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In his previous life, Qiao Xuan had many lovers at once, and one day, he was finally caught red-handed. Once he died, he transmigrated into a bird in a cultivation world. He swore to start anew and focus on attaining a human form.

But as it turned out, after he worked arduously to cultivate a human form, when he was undergoing his tribulation, heavenly lightning struck him into ash. All that was left was a trace of his spirit. His master said that his fickle behavior in his previous life had tainted his spiritual root in this life, and the only way for him to achieve human form was to undergo seven lives of love tribulations. For the sake of becoming human, Qiao Xuan could only be reborn and undergo his tribulations.

In these seven lives, he was an emperor’s male pet, a devil lord’s furnace, a sword master’s cultivation partner, a demon king’s ugly s*ave…

But no matter how infatuated he was, no matter how much sincere affection he expended without regret, in the end, he never had a peaceful death.

Just when he finally finished his seventh life and returned to the cultivation world, successfully passing his tribulation and attaining a human form, he found that something wasn’t right…

In private, the calm, aloof emperor spent his tender affection on a puppet. That puppet looked exactly like him when he was a male pet in his first life…

The cold, savage devil lord had searched the three realms for a thousand years, exhausting both the heavens and the underworld, in order to find a method to gather the soul of his lover…

The sword cultivator who killed his wife in order to prove his dedication to the Dao was faced with the most beautiful woman in the cultivation world, who had come to confess her love. Yet he publicly announced that his late wife from the mortal world was the one and only love of his life…

The demon king with overwhelming strength had lived on an icy peak in the wasteland for hundreds of years. It was said that this was all for the sake of the ugly little s*ave he had lived with there in the past, and later abandoned…

All of his lovers from his love tribulations in his previous lives were here, and they all wanted to get back together with him!

Qiao Xuan: …I’m sorry to bother you, but you’ve got the wrong person.

Qiao Xuan couldn’t put up with his exes’ desperate pursuit any longer. He could only beg his unapproachable master for help. His master’s cultivation was boundless, his heart was clean of desire, and he was uninterested in the affairs of the world. No matter how you looked at him, he seemed like someone Qiao Xuan could depend on. Most importantly, his master had a detached temperament.

Qiao Xuan: “Master, can you help me?”

Master: “Yes.”

Afterwards, Qiao Xuan sat in his master’s embrace. What happened to being detached? It was all a lie.

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07/07/22 Banoffee Translations c1
4 Reviews

Jul 08, 2022
Status: Completed
Hello, this is the translator, banoffee. This is just a teaser, the second in my series where I share the novels I’m currently reading in Chinese with the public. Anyone is free to pick it up, you don’t have to ask. :) Here’s another wonderful entry in Ji Moyao’s series of scum gong novels. This novel has two advantages over others of this type:


One, the actual male lead is not a scum gong, and is actually very sweet and self-sacrificing. Like Don’t Pick Up Boyfriends From the tr*sh Bin, the scum gongs are simply there to be abused and to learn from their mistakes. The main character, Qiao Xuan, doesn’t get back together with any of them.


Two, the novel actually has a reasonable explanation for how the main character travels between different worlds. Each of his lives are contained within the three realms of one world, without any story device like a system or favorability points. The backstory of each life only takes up one or two chapters, and most of the book is dedicated to exploring the main story and how the different exes interact. There is a deeper backstory behind Qiao Xuan’s life, as well as a main conflict, which lead up to the climax of the story. All in all, the author does a better job of weaving the various quick transmigration stories together than you usually see.

The main character is more of the comedic than the scheming type,

though he does develop his own OP-ness by the end.

The stories of his past lives are not told in linear order, and involve various flashbacks.

In his first life, which ended a thousand years ago, Qiao Xuan was the emperor’s friend, Rong Xuan.

The emperor was a figurehead without power, while Rong Xuan was the sickly grandson of a court minister. Rong Xuan’s family secretly supported the emperor, Xiao Lu. The empress dowager and her brother, General Zhenguo, discovered the Rong family’s support, so they exterminated the entire family under false charges. Only Rong Xuan managed to survive. Xiao Lu wanted to send him away for his protection, but Rong Xuan wanted to see the destruction of his family’s killers, so he convinced Xiao Lu to let him enter the palace harem under a new identity. While he was in the palace, the two slowly fell in love.


In Qiao Xuan’s second life, which ended eight hundred years ago, he was Qing Xun, the furnace of a devil sect master, Bai Cang.

