My Family’s Idol’s Vest Fell Again


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After completing several transmigration missions perfectly, Shi Fei returned to his world with enough points and a bunch of skills he learned during the missions.

When he returned, his goal was to eat, drink, sleep and win every day, and when he was bored, he would draw, design, write a book, become a hacker or cure someone who had a terminal illness.

When the interest comes, he would go to a talent contest and get a ‘Best New Performer’ award or something in the entertainment industry.

It seemed like the vests [disguises/covers] were getting more and more careless, and he was very satisfied with this life.

Until one day, Shi Fei accidentally signed out his pen name when he was signing autographs for his fans.



Reporter: “Latest news, it turns out that the mysterious painter Mr. J, who once sold for a billion dollars, is the popular youngster Shi Fei.”

Media: “The headline, the design industry’s rising star Ai Wei designer is actually the popular youngster Shi Fei.”

Netizens: “Surprise, when a bastard stalked Shi Fei, he accidentally found out that he was actually Mr. Fei, the world’s best doctor.”

Fan: “Honey, how many more vests [covers] do you have, I think even if you tell me now that you are the richest man in the world, I won’t be too surprised.”

Shi Fei: “I’m not the world’s richest man, but the world’s richest man is my boyfriend.”

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Sugaminny rated it
September 16, 2020
Status: c64
I think it's pretty clear from the other reviews, that this story's MC is extremely OP, so if you can't stand that carry on ~. I normally don't mind those kinds of characters too much, I kind of enjoy classic face-slapping stories like this one, but this story doesn't do that stereotype any good. So here are some reasons why this novel sucks *yey*:

    • The transmigration background. Sure it's mentioned in the synopsis as the reason why MC is so OP, but is it mentioned or explained further in the story? NO, of course not.
    • The OP-ness. Can be good in some stories, but not in this one. There is no explanation WHY MC is good at those things or HOW he became that good, nor does the novel give me any reason to care about the talents he has. The setting can be simply explained as: MC has multiple identities, who are THE BEST IN THE WORLD (ridiculous, yes, but no exageration) at what they do, but no-one knows it yet.
    • The MC. As the synopsis suggests, the MC wants to have a 'normal'/chill life, but his actions contradict this goal of his immensly (for starters he joins a talent show?). He wants to keep his talents hidden, thinks of them as being 'no biggie'/nothing special, but acts extremely c*cky and proud as a peac*ck when getting praised. The novel has a weird way in writing from a third person perspective most of the time, which means we, the readers, only get to know what MC thinks sometimes. Personally, that made me feel like an outsider (or from the perspective of a netizen) to this whole story looking at what MC does, and rarely experiencing his thoughts at all. What I want to say is, that the whole perspective and switching perspectives thing, is poorly executed. Also, does the MC have a personality? Who knows...
    • The face-slapping. Isn't that the whole point in the story? Well I thought so at least, but it's so, so poorly done. There is no suspense or excitement whatsoever. The author tries to make these scenes extremely exciting and tells them from a third person (or netizen) perspective and fails miserably each and every time... All of the conflicts go like this: Netizens: Surely MC can't be good at that - what he is this incredibly famous person/he is fighting against this famous person - no, wayyyy - haha we'll see MC fail, how funny. He is doomed now muhahahaaa - Oh no it can't be! - MC is that increadibly famous most talented person after all! How surprising.. OTL There's no point to the face-slapping, because MC isn't doing the face-slapping himself, in fact, he isn't doing anything, really...
    • This has a comedy tag ?... What?
    • The relationship with ML. Why does ML like the MC? Yeah - I don't know either
As for plus-points,.. hmmm I guess there are some likeable side-characters,... that don't reaally get any attention other than being either pitiful, antagonists, or show the MC OP-ness.. well ~

Take all of this with a grain of salt, since i've not even read this novel half-way through. It could get really amazing after that, for all I know. But c64 is as far as I will read this story, that's for sure. And I don't think it's worth any more of my time.
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GregLikesBooks rated it
September 5, 2020
Status: Completed
OK... this is a MOSTLY cute wish fulfillment story with a lot of unbelievable talents which are never really explained in the story.

