My Space Is An RV


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In the dreams, an overwhelming fiery red bird descended from the sky, its burning wings igniting the familiar world around her.
Stiff and terrifying walking corpses surged from the ruins of buildings.
Yellow sandstorms filled the entire sky.
Heavy rain melted towering buildings, turning the cities into wastelands.
The fleeing people collapsed, coughing blood, on the red barren land…

Startled awake by another nightmare, Ji Ningxin woke up drenched in cold sweat and drove to the supermarket.
She realized their supplies at home weren’t sufficient. She didn’t want her older brother to be severely beaten for a bottle of clean water, nor did she want her father harmed because of a trap set around a box of medicine…
Whether the scenes in her dreams were real or not, she hoped to protect her family.

Fortunately, along with the apocalyptic dreams, there was also a pitch-black space.
Initially, she thought it was just a storage space. However, when she accidentally entered it, she discovered that this space was connected to her RV!?

[Passenger List], [Basic Defense], [Purified Water], [Automatic Blackwater Treatment], [Robust Structure], [360-Degree View], [Disinfection Zone]… As she stocked the space with more items, the performance of the RV became increasingly enhanced…

Collecting; metals (3/10 types), ore minerals (1/5 types), seeds (10/10 types)… it’s upgradable.

Ji Ningxin started dismantling her home: tinfoil containing aluminum, ceramic tiles made of marble, cement in the walls containing lime and gypsum, glass containing quartz sand and borax, jewelry made of gold and silver, compasses with magnets, pencil leads containing graphite…

★★Reading Guide★★

1. The female protagonist’s golden finger is a motorhome that upgrades, only able to protect her own family, not a savior of the world.
2. There is a male lead, introduced later, no spoilers, the main story focuses on the female lead’s survival, with minimal romantic development.
3. Alternate reality! Don’t connect it to reality. Starts in a peaceful era, early stages involve hoarding a large number of goods, within a single world without time travel, and disasters occur in a specific sequence.
4. Not a rebirth, more like precognitive dreams.
5. The female lead is intelligent, and plans ahead, not like a virg*n Mary but not heartless either.
6. This is an apocalyptic hoarding-themed story, hoarding isn’t about padding the word count (hoarding involves checking information, making it more challenging to write than regular plotlines).

Associated Names
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Survival in the Apocalypse with an RV Full of Supplies
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February 5, 2024
Status: Completed
I agree with Apiapiaba that's why it's a solid 3.5 stars for me.

I love apocalypse novels especially with those authors who takes the word "Apocalypse" seriously.. It's pretty realistic with everyone's pov except with MC's group pov. They are too op its kinda dull, I considered dropping it but I was kinda looking forward to ... more>>

the later "romance" mentioned in the description, I only realized the ML was the robot at the end when mc's bff thought they kinda look like "queen and guard"? I was like what??


And I thought there would be more arc especially with all the foreshadowing showing in all places centered around RV


then the story finished with them riding towards the sunset like ????

What about the MOM? ALIENS?! Other galaxies that were destroyed by black holes and star explosions?! The RV ORIGIN??!


Damn, you cant leave us hanging like that. <<less
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Apiapiaba rated it
January 26, 2024
Status: Completed
Ok, I accidentally pressed the 2* and can't corrected it. I was about to give this 3*

i find this boring! I finished it just because it's not that long.

no drama, no romance! Basically just daily life. Not really hoarding as well as the rv is self sufficient.

the FL is too op! She is the only one in the story who has super power : rv and mental strength.
The rv has defense and attack, so they basically don't need to do anything. Just stay inside the rv. To upgrade and unlock feature they need miles. So I would say this is more like travel novel. They just keep travelling from city to city
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