Qing Xun was born into a typically miserable life as a villager under the harsh rule of the devil cultivators. He was taken to serve in the devil sect, and since he had a rare pure yin physique, he was chosen to be the sect leader’s furnace. Enjoying fine clothes, good food and affectionate treatment for the first time in his life, he quickly grew attached to his master. However, Bai Cang brought him to another sect leader and traded him for a thousand-year-old blood vine.


In Qiao Xuan’s third life, which ended seven hundred years ago, he was Feng Xuan, the only heir of a major sect.

Despite the love and care he received from the sect, he had a bad aptitude for cultivation, and was only interested in eating and playing around. His father brought home a disciple with exceptional talent, Jiang Weiqing. Qiao Xuan and Jiang Weiqing fell in love and became cultivation partners. However, with his profound talent, Jiang Weiqing wanted to ascend, while Qiao Xuan was unable to. Faced with the threat of eternal separation, Jiang Weiqing killed his partner.


In Qiao Xuan’s fourth life, which ended five hundred years ago, he was born into a village in the Western Wasteland, which was ruled by demons. His parents abandoned him for his ugliness.

The villagers later sacrificed him to the demon king, but the demon king, Xue Ming, was surprised by his lack of fear for death, and spared his life. Qiao Xuan ingratiated himself with Xue Ming as a s*ave, and moved into his cave. After living peacefully together for a while, an immortal lady appeared at the cave, wanting to cross the border on her way to the underworld. Apparently having some relationship with the woman, Xue Ming insisted on accompanying her, and his s*ave refused to be left behind.


In Qiao Xuan’s fifth life, which ended four hundred years ago, he was named Qiao Jiayu. He was the young master of a cultivation clan, and grew up spoiled.

One day, he found a man lying wounded before his house, and took him in. As he cared for the stranger, Ye Siluo, they slowly fell in love. After Qiao Jiayu’s older brother was met with bandits while traveling and ended up comatose, Ye Siluo took more of a role within the family, becoming the right-hand man of Qiao Jiayu’s father. Meanwhile, the Qiao family faced further attacks; it seemed like there was someone working against them behind the scenes.


In Qiao Xuan’s sixth life, which ended two hundred years ago, he was born as Huo Ping on a remote island in the Northmount Sea. The governance of these islands was chaotic, as some were ruled by devil cultivators, some by righteous cultivators, some by mortals and some by demons.

Huo Ping’s island was conquered by a devil cultivator, and he and his sisters were taken as s*aves, then separated. Suffering in the lowest level of society, Huo Ping secretly became a demon cultivator, then overthrew his master. He eventually found his sisters, but they had already been turned into soulless servants. He changed his name to Huo Chou and began conquering islands himself. While on his warpath, Huo Chou came across an ethereally beautiful monk, and took him in as a pet. The monk was bent on saving him, but Huo Chou had already lost all hope in the goodness of humanity.


In Qiao Xuan’s last life, which ended only three years ago, he was Qin Mu, who was born into a merchant family, but had practiced martial arts all his life. At this time, the dynasty the emperor Xiao Lu founded had already lasted a thousand years, and was showing signs of decay.

Xiao Pei, the son of the current emperor’s favorite concubine, was suppressing the benevolent crown prince, Xiao Liang. Qin Mu was determined to fight for the crown prince’s cause and participate in saving the realm. Along the way, he met a rogue cultivator, Lu Chen. The two became friends, while Qin Mu developed a slight crush on him. However, Lu Chen warned Qin Mu that if he continued on his current path, he was sure to die.


All in all, I recommend this novel if you’d like to read a new kind of quick transmigration scum gong story. 😊
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Jul 30, 2022
Status: Completed
Ji Moyao is one of my favourite danmei authors. They have previously written novels that I adore, and this one is no exception. If you're into a trope where MC is courted by many MLs, try reading this.

The author has stated from the beginning that the main ML is MC's master, and unlike the other scum gongs whom each have their turns in - whether intentionally or unintentionally - hurting MC, he's the only candidate that deserves to be with MC. The most handsome and beautiful, too, according to MC,... more>> who at first restrained himself from developing a crush on ML to respect him as a master. I can't spoil much about ML, but dude sacrifices everything for MC. [chef's kiss]

Sadly, although it was an enjoyable read, I don't think I want to reread this again. It was indeed entertaining to read how MC's exes all live in the same universe as big bosses in their respective territories and wouldn't hesitate to start a world war for MC, but MC's moved on so he could only perform these hilarious tricks to escape everyone. MC becomes a damsel in distress and ML will come to save the day like his knight in shining armor. But - that was it. The author could've done more to develop a better falling action, especially since all the suspense throughout the story actually leads to a really good twist.

But seeing how abrupt the ending is... man, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. I remember staring at my laptop, thinking: "Wait - that's it?" I was so confused that I spaced out for a good minute or two.


