Peasant Woman’s Decreed Life as a Wife


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In the modern world, corporate elite Ye Muyu experiences a drastic change when she time-travels and finds herself in ancient times. Skipping over marriage, she directly becomes a mother and transforms into a wife of a scholarly gentleman from the past, raising two children. To make matters more complicated, she discovers a ‘husband’ who harbors a particular animosity towards her. Not only that, but there’s also a ‘reborn’ supporting female character, Tang Rou, constantly eyeing Ye Muyu’s position.

Tang Rou: “Your position belongs to me; I will be the official wife of a first-rank titled gentleman in the future.”

Ye Muyu calmly nods, looking at the stern-faced man in front of her. “Sure.”

In an instant, the man shields Ye Muyu and declares, “You are my wife. Don’t even think about getting rid of me. Outsiders, scram.”

Their son clings to Ye Muyu’s leg, saying, “Get lost. My mother is amazing. If you dare to bully her, I’ll bite you to death.”

The daughter holds Ye Muyu’s arm, stating, “You are a bad person. My mother is the best in the world. If you dare to speak ill of my mother, I’ll report you to the authorities.”

Observing the harmonious ‘Ye’ family, Tang Rou, who has returned from rebirth, grits her teeth in silent resentment: “It shouldn’t be like this. Everything has changed!”

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February 23, 2024
Status: c1064
If you like slice of life stories, this one is a pretty enjoyable one, at least in my opinion. The synopsis made me think "oh, this is probably one of those comedic light-hearted face-slapping stories" but nope, that's not the case at all. The first quarter/third of the story is still considerably light since it still centered around MC's children, her in-laws, and her businesses but it gets heavier once ML became an official.

So, a few things that I like to address for anyone interested in reading

Cons about MC: Some people who dislike Mary Sue-ish characters might be turned off because of her. Personally I don't think she's that much of a Mary Sue cause while she sure knows a lot (she's very very good at cooking, knows a thing or two about medicine although she's not a doctor, etc.), it's still within the realm of possibility if someone is very well-read. The knowledge she shared to the people around her imo is also general knowledge most modern people know. So far the author did not give her sudden cheats outside the things she's already good at. Compared to other MCs with their sudden hidden talents, she's pretty much consistent imo, but you be your own judge.

Pros about MC: I love how she's very kind and supportive to the people around her, heck even to ML when he acts like sh*t to her in the beginning. She willingly share the knowledge of her past life to her family/ML's family to help them improve their livelihood and actively give them advice on how to do that. I don't mind it if MCs of these kinds of stories pull a monopoly move but this MC is a chad with her "everyone in my previous life knows this anyway so I'll just let everyone know about this" attitude (this is not explicitly stated in the novel btw I'm just interpreting her actions that way). Another plus is she's not s*upid at all and can hold her ground against people who harbor some malice towards her/ML, but what'd you expect she's an executive in her past life she should be able to do at least that much.

Some people might find ML a bit off-putting. Just like Tang Rou, he got reborn as well so he pretty much knows the future and tried to change his fate. His life in the previous timeline was not-so-smooth mostly thanks to his wife (the original owner of MC's body), so to prevent that he decided to divorce her. At first I supported his decision since his wife seemed like a shitty person all along and he has no intention of leaving their children with her, but then as our MC later noted about him once she found out about his plan to divorce her; he's quite a ruthless man for planning to divorce the woman who had spent 8 years of her life for him (note that she didn't know that he's reborn). That's when I felt a bit conflicted. ML hated his wife for her sin of being a fool, but it only became a fault because she was married to him and he was an ambitious man who wouldn't be satisfied until he climbed to the top. I can understand his reason, but he's still an as*hole for pulling that move. Well, at least he admitted it himself he's not a good person. I'd like to add as well that ML was by no means a loving father. He cared about his kids to some extent but he didn't really show them love.

I really like their dynamics once MC and ML cl**ked. ML indulged her very much and gave her many privileges women of that time could only dream of, MC accepted his goodwill while making sure to not cross the line according to the ancient's values. In fact, most of the time when MC shared her past life knowledge it was to help ML so his future as an official will be smooth-sailing. I really like how they respect and love each other until then the author pulled a f*cking amnesia on ML!!! Of all existing tropes why must you use this one QAQ If this turns you off, maybe you should just back off because the next part might leave quite a bad aftertaste in your mouth.

When ML lost his memories, some official sent his daughter to become his concubine and ML accepted her because she allegedly saved him in the accident that led to him losing his life. He couldn't care less about her tho cause he was always the type of ruthless cold-blooded man who only cared about his career, the "here's money, food, and shelter for you now get out of my sight" kind of man. Initially, his attitude towards MC was more or less similar to the concubine but thanks to her efforts he eventually warmed up to her again. While the presence of this concubine bothers me a bit, I don't really mind it since it adds some realism to the story but some readers might not like it.


One glaring plothole that annoys me a bit is related to

the amnesia arc. So ML was supposed to forget like literally everything since he didn't even remember his own parents. But then some chapters later it was stated that he still had some memories prior to his rebirth but then why the heck did he forgot his own parents?


There are a few other plotholes too but they don't really ruin the story imo. The number of chapter might daunt you from reading this but I personally enjoy this novel very much. Hopefully I don't get bored before I reach the ending lol
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January 17, 2024
Status: --
Dropping as 2k chapters with this concept? No way. Also hence not leaving a rating.

I can't help feel pity for MC's OG host. Her biggest mistake is being foolish, and you really cannot blame someone for being a fool.

... more>>

Thinking about it, if Ye Yunlan had learned to read and write in her previous life, wouldn't some of the foolish things have been avoided?

For example, being deceived by servants, taking out loans without knowing what was written in the documents and putting fingerprints just because they were told to.

These troubles might not have happened if she could read.


I also didn't like ML in the beginning. Don't get me wrong, I understand being mad but the way author wrote the beginning felt like MC being transmigrated to a very patriarchal husband who pissed that his wife is not obedient. Again, this is false but I couldn't help feel like this. Well this or ML acting like a tempered child. Which I think the author thinks is cute but honestly an adult acting like a kid is just a huge turn off.


Chu Heng's turning figure froze he didn't expect Ye Muyu to retort like this. He felt extremely annoyed for a moment, staring at Ye Muyu. Childishly, he hoped she would take back her words.

Ye Muyu looked back at him sincerely but didn't say a word.

Frustrated, Chu Heng's face changed slightly and he snorted before lying down on the bed without saying anything.

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judeiiro rated it
January 16, 2024
Status: c1933
The novel is lengthy but the chapters are bite-sized and are interesting enough without drowning you in all of its contents :>

I quite enjoy this novel, especially in the early half. I liked reading about MC and ML establishing themselves and building up their businesses, and the friends (and enemies) they made along the way.

As the story progresses, it gets deeper and muddier with ML's career intertwining with schemes and intrigue (mainly by others). Personally, the intrigue is not my cup of tea but it's been keeping me going for... more>> a while now. Not sure if I'll make it to the end but it's been a pretty nice read, I'd say :> <<less
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