Marrying The First Love After Divorce


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Lin Yunxiang want to divorce because her ex-husband cheated on her. Although her ex-husband didn’t want a divorce, she tricked him into a “fake divorce” for the sake of money and custody of their child. She agreed to remarry her ex-husband if he could cleanly cut ties with the third party. However, a few days later, her ex-husband ended up marrying the third party.

Lin Yunxiang: “…”

Filthy men will be with whoever they want. With money and a child, Lin Yunxiang decides to start a new life, but her parents are eyeing her money. In the process of outwitting her parents, she inadvertently embarks on the path of blind dates.

Oh! Isn’t that the rich guy who often appears in the newspapers?

Why does it look like her first love?

Ren Weidong is wealthy, with striking features and tall stature, attracting countless women from the capital to Hong Kong. Ren Weidong, amidst the throng of flowers, remains untouched, earning him the reputation of the most heartless among the wealthy.

However, nobody knows that Ren Weidong has someone in his heart, someone he courted years ago.

For some reason, Ren Weidong wishes for her to suffer abandonment.

One day, after her divorce, she appears at a blind date setting…

Ren Weidong: “Can anyone believe if I said I just casually curse someone?”

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New Shortk rated it
March 21, 2024
Status: Completed
3.5 rounded up bc of the kindness of the ML for children I've never seen before, especially for a book set in the past modern day.

I wouldn't say this is a bad book or a well written book. It's pacing is a bit wonky and it's definitely more slice of life. The structure of this novel is unlike I've ever read before. Up until the end half, where it feels a bit rushed near the end, One conversation can be an entire chapter and a half. No joke. It happened... more>> quite often in the beginning. It's wild. Lol. Alternatively it allows for more details when childcare or the relationships are involved. Overall a short novel with many unique details but definitely lacks polish in writing and structure.

The ML is an ideal human being, especially for the time period. But even beyond the time period too. Bc I have not seen a modern ML as invested and interactive in childcare of both his daughter and stepson equally, Not To mention the fact:


he treats his adopted daughter with absolutely no difference. There are TOO MANY MODERN CN NOVELS THAT POTRAY / TREAT THE ADOPTED (OR "FAKE") DAUGHTER AS AN INEVITABLE ENEMY OR DISPOSABLE HUMAN BEING. It makes me sick (ofc I still enjoy those novels for the entertainment but the concept that cn novels don't truly value humans or adoption doesn't escape me) and the fact the ML intentionally adopted her and said I'm good & we don't need to have anymore children even after he finally gets to be with his first love is amazing. He truly respects the concept of adoption and the human child he adopted as his own.


The MC is also unique in the way she acknowledged her son's right to love her biological father still during and after her divorce. In these ways the book has unique and admirable features in an otherwise lackadaisical childcare / low-key business slice of life with good face slapping of ppl who deserve it. The writing is decent but yes it could be much better. But alas it ended and this is what we got. Nothing amazing but nothing bad. <<less
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