My Hotel Is Famous All Over the World


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Title Changed: My Restaurant is Famous All Over the World

Bai Xianzhi had a great passion for food. Shortly after graduating from university, he inherited a small restaurant from his uncle. The restaurant had a peculiar name, “Three Thousand Food House.” It was located in a remote and secluded alley.

Unfortunately, his uncle’s culinary skills were terrible, and everything he cooked turned out as black charcoal. With such a small restaurant and poor cooking skills, one might wonder if anyone would come.


Three Thousand Food House – the only place in the cracks of the Three Thousand Worlds that can provide temporal and spiritual powers. By consuming the food here, one can safely travel through space, and the best part is that it’s affordable!

However, the appearance of the food is not appealing. It is widely known that the food at Three Thousand Food House boosts your blood by a thousand but drains eight hundred. After eating here, one needs to recover for seven days, making it an essential product for weight loss and slimming!

Countless people who have traveled through space, after trying the food at Three Thousand Food House, have vowed never to attempt space travel again. They would rather suffer being nagged to death by their in-laws than enter Three Thousand Food House!

With the power of a single restaurant, Three Thousand Food House has effectively decreased the trade between the Three Thousand Worlds.

Later on, people discovered that something had changed at Three Thousand Food House…

Pork-oil mixed rice, stuffed cabbage rolls with pork, braised pork, stir-fried meat with noodles, spicy diced chicken, egg fried rice, fish-flavored eggplant, chicken and egg noodles, spicy dry pot, spicy hot pot, white-cut chicken, fish with pickled vegetables, grilled fish from Wanzhou, braised chicken, shredded pork with green peppers, fish-flavored shredded pork, boiled sliced pork, sour radish and tender meat soup, spicy crayfish, chilled watermelon juice, double-layered milk, grass jelly, milk tea, cream cake, mung bean cake…

People from all walks of life who swore never to enter Three Thousand Food House again in their lifetime: It’s so delicious!

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My Restaurant is Famous All Over the World
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greenHills rated it
September 2, 2023
Status: Completed
4/5, personal preference for genre though.

As the summary clearly states, this is a story about a restaurant.

I don't know why some people are complaining a lot about the lacklustre romance, because the focus of the story is obvious the restaurant. The ML isn't even mentioned once in the summary, whereas food and the restaurant are mentioned repeatedly; it's clear as day what's more important.

It's about the restaurant, okay? It's about food, alright? Why are you surprised that the story talks about various customers and how they interact with the restaurant... more>> in a story centered around a restaurant?

I liked this novel. It's about food and the restaurant, and it uses customer vignettes to progress the restaurant's development, which I also liked. It doesn't matter if these vignette side characters show up again or not, because they're in the novel in the first place to tell the story of how they interacted with the restaurant and to show the restaurant's growing impact.

As a food novel, I think it's pretty good. It goes over a bunch of dishes and their impact on various customers, and while the food descriptions are sometimes a tad monotonous, they generally do sound quite tasty. I also wonder if the original novel had more colourful descriptors rather than "delicious" a bunch of times, mostly since there were quite a few cases where the TL swapped the genders of some characters, etc., and not everything translates perfectly to English as is.

In terms of romance, it's not a focal point. There's enough about how the MC and ML get along that you can assume that they're also getting along otherwise off-screen, but it's not actually written, because at the end of the day, it's a story about a restaurant. The romance isn't spectacularly good nor bad, it's just mid and a side plot.

Overall, it's a likeable food and restaurant novel. Though I agree that it felt rushed and could've had more chapters to it at the end, I think the "main" plot is secondary to restaurant development and food, so whatever. Don't read restaurant novels with no mentions of the ML in the summary for astounding romance. Read it for the food and food business. <<less
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murksiuke rated it
July 30, 2023
Status: c49
Cycle of life fluff. You know the deal - MC blows everyone away with their talent (in cooking), bunch of online commentors going "whoa", bunch of face slapping, cute children (no mpreg, adoption).

There are hints about child abuse in a few chapters, but given the story genre, I expect it to be quickly (and satisfyingly) resolved.

ML does not currently have much of personality other that "helpful to the mc", but there is no romance yet, so maybe thats why?

All in all, fluffy fluff without much plot.
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glitteryjoon rated it
August 30, 2023
Status: --
I won't lie, I honestly tried to stick it out and finish this whole novel. However I dropped it at the 60th chapter.

I honestly don't even know where to begin.

The premise was interesting enough, I've been on a kick of needing mind numbing novels that's mostly slice of life and fluff with no mystery solving and minimum angst. Throw in some face slapping and I'm a happy camper.

Needless to say, I was pretty set and excited to read this because I was under the impression it would be similar to... more>> the anime "Restaurant to Another World" or even "Bed and Breakfast for Spirits"

I was completely wrong and underwhelmed.

Firstly, even if I ignore the "romance" (using that term as lightly as possible) the fact that every other f*cking chapter was some random background character who's only purpose was to push the mc's restaurant (HIS RESTAURANT NOT EVEN HIS RELATIONSHIP!!) to another level of fame and fortune and bring in more random background characters pisses me off immensely.