... more>>

They talk about him having died before..... but they do not go into how/where/when or give us any real info on how he obtained his strange abilities to be a genius in so many fields:

Makeup Artist

  • Fashion Designer
  • Author
  • Lyricist
  • Composer
  • Singer
  • Painter
  • Musician
  • Actor
  • Hacker
  • Doctor
  • Go player (which gets translated as 'Chess' on MTL)
  • Insert whatever other things that I forgot here....

My issue with it is that some of those require actual aptitude to really reach the highest heights. Sure you can practice and educate yourself.... but you would only really become a 'technician' rather than a true artist... (I'm talking about the Painter, Lyricist, Composer, Author, Fashion Designer)

All we really know about it is that he 'woke up' 5 years previous (at age 13) to the start of the story after having died (again we know nothing of the circumstances of his death).

And there is only 1 flashback that I recall to the time period after he came back and that was a short few paragraphs on how he met ONE of the people he knows later. Other than that there is a little bit of info given in the first 20 or so chapters about how things originally went in the very first arc (The start/middle of the talent show).


However, the author should probably have stuck to his setting just being inside China, since I don't think he really has a good grasp on the world outside of it.

Also, be warned the further that you go in this novel... the more nationalism there is.

I strongly recommend that you just skip the last 27 chapters or so (basically everything after chapter 177) since it gets ridiculous with the entire 'Doctor' arc and a lack of understanding of the western world. But up until chapter 177 it's an OK face slapping comedy. This strongly reminds me of a 1984 movie called "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension" a comedy/sci-fi spoof and involves an older MC who is a "polymath Dr. Buckaroo Banzai, a physicist, neurosurgeon, test pilot, and rock star" who naturally saves the world.

But it also somewhat reminds me of all the other Chinese face slapping novels.

All in all... it's amusing but not at the level of something like 'Rebirth of a Supermodel'.

But like I said previously.... just stop at chapter 177 and assume it's a happily ever after ending from there. (Or trudge through the remaining chapters if you must... but don't say you weren't warned!)

I really want to give it 3.5 stars... but they don't do half stars here... <<less
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August 21, 2020
Status: c48
phew this story is sure heaping troubles to the MC, bad guys/cannon fodders appearing on every single chapter - though since MC is the chill/cool type, each incidents didn't get dragged into long dogblood drama - so overall this story is pretty relaxing to read

recommended for people who don't mind obviously gary sue MC and want to just relax and enjoy the cool-y done face-slapping
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mangafan000 rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: Completed
a good novel

MC (shou) came back to life after completing his transmigration missions.
it is not really explained but I imagine it must have lived several hundred years.
he has a lot of talent which are his past experiences.

in the rapid transmigrations according to the novels and the authors, the MCs finish their tasks and leave...
but others live a lifetime and then leave...
it is without any what happened to MC because his talents are the proof of a lot of experience...

MC is op? no worries, ML (gong) is op too !!!
it's funny because several times we see MC disconcerted, because ML is op without having transmigrated.

it was fun to read.

thanks to the author
thanks to the translator
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rhianirory rated it
March 29, 2021
Status: Completed
a very light read without a lot of actual depth or much of a plot to get in the way of the face slapping/ vest dropping. Other stuff happens, but the focus is mainly on face slapping and online reactions to situations.

my notes from when I read it MTL last year.

... more>>

I don't get why the MC runs to the entertainment field when he's already made billions with his other vests. He entered the show to help his friend and find out who framed him in his first life but he stayed for? Especially puzzling since he said he wants to live a laid back, low key life. Besides, he's already famous for guitar, song writing, writing novels, scriptwriter, design, medicine, programmer, production, business, painting, playing go, etc. And he's already a multi-billionaire. He could easily become a star by revealing any one of those identities and not have to go through all that blacking and face slapping repetition.

C57, there is still no point to this story other than face slapping. There's no back story either, everything just is.

Even 100 ch in don't know if he has family or is an orphan or what. I know he lives alone and is in his 2nd or 3rd year of HS. That's it.

Finally c104 he remembers some history, being reborn to age 13 just when his orphanage was on the brink of being demolished and starting his online novel career. That's it. Later we find out he hates rainy days because bad things happen on rainy days but he never bothers to tell us why he comes to that conclusion or what happened to make him feel that way.

face slapping is everywhere, it's very repetitive.

