National Teacher Returns at Warp Speed


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Longque, a fearsome sword, was said to be the blade of kings and, if obtained, could unify the world.

Chu Xiang, who had just returned from the future: Huh? Someone’s calling me? I really am the captain of the spaceship Longque, how did you know?

Chu Xiang had two secrets.

First: he had once transmigrated to another universe in the future’s 28th century, and graduated from Starfleet Academy.

Second: he transmigrated back and is ready to start building a harmonious society (hm?)

Chu Xiang also had two worries.

First: the moniker War-Bringer was too conspicuous (obnoxious), what should he do!

Second: you really are wrong, I’m not an imperial sword I’m a person, we just have the same name, understand?

His Majesty: We just won the battle, do you want to celebrate harmoniously tonight?

Chu Xiang: It seems that the harmony I want isn’t this ♂harmony♂… but, okay okay!

CP: Truly domineering, beautiful as a flower emperor gong X Fake civil servant actually a spaceship captain mischievous shou; a story about conquering the world and stuffing dog food into the enemy’s mouth together.


You are the emperor, I am Longque; like wind sweeping grass, all will bow.


May the stars be bright, the world be stable, and the years pass like songs.

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.moondance rated it
October 17, 2023
Status: Completed
Translator here!

This is a beautiful novel about our intrepid Chu Xiang (MC) assisting Lan Jue (ML) to ascend the throne, interspersed with an epic love story. It's not a serious, dark drama but it's not completely light-hearted either. For me, the main appeal is that MC has spent a lifetime in an interstellar era, so he brings the staunch 'all humans are equal' moral fibre of someone who's sat through modern philosophy class to the novel's historical setting, but also has the practicality to do something about it instead of... more>> turning to pacifism. He also works within his means and doesn't try to forcibly impose his views on the natives, which is a big plus for me.

As for the ML, he makes a good pair. ML is a homegrown visionary who defies his environment to want something more than feudal oppression for his people. As the MC puts it, ML is a leader worth following. They get together relatively early for a 100-chapter Chinese novel, but -- as per the self-proclaimed dog food manufacturer author -- that only gives us more time for fluff.

The interstellar setting does eventually get more relevant, especially in the later chapters, as the mystery of MC's transmigration is revealed. <<less
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