Once or twice was fine since they could be brought back up sometimes like the landlord or the ML, but when it became some random chick that stumbles across someone that has his food, or someone that rode the bus with someone who just finished eating there or a supernatural who's randomly walking by the shop like, it gets so f*cking exhausting.

i kept praying it got better, and praying it would stop with the random people, and finally focus a bit more on the romance but instead they tossed in 2 kids, which fine whatever love a childcare tag, but then the boys real family randomly pops up and the buisness randomly starts exp— it' a EXHAUSTING! Like just writing this is boring me.

I'm upset cause I usually don't mind some slow paced romance as long as it shows the subtleties in their feelings changing but we don't even get that.

The background write up of the MC kept changing at one point I was hoping that the author was going in the direction of making him a long lost divine and that's why he was randomly able to kick the one dude so far out of the shop but then that dissipated into nothingness so many interesting aspects that could have made that novel something more interesting was completely ignored.

sigh <<less
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Rollandx rated it
August 30, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a pretty good story. The ending is a bit too fast, but it fits. The story develops around the restaurant, and the development has been maximized. If the story is extended then the focus of the story will change, so it's fitting that the ending ends there. The romance between MC and ML developed very slowly, only towards the end did their relationship become official.
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Seclere rated it
August 25, 2023
Status: Completed
Ambitious, I’ll say that at least. The biggest con on this novel is that it’s too fast paced- the plot in this is suited for a much much longer chapter count than 77. There were a lot of avenues opened but not enough time to flourish it out, including the “romance”. However, I appreciated the concept, so I gave it a decent 4 stars.
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ryrdgx rated it
December 2, 2023
Status: c79
This story is about a restaurant that reaches two worlds. The world building was confusing but it doesn't really impact your reading. The first half of the story was interesting, 8/10, but I lost interest later on. Pushed myself to finish it, but I think I won't be interested in rereading. Also there are occasional pronouns mixups in the translation.
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stellar_soul rated it
September 5, 2023
Status: c79
To be honest, the premise and concept is interesting. I do enjoy reading it most of the time, but sometimes I got irritated by the writing.

Overall, a decent read. Not the worst but not the best. I think the author and this book have a lot of potential but the author's ability at the time of writing this may be immature and somewhat lacking.

The ending is pretty rushed (imo) and sometimes I felt dissonance within the story flow, some things are just too abrupt. Sometimes the author also doesn't clearly... more>> state the story that I wondered "uh, what???". Some things doesn't make sense to me or the explanation is just unsatisfactory (like what happened to the rabbit guy and the orphan Jiao), maybe it's just me being s*upid and not understanding what the author meant but I think some things are better stated clearly (not always tho).

What stands out the most in the writing is, I think, that the author has a problem with over-describing unimportant stuff but perfunctorily describing relevant stuff. There are many events in which irrelevant characters are overly described only to never be mentioned again or served a very very minuscule role in the story, while some others left me hanging even though the character is clearly have some presence in the story :")

In addition, the romance feel lacking. It's like the ML and MC are bound to like each other but their chemistry leave much to be desired. Their romance is slow most of the story and only rushed at the end. There's hardly any description of them falling in love and what makes them love the other. <<less
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Devrai rated it
August 31, 2023
Status: c79
Sigh... the description sounded better than the story actually is.

If you are looking for cute romance.... leave. This is not even a slow burn... it's a absolutely no burn. Their first kiss happens in chapter 78. Yes, the extra chapter and it was not in any kind romantic.

To be honest there are no growing feelings in this novel. It is more like the writer remembered they had to fit in a relationship at some point and just stuffed it in during the last chapter.

About the"cute slice of life fluff"... it... more>> was somewhat generic. MC adopted 2 kids but the reasons to do so.... yeah, strange.

The whole novel is rather 2d. You can't really feel any of the mentioned feelings.

The randomly thrown in side character that disappeared as fast and unexpectedly as they showed up, didn't help either. Well I think some of those 2d side blips have more depth to them than ML.

So, you want a good cooking novel? Not this one either... MC will stream himself exactly once and the (annoying) cooking explanations stop rather early. But yeah... his food is always the best and even a cabbage roll is a wondrous food surprising the whole world. All praise to the "Three Thousand Food House", which is the center of the story and for some reason gets hyped by all... for, well, everything.

The internet commentary is always a bit "plastic" and without any surprises.

The story itself did promise a lot more than it delivered. Would not read it a second time. Can't exactly recommend it, but I've also read worse. Can't find a really good point, can't find a really bad point... the story was just not entertaining enough for me and was kind of all over the place. Feels like the writer didn't know where they wanted to go.

About the translation.... it was OK. There were errors like changing between male/female pronouns, confusing the names sometimes but all in all it was rather smooth reading. <<less
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September 27, 2023
Status: c50
While I loved the concept, I agree with other commenters that it was only ok execution wise. It was sort of like a highlight reel? Not really well developed anywhere, but not bad for a slice of life cooking story.

It did have some cute scenes, but I ended up dropping it because the chapters- while short - became very repetitive. It’s always the MC vs internet haters with a super successful riposte from the MC.
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