My Super Farming System


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“After finding himself transported into a vastly different existence, a man wakes up not as a mogul or heir, but in a modest mountain life with only a younger sibling and six acres of farmland for company. Accompanying him is a miraculous farming system that transforms his simple life into an incredible adventure.

Initially hesitant to accept his new role as a farmer, he soon becomes engrossed by the system’s perks. Planting seeds yields $8000, while harvesting crops brings an additional $10,000. Moreover, unique rewards make this occupation surprisingly profitable. Astonishingly, all transactions are in dollars, rapidly increasing his net worth to $10 million. Farming, unexpectedly, becomes an extraordinary endeavor.

His life is peaceful, immersed in nature’s beauty and the rhythm of rural living. However, tranquility is broken when a group, including a captivated woman, discovers his farm. They are amazed by his well-tended watermelons and by him, raising questions about his serene life. What secrets does this encounter bring, and what adventures await beyond his mountain retreat?”

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Sin30HalfMinded rated it
December 31, 2023
Status: c22
My Super Farming System is super cheesy, super corny, and maybe (super) cringe. But despite all that I am rating this a 4 as it's also (maybe super) fun if you turn off your brain.

You're gonna need a lot of suspension of disbelief, but if you've got that, then My Super Farming System is a very enjoyable read. However, if you can't turn off your brain or drink a gallon of alcohol before you start, you might hate the experience of reading this.

The MC is not that bright but it... more>> fits the novel well because that's exactly what you need to be to enjoy this - not that bright. The events that take place are all over the place and the characters that are introduced exist purely for the sake of being amazed by the MC (if they are non-recurring characters) or to fall in love with him at first sight (if they are rich and beautiful female characters with jade skin).

The story never takes itself seriously and that plays well into how everything turns out. It's just brainless fun with nothing serious ever going on. I personally wish it revolved more around Farming as that was the keyword that baited me into reading this but even with it being just a minor focus of the story, My Super Farming System is a fun read. <<less
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aborednerd rated it
January 9, 2024
Status: c34
Four stars seems just right for this novel. It is like a warm soup on a chilly day. Really good, but not quite perfect. I intend to keep reading and have enjoyed what I have read so far.

Harem elements are a bit of will they won't they. The first potential FL left already, not sure if or when they will come back. Overall, it is fairly slice of life.

Thus far, no big worries or contentions. Though we can see some signs on somethings that may cause friction in the future.... more>> Try it out in my opinion <<less
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