Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei


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It is a product of neither legends nor fairy tales, but instead has become a technology of reality since a time unknown to people.

Supernatural power became a technology systematized through magic, while magic became a technical skill. A “Supernatural Power User” became a “Magic Technician”.

Magic Technicians (in short, Magicians) are nurtured through Magic High Schools and Universities.

This is a story about:

A defective elder brother and low achiever.

A perfect, flawless younger sister and high achiever.

After both siblings entered a Magic High School,

The stage of daily turbulence was unveiled —.

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The Irregular At Magic High School
마법과 고교의 열등생
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Scarlet Kirschblute
New Scarlet Kirs
Sep 18, 2023
Status: Completed
One of my fastest reads to date; I finished it in less than two weeks. It's surely one of the most addicting and fun LN I've ever read.

... more>>

Although the LN consists of 32 volumes, I believe the main climax of the story occurs around the 16th to the 18th volume. Even so, the plot doesn't really decline toward the end; it remains quite engaging and enjoyable to read. One of the main things that I disliked throughout the LN is the use of parasites as a plot device. It feels somewhat too foreign for the overall story, and it introduces too many possibilities that end up muddling the world structure and the rules that it has established for itself. Apart from that, there are a few inconsistencies and plot holes (dismissable), but nothing really major except for the last brawl between Tatsuya and Masaki, which didn't fit the characters at all.


Nonetheless, I love this LN, despite some clichés and, at times, unbearable romance. <<less
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May 31, 2016
Status: v16
Reviewed at v16, rated 5, although I probably will not be able to read it again as it's been licensed and there's next to zero chance it will be published in my country.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is one of rare Japanese light novels where the Author managed to create exceptionally strong characters and plot. Set in an alternate universe where magic-based technology rules the world, it offers surprising turn of events and unusual developments. Readers are brought along in a journey where we will experience the precarious positions in which... more>> the characters are in from time to time. There's also a good balance between romance, comedy, action, and sometimes poignant moments.

However, at some points, I feel that the plot was rather forced to showcase the MC's godly power and nonexistent emotion, to the point where we might question, "If the MC is going to out his strength in public anyway, why would he did so much to hid it in the first place?". In many juncture, he could have acted with more prudence and stayed as a low-profile hero, but he didn't. Still, I guess that things like these are what made Mahouka stands out, so... that's okay. <<less
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Feb 20, 2017
Status: v6
Who wins in a fight between Tatsuya and Kvothe?

The problem with Mahouka is, as nearly everyone who hates these light novels points out, the MC Tatsuya. Tatsuya's OPness -- irrespective of how well it is explained in the context of the story -- robs the novels of nearly all possibility of tension.

The only reason the other characters seem to exist is to bear witness to Tatsuya's magnificence. I'm not sure they qualify as even 2D characters. They might even be 1D. Fortunately they have names so you'll be able to... more>> tell them apart.

This series is the quintessential self-insert power fantasy series on the light novel market today. If you're into that kind of thing (no judgment!), then this is the series for you. <<less
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Jan 18, 2016
Status: --
The best Japanese light novel I've read lately

The MC is over powered, but has a good back story and overall seems real, the plot is good, the story keeps flowing without seeming forced, it's funny, it has romance and drama, a lot of action!
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Aug 10, 2017
Status: v9
The main character is an autistic loner mary sue that exists for the sake of self inserting. This novel has the worst characterization I have ever read, every character in this novel, including the main character has a personality as flat as cardboard. The world, supporting cast, and the stale harem all solely exist to worship our main character's power. In the nine volume I read, the first couple chapters would set up the conflict, then the weak supporting cast would frantically be running around trying to acheive something, then... more>> the MC would swoop in at the last couple chapters, render the supporting cast's actions pointless as he solves the problem using his mary sue powers.

Somehow this novel is rated very highly, however I believe that is because many of the readers enjoy self inserting themselves as the all powerful autistic loner mary sue with a harem of beauties <<less
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Dream Seeker
Jun 06, 2016
Status: v15
A complex series that was only brought to light by netizens and fantranslations. Although it's moved on to other places, I can say it's fine example of what deserves to be a five star series. Not only did they have personality, there personality grew and changed from other characters exceptions. Mixing up body language and contrasting behaviors, we learned not to trust the characters point of view. Not everything is what it seemed in this novel.

The background is one of the most exceptional things about this novel. It felt like... more>> as events unfold which changed for better or worst the backdrop. I would say this author actually genius is that he made a like society in his novel. <<less
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Oct 26, 2016
Status: v13
This novel deserves at least 3/5 solely for the world building. Sincerely. It puts significantly more effort into creating the world, creating laws for the physics (or rather, magic) and slowly explaining how these parts interact with each other. Then the main character comes along with his overpowered abilites to smash those common perceptions. Essentially creating at least 2 layers of world building, the mundane class and the advanced stuff only the MC can do. This leads to some fairly fun arcs (to date, the tournament arc remains one of... more>> my favorite arcs because of how well it showcases what a bit of tuning can do to the different character abilities.) Add these 2 layers of world building together and you'd get a solid 4/5 from me personally. As an aside, it's interesting watching the Author scramble to ascertain the MC's ability from the viewpoint of the characters which happens whenever the MC flat out surpasses the expectations (which are already high) from others in an attempt to downplay how ridiculously overpowered he is. It doesn't prove that he isn't overpowered but it's an interesting angle to persuade the reader that perhaps the Main Character isn't omnipotent (... although anyone reading the novel would STILL beg to differ.)