ML outs the MC to the public without bothering to consult his partner first but MC forgives him when he finds out ML has been practically stalking him since he went abroad three years ago. Well, if they stalk you, it must be love (yes, that's sarcasm).

I did laugh very hard towards the end when the author wrote "everyone in M country started hoarding tissue, leaving the Chinese baffled." (me too, sister, me too. To this day it's still baffling).

No explanation within the text about how or why he is so proficient at everything, the reference to world hopping is only mentioned in the summery. Kind of a big plot point to overlook in this book about a returnee from the qt system. The MC himself never mentions world hopping, just his rebirth, so within the context of the story there is no reason given for him to be an all knowing genius at everything. If I hadn't read the summery I'd be confused as hell.

overall a very superficial story with no point to it and no attachment to an MC we still know next to nothing about (except 1. He was reborn at age 13, 2. Is an orphan, and 3. Is a genius at literally everything).


read this for the face slapping/ vest dropping cycle, but you'll enjoy it more if you can turn off your brain ahead of time. For now it's a 3, but MTL isn't all that reliable sometimes and I plan on rereading if/when they finish the whole thing. I'll re-rate at that time. <<less
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frandzy rated it
August 18, 2020
Status: Completed
A very Mary Su type of novel. Fun to read if you can ignore its overly patriotic tendency in almost every arc of the story, "Huaxia is the best in every aspect".
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Rain in the sunny morning
Rain in the sunny morning rated it
July 20, 2022
Status: Completed
I read this entire thing despite the, honestly, pretty bad rating because I wanted to see if it was really worth the bad rating.

Well for starters, those who don't like this type of novel, you're getting exactly what you asked for. I mean have you read the description? Of course the MC is powerful, all knowing and someone who's appearance are basically off the charts. I would say he's the perfect man but that titles reserved for the Ml. The last line in the description describes him as the... more>> 'Richest man in the world.' Andddd apparently he is. BUT, we don't see much of that. Yes sure, he's invested 500million in the Tv show MC was in, spent 400 million on his digital album in order for MC to look 'cool' and hired 1, 000 Chinese doctors/apprentices for a, assumed, way above average prize but he doesn't really stand out much. ALSO, describing ML abandoning his works to play around/ woo MC in some Variety show as a 'fairy-tale romance' really made me think that people must not have great movies, TV series, Books etc in their world.

Okay, that was a little about the ML so now we're moving onto the MC. Well again MC is OP. He knows a lot. He's a doctor, Gold Medal lyric writer, Famous Web novel writer, World renowned Painter, chess master, popular entertainment stars.... I'm sure there's more. Definitely one of the most OP MC's out their. The writing at the start was actually pretty entertaining to read and I almost breezed through the first 50 or so chapters and then it kind of went downhill from there. The MC is a quick transmigrator from what I can remember and is at the end of his world hopping so he has all these skills. That's it, no real personality from what I've read.

Now this novel was pretty long so I'll just point out some things that straight up pissed me off. At the end of the novel a disease broke out in country m whom my mind just immediately assumed was America. So a disease broke out and everyone at the hospital was in a frenzy and MC saves the day with traditional Chinese medical stuff. I straight up don't believe that no doctor in America know Chinese medicine and practices at the hospital. What 5000 doctors and none of you know at least a bit of Chinese medicine???? Again I myself is Chinese but spent most of my life in Britain and I'd like to say, no, we're not all racist. Yes Chinese medicine had a long history but it's not all powerful if it was no one would be dying of cancer. The authors trying to show that us Chinese are still no less that the western people, okay I get it but you didn't need to make it that everyone in the world doesn't trust Chinese people. Bro I don't search the internet much other then web novels, music and fanfiction but seriously do the entire world not like Chinese people???

Anyways. solid 3. Wasn't the worst but wasn't the best at all the ending was so rushed like in a couple of paragraphs. Also I was looking for the ending where the ML's identity would be revealed but I don't know if it's just the mtl but I skimmed 5 chapters of MC's apprentice's love story. I don't deserve reading this and not get a proper ending.

