Maou Gun Saikyou no Majutsushi wa Ningen datta


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“Maou Army’s strongest magician” I’m called. Like, a demon capable of capturing a fort alone. Clearing away enemies with immense magic, he is without a doubt a monster awed by friend and foe. However he has a secret he can’t tell other demons. “I, actually I’m human you know.” Using modern knowledge to keep his secret, he became treated as a great commander and the driving force of the Maou’s army.

Associated Names
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The demon lords army’s strongest magician was a human
The demon lord’s army’s strongest magician was a human
The Maou Army’s strongest magician was a human
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Gladddddd rated it
January 25, 2019
Status: c1
The story is promising however like most japanese author, they tend to make a MC that will never kill their fellow humans. Trying their best to make the MC a virtuous saint by not killing humans, encouraging them and "managing" them even though the MC is part of the demon's king army. During a war, the MC could still think of sparing humans when his subordinates or himself might die. Its too ridiculous always using the excuse because I am a former japanese person.
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Gonzhilaz rated it
September 23, 2017
Status: c6
The story looks promising. The chapter is short, infact it's too short. But still, it was easy to read. Felt like Overlord but lighter.

The MC is OP because of his legendary equipment, but the MC is still unable too measure how powerfull he is.

There's not much I can say because the chapter is short and fast paced. I will rewrite my review after I read more chapters.
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Yume. rated it
July 28, 2019
Status: --
This author is talented and has several novels i'd rate over four stars including Be raised by gods, become the strongest and Different world reform without sanctuary by realist demon king. (Both on syosetu under this authors name.)

This novel has an intriguing story built on coexistence, peace through war and retaining a human heart despite being embroiled in war and slaughter and has the MC utilise several old strategies from earth's history, the downsides I see in this novel however is that despite several love interests including the Maou,... more>> nothing actually happens even at the end; the love interests are:

1: Demon General whom has cared for him since he was a child. (Bishoujo immortal witch.)

2: A Lilim whom wants him to have her virginity. (A Succubus that absorbs life force from plants, if she finds out MC is human and thus can take her virginity he'd dry up and die.)

3: A s*ave girl he picks up and becomes his maid. (Absolutely devoted to MC and thus strongest love interest who'd probably kill herself if she was abandoned by him or should he die.)

4: Rich girl he saves and gets engaged to, albeit is practically annulled later in the story.

5: Demon General Lamia, she does research through her own species as to weather undead (she thinks MC is one) can have kids with Lamia and learns how to do makeup to seduce him. (Completely unbeknown to the mc)

6: The Demon Lord, they are both incredibly similar, could even call them soul mates in a sense as she is a reincarnation as (I might be wrong.) either Tokugawa or his daughter, she even refers to him several times using her old advisers name and both have the same goals and get incredibly close. (She does tend to act as if she doesn't have a gender although the MC is captivated by her 15 year old bishoujo appearance though.)

7&8: Twin elves, the elf queen and her sister who acts under the mc's command, the queen has it so bad she get's physically ill being apart from the MC and sends letters to her sister trying to get her to forcibly kiss the MC given the chance. (Seems to be a sign of marriage for elves.) <<less
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LazyLuong rated it
July 24, 2019
Status: v1c32
not a great novel, but not a bad novel either. The problem is that it is ruin by the author repeatedly saying "because he is human, he should do this" or "because he is Japanese, he should do that", making it as his execuse for his action. It really weakens the main character in general.

For example, the author keeps writing "because he is human, he doesn't like killing, or seeing his subordinate dies". This is poor writing and weaken his personality. The author could just write that he himself dislike... more>> killing, but since this is war, he would at least keep the casualty to a minimum by getting rid of the hostile enemies.

This happen throughout the novels. It's like he's a puppet and perform a scripted action base on his race and past life nationality. <<less
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OfficePony rated it
September 25, 2018
Status: --
Just can't believe how tr*sh this is. He had one thing, just one thing that his grandpa told him to make sure about. And in the very next sentence of course the author decides yeah, f*ck that, let's not do that one thing. Which of course the whole plot uses to hinge everything off of. Just no real setup, stuff is too rushed with no planning nor definitely thought process other than story advancement.
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Lanboy rated it
July 30, 2019
Status: v2c26
Well this story is caught in a weird place for itself that makes it difficult to hate nor like.

In this story the main character is a reincarnated Japanese human in a army of anti human demons, because of his grandfather. And wishes for coexistence.

This fact will become the thorn in the story's side, this story didn't need reincarnation but it has it anyway which gives the MC the most annoying pivoting plot devices: because I'm human or since I'm Japanese or I know of something from my past life to... more>> commit deus ex machina. I especially loathe the second one, as it implies the generalization that Japanese people are all Mary Sue (and no character should EVER be a Mary Sue, it weakens character, the plot, the interactions between this character as other characters have to become more egotistical or s*upid to cover up the MC's slack.)

Unlike the other story he wrote which literally made realism the center focus of the main character but really isn't. This story does a far better job establishing the "realism" in the story as the MC's expectations of many things turn out to be very different from them.

This is the story's strong point, which was built on the flaw I mentioned earlier, it can create a dynamic between human morals and demon morals with the MC who has friends on both sides (and in my opinion he should be forced to choose a side and commit to it, fighting former allies and friends. Not go for coexistence, which is only wanted by few of the characters while the rest of the ENTIRE world wants their enemy to die. It would make more sense for this way to happen as it would be more realistic compared to the MC's choice.)

But here I digress. The characters are for the most part static, including the MC, they rigidly collide together with the MC usually getting his way. However the story does build tension using the characters staticness as a cause when it is needed and that elevates the storytelling quality higher.

If the author rewrote the story where the MC wasn't a reincarnate and gave him morals leaning more to his demon side that is only halted and/or later overturned by the passive maid sati then this story would be a far better read. (One last complaint: the woman MC gets married to is the classic example of an annoyance to read; I could already see her lionizing the MC for everything he does wether actually deserving of praise or not. <<less
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Banesephy rated it
August 7, 2020
Status: c18
The story itself is pretty interesting, the MC is OK but nothing stands out from him or the rest of the characters.

It was a pretty enjoyable read until the translator was changed, after that, it became garbage. It became difficult to read, as if they cut up the words from the sentences and decided to play scrabble using those words. You have to have enough patience in deciphering the sentences.
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