Nuptial Chamber Next Door


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Bo Bing is a medical student who went to Japan to pursue further studies, a young girl in a foreign land she met a senior student, Ye Zheng Chen who is also an aspiring doctor in the same university as her. They shared some common factors, become fast friends and gradually fall in love. Ye Zheng Chen love Bo Bing deeply and affectionately call her ‘lass’ instead by her name. However, Bo Bing later discovered that Ye Zheng Chen is in fact already engaged to another girl and was upset she is being lied to. Ye Zheng Chen tried to explain his difficulties but Bo Bing fled back home before he can tell her the truth.

Three years later, Bo Bing’s fiancé is being charged and she is told that only Ye Zheng Chen has the ability to help her. Bo Bing is therefore being forced to trade herself to Ye Zheng Chen in order to save her fiancé. She also learns the secret that Ye Zheng Chen has been hiding from her since their days in Japan three years ago…

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Wedding Night, Neighbour
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Cyberlina rated it
June 11, 2018
Status: c6
I created an account just to review this tr*sh. The story is typical, the translation so-so, unedited and clumsy. But translator is very inspired to do this and as a reader I can only be grateful for her sharing her translations.

But that doesn't stop you from reading. What truly makes this tr*sh is authors extremely obvious racists and nationalists comments in the story. First half story takes place in time skip to japan. But Everything Chinese is superior. Author never misses an opportunity to diss Japanese genes, cuisine or other... more>> nationalities. When the heroine gets lost it's the fault of the *indian* who drew her an inaccurate map. When hero gets sick for a week it's due to eating sushi (btw heroine totally disgusted first time she try sushi of course!) I could overlook all until that the worst part came. Heroine gets angry at ML for helping a Japanese kid. Here's an excerpt. U can judge by yourself.


Is your brain fried? Are you a fool to be playing a hero in Japan? In order to save a child, you don't even value your own life? When these Japanese devils were massacring Nanjing, they did not even blink! And you are saving their child? Since when have you become their national hero? Arent you worried that thousands of Chinese will spit on your grave?"

(T/L – Apologies. This is the original text. Translator has no opinion)

Ye Zhengchen was shocked!

" I also regretted after I rescued the child, but at that time, it was an instinctive reaction. I didn't have time to think."


such tr*sh for pig minded people. Why translate this sort of thing ?! Why blame an innocent child for fking history that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual situation. MC bit*h why are you even in Japan!? <<less
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Miriallia rated it
May 30, 2018
Status: c12
A classic example of a sly, forceful, manipulative handsome male lead and our pretty, intelligent, female protagonist who lacks self respect, restraint and flip flops on her decisions every chapter. For example (light spoiler) ... more>>

She realises she should keep her distance from him as he is publically claiming her as being his. She resolves to avoid him or increase the distance. The following day she watches him do his job and immediatly forgets her previous idea and ends up giving him her lunch that she woke up early to make for herself. While she does admit she knows she cant meet her own standards, and cant help but like him, it still goes to show just how weak willed she is and if this ends up going how I think it will, we'll see this continue as with terrible consequences for her as he plays with her as if she were a toy before suddenly serious and committed.


Im hoping to be proven wrong and that we will see the story avoid the pitfalls that make a good story turn into an angsty, 'the man is always in the right' piece of garbage, and some aspects of it do redeem it. For now however, three stars <<less
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January 8, 2020
Status: c35 part2
The story is not bad. It's about a girl who hooks up with this 'married' guy while she was in Japan for her masteral. Of course there's drama. The guy is 'married' after all. There's a reason to that but that's what makes the novel somewhat sly and fun.

Some of the reviewers who tr*shed the novel as crap just don't get it. Married guy, dude. Married as in legally. Of course there's angst because of it. I don't get it. Did we read the same novel or not?

Anyway, give this... more>> novel a chance. Put it in the same perspective I did: shy and virgin student meets the man of her dreams. Dude likes her back but turns out he's married. They have great chemistry, in and out of bed, but the guy lied about his status. Again, there is a reason for that.

