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Sheng Xia is a relatively unknown live streamer. Her streams lack specific content; she simply goes live at a fixed time every day using the computer’s built-in camera to live stream herself diligently studying.

However, she suddenly disappears for more than a month, and the barrage of comments from viewers who used to study along with her every day at the scheduled times increased.

“Nothing serious, just went to the hospital for a minor surgery.” The computer’s built-in camera doesn’t have a beautification function, and the clarity is also average, showing that Sheng Xia looks somewhat thinner.

“The doctor?” After reading an online lesson, Sheng Xia put down her pen, “Quite handsome.”

Indeed, he was really handsome, looking like he walked out of a movie in his white coat.

“How is that possible?” The barrages increased, and Sheng Xia laughed, “It’s impossible for doctors and patients to be together.”

“Once you’re discharged from the hospital, you’re not a patient anymore…” Sheng Xia squinted her eyes as she read the barrages, tilting her head.

“True.” Sheng Xia nodded, half-jokingly, “How about I try chase him?”

Several “hahahaha” barrages scrolled through.

Cheng Liang slurped his noodles in the hospital cafeteria and clicked on the report button in Sheng Xia’s livestream.

The report reason…

He squinted at the streamer’s introduction: Born in the ’90s, postgraduate entrance exam success, life motto: Always keep one’s words.

Cheng Liang swallowed the noodles and typed in the reason of the report: False advertising.

Not keeping her words.

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