Old Injury


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“There is a scar on my stomach which is hard to heal over the years”..

Ning Yu is forced to marry Song Bai Lao, whom he was deeply entangled as a teenager. Because of the misunderstanding they had before, Song Bai Lao keeps bad-mouthing Ning Yu to the point that he even becomes Ning Yu’s nightmare. As they get together, Song Bai Lao finally confronts his feelings for Ning Yu, and Ning Yu finally sees his true feelings and sincerity.

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jiang ying yue
New jiang ying yue rated it
August 8, 2022
Status: Completed
I’ve read this ages ago, while I have to admit it’s my least favorite out of all HNQ novel’s it’s still amazing (I may or may not be biased).

I’m not a big fan of Abo but I love atypical abo stories that feature the main cp being something other than a x o or a beta turning into an omega (i despise that trope!!) and I’m so happy HNQ did something different.

Again angst is the main theme of this novel just like her others novels and tbh in my opinion... more>> I think this one of her more angsty ones. At times I would hate the ML and feel pity for the MC but all turns well at the end.

Overall I would give this a 4.5 out of 5, not my favorite but still a really good one!

Now I’m still waiting for the day my favorite HNQ novel would get translated... <<less
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New FrostyDragon rated it
August 8, 2022
Status: Completed
TWs: r*pe, dubcon/noncon, reversible r*pe (but with a twist, the MC isn't a rapist), child abuse, trauma, emotional cruelty, forced abortion, forced marriage, lots of lies and deceit, forced pregnancy, tragedy.

Ending though is (mild spoiler) :

... more>>

Very happy - the CP make up for previous loss and trauma by being very happy together, clearing all obstacles and starting a real family


CP: beta x alpha - dogblood and angst but with later doting and caring family, cute child. The ML looks like a scum in the first chapters, but he's not.

Setting: A future world where a deadly virus has turned humans into mutants with 3 extra s*x types: alpha (men and women can impregnate betas and omegas), omegas (men and women who can be impregnated by alphas or betas) and betas, who are in-between. The additional sex/gender is decided by blood type. Blood type A = alpha, O type = omega, B type =beta, AB is extinct because it has no resistance to the virus.

Alphas and omegas have 100% immunity to the virus, and can get into heat. An alpha can mark and omega, which will make them bonded so they're unable to have s*x with others or even endure being apart. A mark between alpha and omega is protected by law, and if an alpha is married to a beta but marks an omega, the marriage will be dissolve because the marking is considered a more valid bond.

Betas cannot be marked, and while both men and women can give birth, they can only carry a pregnancy to full term once, since they have limited fertility. They also don't have full immunity towards the virus, and for those reasons they are discriminated against by society.

MC Ning Yu: A young beta man who has suffered his whole life, but is still smart and relatively resilient despite all his trauma. He's the result of his mom's affair with a rich man, who rejected them both when NY turned out to be a beta instead of an alpha or omega. NY's mom is a beta and couldn't get another child. She became the mistress of a rich man who already had an omega son, but he didn't want to marry her because of her beta status. NY has low self-esteem because he's been told all his life he's not good enough as a beta, and his mom hated him for limiting her options in life and not living up to expectations. He got pregnant when he was in high school and his mom forced him to remove the fetus. He's been unlucky in life, thrown out of his home, dropped out of school, later lost his main career as a baker because an omega cheated and falsely promoted NY's work as his own.

NY gets a second chance in life 7 years after he lost his child. His mom reappears, claims that she managed to save the child who was just born prematurely, and if he agrees to marry Song Bolao, a big shot CEO whom he went to high school with, she'll pay him a lot of money and eventually reunite him with his child. NY has a complicated, tragic past with the ML, whom he fears and hates, but out of desperation he agrees to marry him.