Dude doesn't want to let go since he likes dudette. But, honestly, if you're not a self-respecting single female and think marriage is crap anyway so why not stick to the guy since he's young, cute and rich, you wouldn't understand the angst of FL.

The guy is MARRIED, dude. The lady has been lied to, get it? Taken from that perspective, the tears and angst are understandable.

As for the racist or superiority complex whatever, a writer is free to write whatever he or she likes. If he/she writes that the planet is going to blow up in 2 days then I'll just take it with a grain of salt. I'll be thinking he/she is a loony anyway but that's my opinion. I will not bash the author for his/her racism or whatever just because I feel that he/she should follow the code of social justice warriors.

There is no such thing as PC in written prose. Everything is free and applicable if you're a writer, is my opinion. Of course, as a reader I also have the freedom to chose what I want to read, no? <<less
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Vico rated it
December 7, 2018
Status: --
Nope. Had high expectations but totally disappointed. Such melodrama where everyone keeps crying about how their lives are sad (hate it). The plot is not very original, it seems like the author copied You are my Sunshine. Besides, I know we are supposed to feel sorry for the ML but to me, he’s pretty abusive (almost every s*x scene looks like r*pe) and the MC seems a pathetic woman who can’t resist him, even when he physically and mentally hurts her
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Lone_reader rated it
October 14, 2019
Status: Completed
I too created an account just to review this. I never felt the strong urge to review any story as much as this, really wanted to rate ? but ? ? for the translators dedication.

It was really difficult to empathise with the ML, I really don't want a manipulative, Sly, forceful bastard in my life who will control me and be obsessed over me. I thought love was supposed to be beautiful where you respect each other and do not try to manipulate them behind the scenes (may be... more>> some people can say I've never been in love, guess our morale and ideals are different). Even knowing that he (ML) was hurting her (FL), still tried to pursue her in adultery, affair etc. (And all this is excused just because he loved her, in the name/pretence of..... love, I can never comprehend this way of thinking) Ugh........ don't even let me start on the FL, she is so weak willed, changes her mind every now and then, that it is really annoying, will forget all her previous determination when she sees ML and this will continue on till the end of the novel. At some point I didn't even knew why I was going on, just to see how the novel ends up I guess. At some point I even thought that FL deserved this as, even when she knew what was coming, continued on and I can't even sympathise with her misery.

The story is a complete tr*sh, the characters are crap, except some side characters here and there and the typically prejudiced author-san against Japanese and other cultures (basically "Chinese are the best in world" mentality) . The angst in the novel is unnecessary and it didn't even touch my heart as I knew they were asking for it. Even at the end, I felt the characters were not emotionally but only physically attached with lust for each other. They had huge communication gap between and I just felt ML will always try to subdue FL in bed (I don't know why Chinese novels are so obsessed with dominance and forceful subduing). ML will always drive FL to the extreme in bed, so much so that I always felt it was almost r*pe every time they did the deed.

Just felt I wasted my precious 12 hour sleep, should've taken into account previous comments. Alas! <<less
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onexspirit rated it
February 11, 2019
Status: Completed
If you like sweet romance with a little bit of plot, suspense, and smut, then this book is right up your alley. Do not let the 1 star deter you from reading it. I read many novels and I skipped over this due to the low rating reviews. I'm glad I finished the book because it is very well written and translated. Yes, there are mistakes with the translations but the translator did a great job nonetheless.

I don't agree with some of the reviewers. I don't think the ML is... more>> abusive, I think being protective and aggressive is a little sweet, but that is just me.

I understand sometimes, they do talk down on anything that is not Chinese.

But come on... he's a spy that works for the Chinese military.

As for the MC, I don't think she's weak at all. Perhaps some of the comments are made by people who's never been in love or in pain, but emotions portrayed by the novel were pretty much realistic minus the part where the ML saves the damsel in distress. Times sure has changed. This is a sweet love story with a HE. <<less
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Harukogirl rated it
October 28, 2018
Status: c53
I made an account just to review this book.

I'm really enjoying it! The translator is very good - she really captures the emotions in each scene very well, it's very enjoyable to read.