Take my review with a grain of salt. :) <<less
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kurosaku rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: --
I was interested in plot and continue to read in MLT til finish. But this novel will be better if writer explain or clear the MC background in the beginning. I was so confused in the first chapter when MC suddenly in idol show. Writer give no explaination of how come MC is back to his original word. Reader will only knows that he come back to his original world and have so many talents and skills. It is good that MC has so many skills but in this story,... more>> it is too much that he did not have time to stay focus and create many works. MC is like the jack of all trade, he is the best in everything, so he has masterpiece in every fields such as painting, song writer, singer, playing music, write novels, designer, hacker and etc. With so many skill even writer can not manage MC job so write just create one or two scenario for MC to show one of his ability then move on, some of his skill only show one time and fade away until writer remember it, i.e chess. It will be better if writer let MC spent more time on MC's each ability, for example just give more event on each skills and relationship between each characters is quite unreal, there is not much interaction and it seems there will be when writer remember it. During star idol competition, he and other three competitor withdraw and they follow him to sign in the same agency, after MC go to film his first variety, writer seems to forget all of these characters. Then two masters from painting and chess clubs, after appears to make MC reveal his ability, then writer only let them appear in one or two sentences. It make I feels that their relationship with MC are unreal and a bit weird. When MC has too many talents, it has to allocate the scene in novel. I think it is best to have only few ability. It will be easier to develop the plot and script. <<less
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Moim rated it
January 30, 2021
Status: c23
really bad in my opinion and it's the typical OP MC that has friends and fans that will die and do anything for him and this kind of novel always get on my nerves because

  1. he doesn't have any flaws and he's so OP and I know that some novels have OP MCs and some of them are great but this one just changed the OPness of the MC into a mary sue character like some MCs are OP but they still have weaknesess but the MC just too OP and there's no character development and it's annoying
  2. The world is literally revolving around him because there's only two kinds of people which is his friends and his enemies
if you want a MC that is the most perfect guy in the... more>> world that also has the most perfect guy for a boyfriend and has no character development and has the world revolving around him then this is for you <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
starkaster rated it
November 10, 2022
Status: --
The MC's personality is difficult to sympathize with, and I mean, in a power fantasy that's really all you stay for, right? The MC. I also find the plot lazy and unfulfilling.

I gave this one an extra star because the translator did an excellent job.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 22, 2021
Status: --
If you want to read this story then there's something to keep in mind. Is that this whole story is literally the author's self indulging Novel. Meaning it's every single thing a reader likes put into one. If you just want to read an all powerful MC with almost no "flaws" then you can read this. But quality read? Avoid this at all cost cus it's like a cake too sweet, yikes.

A good example would be how the author just dumps every single skill set in the world into the... more>> MC, that literally makes him some God! And MC just goes on to brush it off as "I only know a little" When he is obviously really good at it. There's also the ML he's the pampering, loyal, rich CEO, and an OP guy. ML isn't as OP as MC but his skill to learn and memorize things instantly makes him quite OP.

There's also some stuff that makes you question the logic of the story. Example "How the hell can someone let a kid go off on his own!?" I forgot what the MC age is, but he's honestly too young to be going around places by himself. Where's his parents at? Or is he an orphan? And regarding the MC status as a former quick transmigration victim (?) It's barely mentioned. You gotta squint. <<less
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Likalily rated it
September 5, 2020
Status: Completed
It's finished, it's pretty good even though the plot is typical of Gary Stu and slap the face but I'm quite satisfied. Although I wanted something more specific and deep. And there is a lot that has not been explained at this level. Actually, in some ways I don't like MC even though he can be humble at times but yeah. I also wanted to see the interaction between MC and ML parents but unfortunately it was overlooked. I also want to continue their story because we know the MCs... more>> were young during their relationship. <<less
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JayeWhy rated it
April 8, 2023
Status: c85
Truthfully it's quite a lazy novel because it basically just follows an OP MC being ultra talented and face-slapping people. However, I went into this wanting a shuangwen novel to read and this gave me exactly that. Translation is pretty good except for a few typos here and there, and I don't like the way the translator censors words by putting a hyphen in them—not sure if it's standard policy or smth it's just annoying to see a word like 'kill' written as k-ill.

