot make up their mind about the FL. Do they want her to be mentally strong? Do they want her to be a damsel in distress? Do they want her to be unusually clever, or a vapid dumb “blonde”? Because she is all of the above!!!!!! There’s just zero character development. It’s 1000% plot armor. Every... more>> male in high positions is in love with her.

One second the FL decides to be strong and forget about her star crossed lover, the next she turns around and weeps heart-wrenchingly in his arms. She walks away and decides to be happy with her ex but tries to birth her lover’s child. She tells her lover that she’s leaving somewhere far far away, and ends up living in the same city anyway. She has zero intention to fully adapt to ancient customs like kneeling to superiors, which I understand to be the author’s attempt to set her apart from everyone else... but it’s just too overdone. And she just never stops “bawling”.


Every conflict ends in a lukewarm fashion. The author has zero sense of pacing in arguments, battle scenes, seggs...

It really isn’t worth your time. Stay the hell away from this one. <<less
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Snowsprite88 rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: c70
This novel is a pretty good read. Compared to other Chinese novels, it's much shorter so it didn't feel like tackling huge project or an endless tunnel. I would recommend this novel to anyone who is looking for something to read that is a bit shorter!

... more>>

While the female lead could be a bit... brainless, especially regarding the male lead, the story is the first transmigration story where her friend also transmigrated (and could transmigrate back to the modern era) that I've read.


I'm excited to see how the plot will turn out!!! <<less
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Karmapanda rated it
April 10, 2022
Status: c35
I can't take it anymore. I just read return of the swallow... And it really swallowed me up. Then.. I thought volare would translate something solid.

But no.. rather translate tr*sh novels for the masses.

A) just because I have read worse novels doesn't mean this should count as literature.

... more>> I just read a review stating the female Lead is over privileged for her rank, inconsequential, and in the end I see no reason why she important.

Male Lead have met Mary Sue.

Confusing story line, far too many plot holes and after comparison the historical accuracy of a blind man throwing darts after being spun in a circle.

Also.. despite best translation effort.. the text makes one uncomfortable. Repetitions.. going like.. then.. then.. then.. and harsh sentences that had no... Eloquence to them. Breaking things down in a lackluster manner. Like when u hear someone talk without emotion. And I dont think the author was ever much in love.

The FL is rude, would have been beheaded in ancient times, is not careful, talks to anyone about her situation, is all knowing, is supposed to be a doctor but doesnt clean her instruments.. and author basically explains it like "oops, well we will make sure nobody will die, but I decided to close this plothole rather late then never and make the situation arkward"

No. Neither social, nor historical, nor emotional situations are right, well written or make sense much. So no. <<less
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Lazybusy rated it
February 25, 2022
Status: c81
First, there is spoiler below, read at your own risk.

I think this novel is from young girl imagination. Shallow character development, Story sometime jump to other scene without proper flow, illogical scene. There is the scene where she was kidnapped by assassin, and just because she crush a stone to dust and threat them, the assassin willing to admit defeat and follow her as their master. Like seriously??? Trained from young assassin, willing to follow her just like that?? I don't mind if she fight and defeat them or treated... more>> them so they willing to follow her as it can be quite convincing reason. But just like that?? seriously??

The main problem of this novel is the FL. I think the author try to potray the FL is saint, innocent kind hearted kind of character where every single person in this novel will love her to the point the plot is no longer make sense. Author make every characters in this novel as a tools just to show how great her medical skill is, how kind she is, how innocent she is.. the author try to portray her as a clever girl but please she never the embodiment of clever. Clever is not her thing. She keep complaining that she didn't have money for her hospital and farm but hello, instead of try to earn money for her hospital, she choose to open new hospital at each of region. Ya I know the FL is kind hearted did not take money from treating the poor, but there are thin line between kind and s*upidity. She charge fee from the noble but the price is under market just because she is kind.. there many more scene I'm too lazy to write. She keep depend on money from 2nd ML to operate the hospital while keep saying she want to be a career woman and not involve in love but tbh, she literally use 2nd ML love to her to operate the hospital eventhough she came out with dozens of reason. She keep saying she don't want to involve with love, she will go far away but the moment she saw the ML, she throw herself to him. The ML try to distance himself from her because she is his sister-in-law, but FL literally the one that keep testing his limit, kissing him, being naked (eventhough there is reason but the reason is not convincing enough). I know she is not his sister-in-law because she already divorce privately, but yo girl, you are still holding that title in front of public. If you love the ML that much, at least clear up that part first. Don't come to him with sister-in-law identity while showing your love to him.

