Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate S*ave Dragged into the Saint Summoning


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Kondou Seiichirou, 29, was tired.

Living the life of a corporate s*ave, he didn’t know day from night.

Unable to break the status quo, his days of nothing but work continued till one day his life completely changed when he got dragged into a saint summoning and came to another world…Not!

Seiichirou, who had the spirit of a corporate s*ave ingrained in him, decided to work even in the other world, at the Royal Accounting Section.

However, this section only existed to seal approval on the unreasonable expenses of high-ranking people, and was also known as the “Rubber Stamp Department”.

The budget requests of “Third Knight Order”, where the ones with strong magical power gathered, were particularly outrageous!

Seiichirou, who had been an assistant to the section manager in the accounting section of an IT company, would never let that happen, and embarked on a mission to revamp the finances of the royal palace.

Associated Names
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Corporate S*ave
Isekai no Sata wa Shachiku Shidai
Isekai no Sata wa Shachiku Shidai: Seijo Shokan Kaizen keikaku
The Affairs of the Other World Depend on Money too: The Corporate S*ave Dragged into the Saint Summoning
The Affairs of the Other World Depend on the Corporate S*ave
The Affairs of the Other World Depend on the Corporate S*ave: Saint Summon Improvement Plan
異世界の沙汰は社畜次第 聖女召喚改善計画
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yiyuan rated it
December 16, 2020
Status: c10
So far, this is a gem of a story - that the MC is an adult (rather than a teen) who crosses over into a magical world, and actually acts like someone who's 30yo is just so refreshing. I love Seiichirou's personality, and his obsession with accuracy in his job.

The male lead seems like a good guy and

actually makes sure to get Seiichirou's consent before s*x - which, again, not exactly the norm for this genre, but very welcome.

I hope he continues to look out for Seiichirou.
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psychemenace rated it
November 28, 2020
Status: Completed
I mtled this but I’m still gonna follow the translations. There are a lot to like in this novel. Ales is super duper cute like omg... this is prolly the first time I found a seme cute? Lol And prolly the first time I was rooting for the seme to end up with the MC whole heartedly. ... more>>

It has been very tough for Ales okay because he’s younger and is actually the complete opposite of the MC.


The MC works too much but he is a likable guy despite that. The side characters are also fun. Norbert is best boy in this story hahhaha Yua’s character development was also good especially in the second volume where we got to see more of it.

There are alot of lovey dovey moments in this volume and I actually really like how the leads developed feelings for each other. It was really super cute. I don’t really read japanese BL novels that much but I’ll prolly check more out from now on. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
glassblower45 rated it
May 2, 2021
Status: c31
This is a well written story. For an isekai, a BL, and an office worker, this story is just so well written. [I also highly recommend checking out the manga adaptation. The work using manga's strengths is excellent as well.]

The premise itself and the rules the author has set up for the world is smart and well utilized. Even the BL factor is quite tastefully used in it's specific premise, execution, and boundaries within its world and story. Not a single detail given/revealed is wasted. Every detail so far has... more>> grounded the story and painted its characters with distinctness and purposeful existence in the plot. Even intimate scenes are utilized to develop the characters rather than what one usually finds in genres veins characterized by more abundant sexually explicit details, content and events.

The "corporate s*ave" character and element of the protagonist is given proper portrayal of its harshness and driven-to-death lifestyle and mentality. His situation becomes better revealed over the first 10 chapters. The position he finds himself in makes way for dynamic and invested moments between himself and the knight captain whom he becomes entwined with.

The "saint" character is an unliked character in a good way. Her existence and her development are actually the center of the story's conflict. From the saint summoning, to the protagonist's position and condition, to her immaturity as a person both from her age and her situation, the saint's attitude and actions are much more troublesome and "volatile" than she even has an inkling of.

This is a great story to try for both isekai and BL readers who may not read much of the other genres. I applaud this story (whose translated chapters are approaching the conclusion) for its tasteful, thought out use of its content: isekai, BL, saint summoning, and corporate s*ave office worker. <<less
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Coolmahn22 rated it
January 28, 2021
Status: --
EDIT: I just realized this has a second novel! I really don't know how I missed that. Therefore my previous complaint no longer stands and I'm excited for the rest of the story!