I absolutely abhor the romance—I can kind... more>> of overlook how Gary stu the MC is because at least he has some sort of personality, even if it's nothing unique. But the ML pisses me off so much—there's no explanation to how he 'fell in love at first sight' other than some vague memory of receiving a painting by MC in the past. Dude has no personality either—the author decided to give him the 'I am a smart rock' persona, meaning he's just cold, looks good, a genius with perfect memory, and of course the richest man in the world schmuck. There's no point in that sort of romance since the ML might be a genius but he's essentially an infant when it comes to social skills. If he wasn’t all-perfect I would have suspected him of being autistic. (No offense to people on the spectrum, I'm just trying to push the point)

All that said, this novel is enjoyable as long as you turn off all logic and are not particularly concerned with originality, freshness, or a heart-pounding experience. It's a simple, cosy read that you shouldn't think too hard about, or you will definitely be disappointed. <<less
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HaiRyuuKi rated it
October 13, 2022
Status: c53
I was hesitating to read this novel first since I saw the reviews, but hey I am glad I did (try to read). Now it is 4am and can't stop reading since this novel is enjoyable to read. Yes, the MC is OP but hey there are worse novels out there which their MCs are way too OP. If you can't accept this novel, why read this in the first place since you already have read the summary about MC being OP?

Anyway, I still haven't read much about this novel... more>> and still haven't found out about where MC got his OP skills, but in the early chaps I read he returned to his world and is now prepared to avenge himself and his friend who died. So, it means that MC got his skills from another/other worlds before he returned to his world.

As for how ML (I have to say ML is cute. He is hardworking on getting to know MC) fell in love with MC, idk some of you missed it, but during ML's internal monologue when he was in his office, he mentioned that MC gave him a painting while they were on a bridge.

Note: when ML first appeared, it was him asking his assistant for MC's info, so he and MC have met in the past and MC gave him a painting, and he fell in love with MC so ML took interest in Chinese painting. Then, ML looked for MC.

Ok, I will stop here for now and continue to read. <<less
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User.948761 rated it
May 12, 2022
Status: Completed
It’s a bit of lazy writing in that without the summary, I would be very confused as to how the MC has so many skills. But while some of the story is brainless and there is quite a chunk of nationalistic propaganda mixed in at certain points ... more>>

particularly the hospital section

, I knew what I was getting into based on the tags and summary. If you set your expectations straight, the fic is okay. Nothing amazing about the writing but sometimes I want to read this type of brainless writing. The romance is okay and there was some growth and story to it. There was plenty of dialogue in general. The side characters were funny. The extras were appreciated. <<less
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January 9, 2022
Status: Completed
There are some boring parts but more of exciting one. Generally it's still a good read. That's why it's 5 star to me. It's an exciting genre. There's no smut. Lol
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mndiees rated it
December 4, 2021
Status: --
Just from the synopsis, you know that the MC are OP. I personally enjoy reading this and story are okay for me.. but to be honest there's hole in the plot like the author don't bother explaining about MC transmigration background. The author only mentioned it vaguely. As for the romance... idk all I can say the MC really selfish I really feel bad for ML. Yes the ML let MC do whatever he want but still at least the MC should tell ML something about himself and never explain... more>> to ML if there's something happening. Like instead of explaining, MC just started to tease him and as a reader I sometimes feel frustrated when reading it. Last, yes I understand the author are really proud about their country, that's why they often mention how their country are etc. Honestly I always found it cute when author express their love for country, but if its too much I still find it cringe lmao.

I still hope there's people who pick this novel up to translate. Maybe I can understand the story more <<less
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July 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Lmao, I can't. Jiang Yu is too precious for words. I thought the one surnamed He would be my only cinnamon bun but KYAAAAA, Jiang Yu went all out with his support. He's the 100% or nothing. (ʃƪ^3^)His agent's all exasperated but I can't help but love this adorable guyyy.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 5, 2021
Status: --
To be honest, I didn't actually reach at the latest update of this novel, only reading at about half of it, but on what I've read so far, this novel is so alike like “Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered.” And if I would chose between this novel and that novel, I would chose the latter. That's all I have to say.
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nevelvir rated it
September 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Another light read, just come to read some fluff and cute stories without much too think about. Obviously Gary Stu type of read and a lot of face slapping.

Have a try when you are bored.
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