Second problem is the ML and 2nd ML. I read some comment that the ML is good etc.. that's why I decide to read it but hello... the ML, I can't feel pity for him. I know sometime historical novel, there is harem. But this ML, gosh.. there is scene he cry and begging FL to stay with him saying he love her and other sweet promise, but after the FL left because at that time they can't be together, he return to her concubine and have s*x with her. Like how one second you saying you love her and everything and split second you having s*x with other woman??? The 2ML is greedy to the bone, he said he love the FL and at the same time he said he also love his childhood lover. He want both of them. Like dude, make a choice, you get angered when you saw the ML show affection to the FL but you want to keep both woman to yourself. Do you not ashamed?

At chapter 81, I give up this novel. I think have give it enough chance. <<less
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Eeria rated it
December 7, 2021
Status: Completed
The novel is easy to read. The story albeit not bad could have been so much better if the FL and ML weren’t as annoying. Like another reviewer said it’s lacking depth. It’s a lot of push and pull between them but poorly executed. There are also some very distracting inconsistencies/plot issues. I however liked a lot some of the secondary characters. It was good enough to compel me to mtl the novel, good enough to keep me going as I wanted to know what happened next. Wish the author... more>> had expanded more on that side and less on the crappy romance. <<less
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Smtha rated it
October 30, 2022
Status: Completed
I rarely come across not my taste type of story... but this really.. for me both MC And ML only have love brains.. the bad kind.. they are like teenagers.. but author can justify their action. MC... really a great holy mother, and ehh mary sue, maybe thats her golden finger. Whenever she safe somebody, someone who hate her, want to kill her, harm her, those safe by her will either love her, worship her or safe her in return, those brainless villains with love brains always tries to kill... more>> her many times but she always be safe (cus she op) and inturn those villains mostly either will love, worship her. Unless the stubborn one serve as dog blood cannon. Their “ romance “ really leave a bad taste to me, I feel its tr*shy, but author really can justify their hard breaking relationships... There’s so much justification for her actions and holy saint situation that really makes me want to drop this... I really just skips alot til the end. Read at your own risk... thank you <<less
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Lazyhazy rated it
February 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Finally I completed this novel. Sigh* I want to give 4 ⭐️ but there is so many things lacking. So my final rate is 3.5 ⭐️. In the beginning I was so frustrated by the MC that I wanted to rate 2star but plot and story hooked my interest I just couldn't give up on reading. This book could have been better if main characters were written properly and plot was all over the place. Most frustrating part is MC. She is so s*upid that she can pity murders and... more>> villains and use Love as the excuse for their behavior 😒. I can see author wanted to present her as a saint but there was so many points in the book which I disagree with her behavior. Its just a story I know but every villain here who has killed or torture many innocents automatically becomes good after she reprimand them?? And if she can feel bad for plugged flower then why didn't she ever felt bad for horses for being used harshly for transportation. I was so frustrated for this part when ML plugs a flower for her she feels so bad for plant but she never cared for animals cruelty in that area. So author you trying to show her as saint terribly failed in my opinion. And lack of communication in this book also bad point of this book.
But the story is very interesting and angst between main couple (ML is the king) is really heartbreaking. And ending was short, I wanted more extra chapters about the couple rekindling their love and cute moments. But I'm happy with happy ending. My final thought is it could have been so much better if it was written properly. <<less
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Suka Novel
Suka Novel rated it
February 12, 2022
Status: Completed
I honestly enjoy reading this love story between Brother Yang and Hai Hai. Though sometimes I'm kind of annoyed with Hai Hai, their love story is really intriguing and getting me glued to it. I plan to reread it again very soon.

Love reading the relationship & interactions between Brother Yang and Hai Hai from the very first time they met. Their relationship started as 2 strangers helping an old man. However, soon, Brother Yang's feeling towards Hai Hai changed to love. Happily, Hai Hai loves Brother Yang as well. Brother... more>> Yang and Hai Hai are each other's true first love. 💖💖

Brother Yang is a cold ancient man who never really experienced what true love is. Though he's been with other women per norm in society, he has never fallen in love with any women until Hai Hai appears in his life. Once he falls in love, he falls in love hard and he has a great loving and caring personality towards her. Brother Yang is willing to give up everything to be with Hai Hai, it shows how sincere and genuine his love is towards her.

Hai Hai is a 28 year old transmigrator from our time who became an 18 year old young lady. She's a professional physician and an independent lady, yet she's very immature when interacting with Brother Yang. Thankfully, though their big age gap, personalities and background are different, yet, their love prevails in the end. <<less
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ikitty03 rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: c87
Ya don’t read ppl comment that stop off on chp 20. Bcuz it the tip of iceberg. It just the beginning and not deep into the story telling. I really like this story. A dr who from 21 century is living in the pass with same last name has her. It could be her ancestor. I like that she kind and caring for people are sick and want save ppl life. I don’t mind the story isn’t realistic bcuz it’s a story. She fall in love with guy she shouldn’t.... more>> It just love first time for both of them. Oh she has divine powder and martial arts skills. The story is short medium length and isn’t long like other. It change story telling instead of sticking one story for 10 chp <<less
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