Pampered by the Wealthy Big Shot After Transmigrating


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After transmigrating, the system tells Ruan Xia that if she successfully conquers the male lead in a no-CP novel, she will be able to obtain the script for a wealthy husband who never comes home. Every day, she half-heartedly pursues the male lead, wishing him good morning and good night, until just as she’s about to succeed in marrying him, the dormant system wakes up.

System: “Host, you’ve pursued the wrong person. This is the villain from another novel.”

Ruan Xia: “……”

After sleeping for a while, the big villain discovered that his wife had run away???

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5 Reviews

New chande
May 15, 2023
Status: Completed
One of the shortest transmigration story that I've ever read. There's particularly no depth in this story and the reason why both MC and ML fell in love felt so shallow to me but since ML dared to love and MC was willing to submit then all was well. It's just... ML's change of nature after he fell in love with MC was a bit too great (From somehow cold and indifferent man to become a clingy man. It's so cringey.) Thankfully, this story was short so I didn't get... more>> goosebumps for long. <<less
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New earlgreyt
May 09, 2023
Status: Completed
I like how straightforward the author's approach was in writing a manipulative female MC who's very beautiful and knows how to use it. She's definitely calculating and views the whole thing of getting the ML to fall in love with her like a game. Because she wants to live a wealthy / braindead life, she makes sure to exploit any openings as much as possible.

The novel is definitely lighthearted comedy.

... more>>

There's even a cute moment where the ML gets hit on in an online game, but instead of making the story about a b*tchslap or catfight, MC ends up becoming good buddies with the other girl. Talk about actually wholesome sisterhood


Through the process, the MC's own feelings have also changed bit by bit for the ML.


And yes, in the end, she confessed that everything was fake and she was just acting to gain his approval. But too late, he fell for her in the end.


But I would say that a few things were disappointing:

    • MC's focus on her career was very short; author might as well not mentioned given that the MC only attended like one class and one audition
    • The ending was extremely predictable, I'm only glad the author didn't drag it on.
    • The MC's level of privilege is particularly high because she's "beautiful." She pretty much doesn't do anything except act teary, whiny, and weak/in need of ML's protection. I would have liked to see the author show more of MC with her "real" personality later in the novel rather than the fake one she made for the act.
Translation was fine, a couple parts didn't make sense where I suspect double-negative or MTL mistakes weren't caught. <<less
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Mar 27, 2023
Status: c33
A short and sweet novel! Lighthearted. You might not like it if you prefer depth in your characters or twists and turns in the plot.

There are 33 chapters and consecuently, characters and plot are pretty simple. Warning, FL is a gold-digger, she likes to work but she'd rather have the financial security of a good marriage without feelings involved. She targeted the ML thinking he was the mission target to seduce and marry (he wasn't) and used dubious methods to stay close to him (deceit, fake amnesia, etc). ML is... more>> perfect, pretty much has no faults, typical CEO in polite version instead of being overbearing.


I wasn't quite happy with her manipulations, childish acting and running off the moment they did the deed and she found out he was actually supposed to be a villain. But I do like that she was honest about her intentions and deceit (even if her intention was to get rid of him) and truly got invested into their relationship after that. I don't get why he'd accept it so easily but this is clearly a pampering novel where the ML is unable to get angry with FL


Overall, it's okay as long as you don't overthink it or expect much from the plot. <<less
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May 04, 2023
Status: Completed
The premise is good, but the actual execution is... questionable.

... more>>

it's sweet, but to the point of being cringey? the plotholes as large than blackholes in space and the plotline took a weird twist towards the end. the actual process of her running away from male lead once she finds out he's not the ml, happens like the 2 chapters before the actual novel ends? plus most the supporting characters are like useless? if u removed them, they'd have zero impact on the plot.


It's not the translator's fault, they did a good job, so kudos to them.

If you wanted something genuinely interesting to read, this novel is not it. However, if you needed something short

it's relatively short compared to other novels of the same kind, but it was so painful to read it felt like forever.

, s*upid, sweet, braindead, w/ zero drama to read, this is for you. <<less
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Apr 21, 2023
Status: c28
The story is short and simple. The translations are also really good and updates are very regular.

It is an enjoyable read for me since there isn't much drama and other characters. The female lead is quite an amusing character. The male lead is supposedly a cold man, but I never really felt it. I guess he is quite a good man, since he never seems to be truly bothered/annoyed by the female lead's antics.
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