The story is a cute/angsty romance - not TOO dramatic, but enough to have a solid mystery/conflict and keeps me checking every day to see if a new chapter was released. I like the Male lead - his character was well done, and though you are mad at him at first, things make more sense later on.

A Note:... more>> one reviewer talked about the racism in the book. Yes, there are Chinese superiority -laden passages. These exist in MOST chinese novels - including Love h2o and other extremely popular novels. Just like Kdramas often have korean superiority scenes and when I lived in Japan I actually heard people say kdramas shouldn't be allowed on Japanese TV because Japanese TV was better - and kdramas being popular with Japanese youth was a bad thing.

These are countries where nationalism is considered a virtue, not an issue. So if it offends you that strongly, I suggest avoiding most asian media. <<less
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circunloquio rated it
June 8, 2018
Status: c35 part1
Have cried about twice so far. It's a novel about misunderstandings but the love is drawn well, and it's not melodramatic so I personally haven't found it tiresome. Recommended if you enjoy suffering.
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Huiyi rated it
April 15, 2018
Status: c38
K drama in book form, but still a fun read, though I should warn others that it isn't one of those fluffy/happy reads. Leaning more towards angsty investments (without spoiling anything, the female lead is naive and optimistic, the male lead is a bit more than opportunistic, and misunderstandings galore occur), where it's hard to put down, and you get invested in being annoyed and/or angry at some of the characters. It's not all angsty anger... There's definitely some sweet moments too.

For fellow readers who cannot stand poor grammar, I... more>> am pleased to report that the translation is of a fairly good quality too. The occasional typo comes up here and there, but nothing that will derail you from the main plot. The translator received some disheartening messages early on regarding the integrity and sticking to details - I think translators get the liberty of adjusting some details to make the translation flow better, and to ensure a similar feeling comes across that doesn't directly translate (lots of Chinese idioms don't make sense in English). Keep up the good work :) <<less
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BobChan rated it
December 30, 2019
Status: c2.4
Looking at how many 1 stars, it’s actually quite sad. Do give this novel a chance and read through it. It’s very well written and the translator has done a superb job. I’m not saying that what some of the one stars are saying is incorrect, I just don’t agree with it 100%.

The story starts out three years after the MC, Bo Bing’s and the ML, Ye Zheng Chen’s relationship ‘end’. You’re introduced slowly to the backstory of their melodramatic (not in a bad way) love: their twist and turns,... more>> their ups and downs—you get to witness it. Many times you often find yourself wondering ‘why?’ when you read, and you can’t help but want to read more.

The portrayal of the main characters is more realistic, where they go for what they want. It’s not like some of the shoujo/ Josei novels where things seem surreal.

The only part where it is like a novel is the usage of connections, having things under your finger tips (the ML), and a few other small events that pop up.

The story is not unique, there are some novels that follow similar plot, but it is incredibly interesting and I would come back and reread this. I can’t describe just how the author is able to display some of the things that they’re able to, but I find it magical and satisfying.

Thank you for the wonderful translation, translator-sama~! <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
October 28, 2018
Status: c53.2
Part of me loves this story and part of me wants to rip it to shreds.

The Good

The story itself is very good. It’s the story of a woman and man who find their perfect match in each other, but any amount of lies and deception can insert a thorn between two people. It doesn’t matter what the reason was or how perfect the couple is. This story really drives the concept in.

... more>> *The Bad*

The storytelling and pacing is fine, but not my style whatsoever. The story is not linear and jumps back and forth through the plot line. I can appreciate why the author chose this method, but wasn’t enamoured by it. It came across more as spoilers than anything.


