Patriarch is Taking Concubines Again!


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Traveling through the Cultivation World, where Immortal and God exist, Li Su’s Spiritual Roots are tr*sh and when he thought everything is over, He obtained a System!

The System of Many Children-Many Blessings!

With each additional descendant he has, his lifespan extends and Cultivation increases!

Even the Cultivation of his Descendants feedback to him!

Therefore in order to achieve his goal of becoming an Immortal, he takes Concubine and makes babies crazily!

While Others beat other people to death on Cultivation Resources, Li Su is making babies.

While Others Cultivate in Seclusion for Hundred Years, Li Su is making babies for Hundred of Years!

That’s why when an Immortal Appeared and wanted to Destroy the Li Clan, Li Su appeared and killed him with one Finger everyone was stunned mute.

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Novel Casanova
New Novel Casanova rated it
May 29, 2023
Status: c20
This is simply just lackluster. Its like munching on plain bread because you had nothing to eat and are too lazy to even add salt or butter. It leaves no taste in your mouth because there was nothing to begin with. Its bland. 3 out of 10.

So, what am I talking about really? The setting itself makes it so that nothing can happen in this novel. The novel starts with 100 years having already passed since his transmigration. (If this wasn't the case and the numbers were redone entirely, this... more>> could have been good). So right, it starts with him already 100 years old and having 1000 kids and 10, 000+ total descendants. With 100+ concubines/ wives. The relationship with the wives can't ever be expanded upon cause they'll always just be NPCs. Actual child making machines. He treats them nice and gentle and this is repeated constantly as some sort of justification.

A farmer also treats his cows nice and gentle and cares for them. And that really is the feeling this gives off. Btw the 'system' makes it so that he can only marry 8/10 in appearance girls. Its never even brought up that his first concubines would now be getting old and passing away cause they're mortals. None of that gets explained. Nor that he expresses that he cares either. Like I said, a farmer and his cows.

The cultivation system is also exceptionally bland, its entirely a time issue. Cultivation takes literal decades. Like a talented guy (decided at birth via spiritual roots) can reach foundation establishment at 40 years old and after that around 100 years (10 per stage) to reach the next level of golden core and so on and on. Its entirely passive meditation, the old timey 'cultivation'. There is nothing active, no combat or resources or battling, none of that.

The only time his children are even mentioned is- "The kid turned 12 so the MC sent him to the sect to learn cultivation" that is all. They're a commodity meant to be traded and utilized.

This is an entirely soulless work. Just skip it. <<less
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