Milimos Saga – The Reincarnation Chronicle of the Youngest Prince.


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A university student living in Japan has a train accident while returning home and is reincarnated in a different world. The place he is reborn is as a prince of a small country located in the mountainous regions, and to make matters worse, he is the youngest of seven siblings!

Furthermore, in this world, two powerful countries boasting the highest level of technology in each of their respective paths, fight for the hegemony of the continent, while small countries engage in a state of constant warfare, each trying to seize the other’s territory without attracting the attention of the two major powers.

Will the protagonist, the youngest prince named “Milimos Nonette”, be able to survive and achieve success?

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Date Group Release
02/21/24 NCS c76
02/14/24 NCS c75
02/07/24 NCS c74
01/31/24 NCS c73 part2
01/24/24 NCS c73 part1
01/17/24 NCS c72
01/10/24 NCS c71
01/03/24 NCS c70
12/27/23 NCS c69 part2
12/17/23 NCS c69 part1
12/10/23 NCS c68
12/03/23 NCS c67 part2
11/27/23 NCS c67 part1
11/21/23 NCS c66
11/12/23 NCS c65
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Foeman111 rated it
June 2, 2023
Status: c8
pretty good. There are a few translation errors here and there ('princess' used when 'prince' is correct for example), but beyond that its got everything. Story seems pretty good too. Not wagyu beef but a lot better than what you buy in the discount section. Honestly between the translation, writing, plot, and other points the story isn't lacking in anything, nor does it stand out exceptionally well.

Given all these facts I'm giving it 5 stars for now. Of course this may change but based on what is seen so far... more>> that doesn't seem to be the case. <<less
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jomuir rated it
August 10, 2023
Status: c36
The story is really well written. Every chapter leaves me wanting more. The story trope has been done before ("average" MC develops their territory/land/family and becomes OP) but the author puts enough twists in it to keep it interesting and not cliche, I'd almost put it in a whole separate category.

So far the story is developing at a reasonable pace and the world is growing as our protagonist grows, each new development adds new challenges for the MC to face and resolve in the best way he can... more>> with the resources he has. <<less
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