My Wife is an Aloof Beauty


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Both of them were victims of their family interests. It seemed that this marriage had a price to pay. She had never contacted him and he had forgotten all about her existence. He had never thought that he would have a baby with his one-night-only wife. Would their son bind them together? See for yourself!

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lao po da ren you dian leng
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New cookieconquerer rated it
September 3, 2018
Status: --
Yeah. SO far the dude is complete a-hole scum I want to vomit on. The kid and mom are fine. Holding on for more of the female MC and hopefully the male MC getting served hardcore. Because, as I said, I really just want to vomit and pimp-slap him right now. Asshole.

Oh, and past ch. 16 is VIP and can only be accessed on their app apparently? Honestly, after debating the need to download another app to my phone I lost the desire to hunt down the rest of... more>> this story. <<less
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