Where are the others? What the hell happened to them? They just... disappeared.


The main CP also didn't get much screen time together. I mean - come on now. I wish the author would shove more dog food to my face. Not to mention...


There's only one (1) f*cking kiss scene in the whole story, and thankfully it's between MC and ML. Literally right before "The End." [Face palms]

And from what I remember, they do have another kissing scene somewhere in the middle (I forgot which chapter), but I believe it's only MC's illusion. [RIP]


Yup. Contrary to how ~romantic~ this novel makes it out to be from the summary (and my high expectations, at least), it isn't enough for me. I would've liked more kissing scenes, or extremely censored lovemaking... no, at this point, I'd be thrilled if there were extras about the CP doing nothing and just cuddling in bed prior to them getting together. I'd be happy with anything, really. I'm that desperate, haha.

Still, even if the ending is a huge let down, I'll rate this 5 stars since I had so much fun reading it. I admit it has wonderful dog blood romance that I find amusing, albeit a bit safe and G-rated. <<less
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Aug 14, 2023
Status: Completed
Finished this which is saying something cause I don't finish books that I can't stand even though I've read most of it already with only a few pages left in the hopes that it would have something more to offer (also happens quite a lot, which feels like a great waste of time but I guess I just can't stop myself from watching train wrecks until the very last moment)

I've finished it so it was a fun read but here are the things that stopped me from giving it... more>> 5 stars:

the "flashbacks", I wouldn't even call them that, more like the word dump that tells the whole ala telenovela plot of certain worlds in typical transmigration stories. This isn't the typical transmigration story however, as the various reincarnations happen in the same universe composed of three realms. It would have been tolerable HOWEVER you have to go through each retelling twice multiplied by the number (7) of his love calamities aka exes. The first would be from the MC's perspective, the 2nd from the certain ex which would have been fine, getting information from both sides, let's not be biased BUT the retellings barely have any difference from the MCs with only some thoughts from the ex added here and there. THOUGHTS that could be inferred already from their actions, regrets, words, and their apologies and then repeated throughout the story when encountered by the MC. THAT was super unnecessary. It could have been delivered in a different way that's much briefer. Beauty of brevity, please! I was finally so excited when the following exes, though I forgot what number as they weren't introduced chronologically, started to add scenes that the MC wouldn't be aware of in the long-ass, bland, and dry re-retellings.

>What happened to Ye Siluo? I can understand minor characters disappearing when they have served their purpose but what about Ye Siluo???? He's one of he dogblood exes, a potential ML, and he didn't even appear in the climax! Not even in a "he doesn't care about the MC anymore so he didn't appear or he wasn't in the loop so he couldn't show up". More like the author forgot about him as there were 7 of them and they were all jumbled so the author wasn't able to keep track. For a time, I operated under the assumption that maybe he just died from the fire of chaos when they time-travelled and the MC didn't care enough to know what happened to him so he wasn't even mentioned BUT when one of the villains was speaking from her POV the author offhandedly adds in one of the long-ass word dumps that Ye Siluo did come back somewhere but was never mentioned again.

>ALSO, MC kept on getting kidnapped and rescued which would have been fine as it's the whole premise of the story: the MC dodging the numerous rotten peach blossoms. HOWEVER, he even gets kidnapped twice or thrice by the same ex. Also happens with other exes too! Which would also have been fine if the delivery wasn't repetitive and fell flat.
>Ending was a bit abrupt and showing us more of the interactions between the main CP would have been better. I feel like most of the interactions that could lead them to fall in love happened offscreen as the author couldn't justifiably use a "flashback word dump" for that one.

>>It's now becoming clear that my main gripe is the REPETITIVENESS that occurs throughout the story when I'm here for the VARIETY

of MLs *wink*

. But it was varied enough that I stuck through it I guess but that was a bit sparse too. I don't know how this manages to be varied and repetitive at the same time which sucks ass.

The things that made me continue reading though was the MC, the sometimes surprising storylines made by the author just when I was about to drop it, the pretty nifty overaching plot (one of those time loops where you can't exactly determine the cause and effect).

Try reading it if you enjoy multiple MLs vying for the MC which I admit is one of my guilty pleasures. However, if you're not into that, you might find it too tiring to slog through this story. <<less
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Jul 10, 2022
Status: c1
MC went through 7 incarnations and fell in love with 7 different people. His CP is with the shifu, not any off those 7 (not a spoiler because the author said it very early on). A few of his exes are scums but most of them are decent people. Story is fine to read but I had to drop it half-way because a story where everybody is unhappy except the 2 main characters reads like a BE to me.
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