ML Song Bolao: Rich CEO who runs a big company owned by his step mother's family. He suffered a tragedy as a child, when a conspiracy between two rich families forced his mother and father apart, so he grew up with a step family and without contact with his mom. Hates the MC Ning Yu and acts cruel towards him, but also seems to be strangely obsessed with NY and gets easily jealous despite claiming that he doesn't care for him at all. Later the reason for his strange and cruel attitude gradually gets revealed. He's suffered a lot, though he hides his trauma. A single dad with a sweet, 5-year old son who's mother's identity is a mystery. Bolao has huge abandonment issues and beta prejudice for good reasons.

Story: Very abusive and full of dogblood melodrama. Really good though, even if I could predict a lot of the major plot points, I binged the story in 3 days because it was so addictive. The MC and ML suffer a lot, and while it's not the most angst-filled story I've ever read, or quite as well-written as e.g. Green Plum Island and Flying Gulls Never Land by the same author, it's still a good read and overall enjoyable. I found the gradual reveal of the past, the resolution to the CP's conflicts and the ending with extras very satisfying.

There are lots of misunderstandings and miscommunication, extremely bad parenting, and ML who acts quite emotionally s*upid (but in a way that makes sense for his character) and a MC with an understandable grudge against the world and especially the ML, who's a victim of circumstances, a cruel fate, and society's prejudice. Despite how pitiful he is, Ning Yu is still a good person who tries to lead the best life. I was a little unsatisfied with how gradual the author reveals his feelings for the ML, so gradual that for the longest time it looked like the ML - who was clearly into the MC very early on - didn't get his feelings returned. But finally the MC, who's not a very reliable narrator BTW - revealed what he actually felt and it was satisfying to witness.

Momo is just the cutest kid, and I'm glad he ended up with a good family after enduring so much drama and the CP's complicated love-hate relationship. His relationship with the MC was heart-warming.

Very tropey story, but a good read overall. The extras are very sweet. In the end you just want the MC and ML and Momo to be happy. I even - grudgingly - almost forgave the ML's horrible dad for his terrible decisions, since he had also suffered so much and clearly wanted to create a better society for the people he loved.

Interesting take on ABO, so if you like that setting, it's worth a read. <<less
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rimirinrin rated it
August 5, 2022
Status: Completed
If you've read other Hui Nanque's works, you shouldn't miss this awesome ABO novel. It's a rare alpha x beta setting. Yes, betas can give birth but with limitations.

MC has a painful past but he is currently doing his best to live his life even though it is very tough. As with Hui Nanque's other works, his MLs often have a "metal mouth", unable to be true to their hearts and always spewing hurtful words. Had they been more open with their hearts there wouldn't be so much problems. I... more>> like Ning Yu (MC) for his personality (his inner thoughts are really funny), how he treated Song Mo like his own child. Song Bolao (ML) is an idiot but you can start to see him slowly 'caring' and being jealous about Ning Yu's matters after he got married to him. As more of the past unfolds, the pain and sourness really swells in your heart. Small details in the chapters also tells you a lot about the MC and ML. I like how the author can express a whole lot of emotions through these details that seems so easily to be missed. You'd find out that

MC and ML were actually mutual pining from school days. Even after the incident, ML still kept a close lookout for MC.


There are 10 extras chapters that contains their daily life as a family, you see all the kid raising moments and you can really feel the couple living their lives. The loose ends are also tied up. When such a tough mouth ML learns how to express himself, he overdid it again. His sweet nothings are super romantic. Kudos to author for throwing all these sunshine and flowers at me with the extras.

It's an enjoyable dogblood story without overdone crematorium, just seeing how two people slowly open up to each other and learn what is communication. <<less
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Taigaike rated it
August 3, 2022
Status: Completed
I really love this novel, it's my favourite in the Mpreg Category and it really shines as an ABO novel. So glad it's being translated. The main pair is AxB, which by itself is rare, but it also has a really valid explanation for the ML mistreating the MC. Even the side characters are fleshed out and make normal human mistakes with only the villains being a little 2d. You will not regret reading this, even though the ML redemption part is a little dragged. I also hated that

the MLs parents hadn't gotten back together by the end,

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