My Soulmate Is I


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On this day, under the circumstances of a punishment game, I was forced to confess to the school goddess. However, unbeknownst to anyone, that school goddess is the other half of myself.

So, now there’s a serious dilemma,

Should I accept the confession? Or should I accept the confession? Or should I accept the confession?

The pressure is really getting to me, and this is truly a very serious problem.

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Is it wrong to confess to myself?
What's wrong with confessing to myself?
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June 12, 2024
Status: --
the story become so dumb in chapter 60+ when MC Enter academy, Author spamfiller chapter full of romcom thing that doesnt Important to main story bruh, like 20 chapter filler? you almost can skip 20 chapter and still know what happend

Well we must remember chinese author Really like to give info dump/Filler just to full fill their Weekly quota when they are out of idea, The annoying thing is the info dump some time too much !!, And if not lucky some time after filler with info dump ended >... more>> the story goes astray or Going to full other genre, If lucky The story goes Good... and of course After that info dump again <<less
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kurisomething rated it
December 21, 2023
Status: v6c21
Interesting premise and the start was solid, but it degraded rapidly. It felt like the author had a proper idea for the first couple volumes but then they caught up to their plans and had to start winging it.

Additionally, there's an unnecessary amount of h**ny moments with girls we just recently met or don't really know well. At some point, we stop seeing the early girls, Raphae and Luki (?), and new girls keep getting added for no reason. It pisses me off so much that MC was so mature... more>> at the beginning and then became Japanese-webnovel-levels of wishy washy when it came to girls

Note: I think the author discontinued the story, when I try searching it on Ciweimao (publishing site), it gives me an error 404, and the author's personal page does not show the novel. <<less
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mtlingforever rated it
September 5, 2023
Status: > 200cs
I think this was a pretty interesting novel with the beginning having MC's side struggles with living in two different conditions,

... more>>

but in later chapters, their growing harem rate and male MC's horniness made it boring, as well as the story progress being reduced to a second of a snail walk

in the recent chapters of the novels, Ye (male self) just entered a harem game made by his loving? Massive harem


The info dump author frequently makes isn't really attractive, and the level progressing is weird as well as his questionable age of 13 having also questionable people in his harem.

Overall, I'd rate it 3.6/5. I don't know what I am doing. <<less
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