I recommend this story if you like something with strong tragic elements and a unique pace that’s close to being completed. I may have complained about the arrangement of chapters, but it adds an air of mystery to the story that completes it. The content in chronological order would not have been interesting from beginning to end. This method means that questions were brought up in the reader’s mind when they should be and answered when it was time (after the reader had been tortured with both the MCs’ sweet and sour times enough). <<less
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gongzhumai13 rated it
May 11, 2018
Status: c103
I've just finished reading the raws. Not at all bad. There's not much angst in my opinion. It's actually very light compared to other novels that are full of drama and all that craps.
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Maharanie27 rated it
February 3, 2018
Status: c25.2
I like interactions between MC n ML, I like MC character, not too soft nor too fierce. She is normal.i love her. The author succeeded made me feel everything that MC feel. Read this and you will know what I mean. For the translator, I realy enjoy reading this novel a lot. Its very easy to understand. Thank you so much for going through the trouble for translating this novel.
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bookworm11 rated it
February 3, 2018
Status: c26.1
It's a very interesting story. You want to keep reading to see how it unfolds. The translations are extremely well done, you can feel the emotions. I like the female lead, love the relationship with the male lead. You want to know how it evolves into the future. Recommend this novel to everyone!
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shasoo rated it
February 10, 2020
Status: c54
i cant describe I much I love thiss story !
the chemistry between FL and ML wayyy tooo good ! Just love how their relationship start with like friendly circle.

anddddd just love how our YZ sooo "clingy" to his "girl"
and Bo Bing, just love her character.
she such a cool-headed girl, like she's unique !

the pains, the angsty, the sweet just soooo right ! Just finish this novel in just one day ! I glad im read this story
and just read till the end, and found why our... more>> ML is reasonable ~ but a very few chapter you will hate him but its okay, nothing effect this story. THE FACT IS HE REALLLLY LOVE HER. The only true side that he only can show to her ~ wuuuuuuu so naughty <<less
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September 14, 2018
Status: c50.2
If you are into angst and want your own heart to break. This is the one for you. Love this novel a lot. Although I somewhat dislike the male lead.

... more>>

If he could only tell the truth when she found out that he betrayed her.. Tsk tsk.. Up until the end he wouldn't tell her and just tell her to wait for him.. Which made me like the female lead for leaving him without giving the answers.. Like bro she not gonna wait for you for how many years when you don't even tell one single thing about your secret

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
berryberry rated it
February 5, 2020
Status: Completed
I really liked this! Perhaps even loved it. Binge-read it in a couple of hours.

I really don't understand some of the bad reviews. You go into the novel knowing that there's going to be plenty of angst, and the description gives a lot away. It's complex and real with a very fair share of angst (lol). But despite all the angst, we see that our main characters have real love and loyalty when it comes to each other.

I think it helps to read a spoiler or two so that one is emotionally prepared for the ride.


Even though the ML is married to the other girl, he never once emotionally or physically betrays our MC (other than keeping her in the dark about it and not explaining it to her for way too long). He treats his 'wife' coldly, and she knows about him and the MC. I think that's somewhat comforting. And towards the end we figure out the truth behind their marriage and realise that the ML didn't have a choice. His heart and plans for the future were always with our MC.


The translation was amazing, shout out to Miumiu!
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pinknovels rated it
March 7, 2018
Status: c32
Ahhhhhhhhh. I just discovered this story this morning and I couldn't stop reading. Their interactions in the beginning were hilarious, and I think that she is probably one of my favourite MCs. She's not dumb or overly submissive like most female protagonists, but rather simple and optimistic. I know I'm are going to feel bad for her, but I can't stop smiling at their interactions. The author did a great job with the characters in this novel, they definitely feel real, due to character development on behalf of the MC.... more>> Thanks for translating :) <<less
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Lollee rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c26.2
FL is smart and loveable, not overly romantised. She makes decisions we would make in the same situtaion. ML and FL interact really well. Author has you in a constant love-hate relationship with the ML. Overall so far its a thrilling romance twist on an expected plot. Translation is clear and easy to understand. I recommend this novel, its like watching a kdrama. ?
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pink rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c25.2
  1. This story tell the price we have to pay in relationship between men and women.... the feeling of love, dependent anxious and proud of FC is really hit my hearth... the author has did a good job in writing those feelings in sweet and realistic way and the translation also did a good job to deliver those feelings to us. After
    all 25 chapters I read, its a good story with deep feeling of both MC and FC....
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