Disclaimer: Japanese is my second language so there are probably nuances I missed in this which may affect what I'm about to say

Overall this was great. The seme Alesh is super caring (although controlling at times) and the uke Seiichirou is a somewhat expressionless workaholic. The plot was overall entertaining as I love fantasy isekai. There are complaints... more>> about the main female character but like the other reviewers say she does get much better. Honestly, it's hard to blame her for what happens

If I had one complaint, it would be that I can't really say that Alesh and Seiichirou are a couple? I mean, it's obvious Alesh loves Seiichirou, but Seiichirou seems to justify their relationship with efficiency regarding his work. I had hoped that by the end Seiichirou would be a bit more interested in Alesh but we didn't see that happen. Again, maybe I missed this due to the language barrier, but I was definitely disappointed on that front.

In any case, the author clearly put a lot of work into the novel and there were no plot holes or anything like that. There were also a lot of small details that contributed to the worldbuilding (such as tea being made with magic)

Will definitely be checking out more from this author! <<less
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Sugar77 rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: Completed
This is soo cute???????? At first there's a LOT of uncertainties of their relationship but it was easily passable.

The MC is really mature and smart, despite his aura he's a likable man.

The ML IS SOOO CUUTEEE I mean... he fell in love first and unexpectedly very caring so like.. I'm sold?

Also, lots of people doesn't like the saint which is understandable since she's pretty annoying but her character development is good.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Chipmunkch33k5 rated it
June 20, 2021
Status: v1 extra part1
(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) It's interesting reading about this popular genre with not only with BL elements but also from the perspective of the "extra" being an older, workaholic uke. I liked that the characters that haven't been given a lot of screentime aren't completely one dimensional and the world building isn't bad.

Looking forward to the next volume! (≧▽≦)
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
May 20, 2021
Status: --
Absolutely worth it. I love their interactions and the ML is good too, he was kind and considerate and seriously he is a must have partner xD
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
taintedsaint rated it
June 12, 2021
Status: Completed
The first volume might seem like a cliffhanger and no proper closure when it comes to their relationship but don't worry! The second volume would properly tie all the loose ends in their relationship. But this is really a nice novel. Rarely do I come across a JPLN BL with a good narration and good translation so kudos to the translator and author.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Erudite.Cielo rated it
March 17, 2021
Status: Completed
It's really different from the usual story I read but I really enjoyed it. (^v^) I think there should be a tag for smut..
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yojiyi rated it
March 17, 2021
Status: Completed
It's short and enjoyable! I came from its manga (there's only 6 chapters out) because I couldn't wait for new chapters. MC is a refreshing take on isekai mcs. It's really nice to see an older MC ahhh!!
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Xiu_er rated it
March 7, 2021
Status: Completed
It feels like it has been a while since I have read a Japanese isekai bl novel. Hm... It was short and sweet. As usual for Japanese light novels, the chapters were short and didn't go into details much. There was no emotional drama as the MC seems to be someone who goes with the flow and adapts easily. The eight years younger ML is pretty headstrong and a my way or no way kinda person which is needed with such a workaholic, passive love interest like MC. In fact,... more>> we don't know whether the MC even really likes the ML up til the very end or whether he is just going with the flow. It's not the first time I have seen this happen in a Japanese novel. It's like the author forgot to write about the MC's emotional development because "actions speak more than words, right?". But with such a passive MC, the relationship feels a little one-sided. Well, at least the ML seems earnest and actively changes himself for the MC.

People who are in search of a quick and easy read for in between might want to check this novel out. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
valkyrietomb rated it
March 5, 2021
Status: c23
I love everything about this. I love that it's not just a fantasy love story but also a very good criticism of the toxic work culture of Japan. Also lightly touches upon the ephebophilia problem there. Wakatsu woke.

The translation is of high quality so you can start reading this without fear of getting a headache just trying to understand what's being said. Updates every week too!! Great job guys, thank you :3
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
duskywinter2629 rated it
October 1, 2020
Status: Completed
I pretty much just skimmed the webnovel. It was good.

I can't spoil anything but

poor yua being force to become a saint. She's just a 16 years old kid. Still unknown on the world actually works.


stop working so much, seiichiro
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 9, 2021
Status: --
I like the world settings but im frustrated by MC’s actions and decisions. I guess im not mature enough to appreciate them, so I wont rate this, but this comment is a warning to younger readers.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yoonseo rated it
October 2, 2020
Status: --
i am actually really looking forward to this novel. The main character seems really down to earth but a little unaware of himself. he is empathetic and hard working... I like him already. can't wait to see where this goes. so for now I will give it a cautious 4 stars and will change it as I read.
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