The characters in my opinion are both the highlight and the weakspot simultaneously. The overall actions of the characters can easily be seen as tropey and/or predictable from reading multiple japanese light novels or manga or anime. That said, the motivations and the characters which actually get developed tend to be strongly written over time, frankly the major problem is that the development of each character is so heavily lopsided in the favor of "is x person needed relatively soon" or "background character a" so heavily that if a character isn't going to be used, it's incredibly difficult to keep up with the large cast of characters who drop in and out of the novel on a regular basis. Additionally, the brocon/siscon thing is frankly overblown to the point of being more than a bit annoying at times.

I'd still give the overall novel 5/5 though because it honestly is a good read all around, just pointing out that if someone dislikes it, I can also completely understand why they would. For those trying to figure out if they'd like it or not, kindly read until the tournament and the short story volume that comes after. If that doesn't pique your interest, then drop it.

Revised as at 28/10/16 due to rereading parts of it. <<less
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Feb 29, 2016
Status: --
Review as of Vol 16. Spoilers ahead.

Mahouka is typical of a Japanese LN that has been made into an anime – very well written with an acceptable world setting, a cast of characters that aren’t unique but made of special individuals that are each given a distinct personality. All the side characters are developed well enough to have made it into the faithful anime adaptation and given speaking and visual roles.

The world setting is such where magic has become indistinguishable from technology, and those who can utilize magic are considered... more>> a class above those who can’t. In this world, a brother and sister siblings are divided by their status, testing their bond in school as well as facing distrust from their own clan members.

Mahouka is one of those series that can deeply divide the anime/LN community. The concept of an overpowered MC isn’t unique, however in Mahouka we are repeatedly told that the MC is a weakling who by all rights should be ridiculed and dismissed outright because of his lack of magical potential. And yet his “drawback” doesn’t hamper his actual utilization of magic. In a way, he may not have a lot of power but he can use what he has in ways nobody else can. Thus, it can be said that the one who is constantly labeled as useless is actually the setting’s most powerful and dangerous character.

Perhaps it is this deceiving plot device that causes some people to react negatively to the MC Shiba Tatsuya.

Not only he is a theoretical genius who tops the school’s written exam scores, he is also an inventor, an elite special forces soldier with plenty of experience killing people, a national secret due to his unique power, a cold and calculating person who has a lovable sister who is a genius in her own right and despite her cool and graceful demeanor; had to restrain herself from outright jumping his bones.


The Mary Sue-ism is quite strong. A common trope in many light novels and fanfiction is that MCs are “forgiven” for having ridiculous powers because of a traumatic past, that we’re supposed to feel sorry for Superman because his entire world was destroyed. Shiba Tatsuya is an example of this trope.

Each volume or incident serves to enhance his reputation.

The siblings are the center of a group of friends, all of which have unique abilities and/or backgrounds of which I call “Super Awesome Friends”: whereby the side characters are all ‘special’. The Chinese novel Skyfire Avenue has this aspect as well. The only character Mahouka is lacking is an actress/idol type friend in that circle.

We’re supposed to empathize with Tatsuya because of his traumatic existence that cost him of his emotions, yet a reader might find this hard to do because everything else that he does is perfect. His lack of emotions when it comes to anything except for his sister gives the novel the excuse to surround him with a potential harem, multiple persons who are somewhat interested in him and yet deterred by his sister’s obsessive love and oppressive aura. But by the later volumes, everyone has been convinced of his abilities.

What we have is a very polished, very nicely written novel with an interesting premise. Whether you like the MC is up to the reader. <<less
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Jan 25, 2021
Status: c20
Before you begin to read this review. Please note that some of the information inside contain spoilers.

If you got hooked from anime and continue the series on light novel like me. You may find this review helpful.

I was under the impression of anime season 1 (which is pretty good) follow by the movie (a little bit underwhelm) and recently season 2 (not as satisfied as season 1) so now, out of curousity, I follow the light novel to know what happen later.

Much to my disappointment. The novel is too descriptive.... more>> You'd find author describe clothes almost every places. I did not notice it at first, but when I try to skim reading. I was surprised how I still understand the plot even though I skip most of the non conversation parts.

The biggest factor why I rate this novel so low is because of Tatsuya. (I'll try not to spoiled as much as I can) While he looked smart and op in the anime, much changes when the story progress in the light novel. At the start of the story, it described him as someone who lost all emotions, and the only emotion he had was only for Miyuki, but contrary to what you believe. It started to go off track, when he just meddle others business all the time (even what he called friends) and always put Miyuki at home, regardless of how safe his house.

Second point is there were always people who point out "this could be the potential problem" and Tatsuya would just shook it off by saying "it's impossible", but times and times, it happened. Which is kinda annoying that he never learn.

Third point is similar to the post above, but it's something I called word count. I believe it should be related to Japanese's culture. For example, Tatsuya went to meet his supervisor. The supervisor said "Please take a seat" Tatsuya would reply "Thank you" then sit down on the high class chair while observing the room. Things that you didn't even need to put in there would often appear. I know this is about courtesy, but I believe 40% (or more) of the entire novel are consisted of these phrases.

Fourth, there is not much logic in this novel. An example might be author tried to create politics plot, by creating magician vs anti-magicians discrimination, but the funny thing is. The group that suppose to be on offensive (magicians) were rendered to victim that only got anxious while they have power, while the non-magicians group could do physical assault (by laws?). Which doesn't make sense. Another example would be, Tatsuya adored Miyuki, but even after it's announced that both Tatsuya and Miyuki were engaged. What he did when someone called him and ask if he like her friend (another girl). He went out and meet her, and of course, the answer he gave was yes. I don't understand how he put Miyuki his first priority, when he never consult or share something he was about to do. He was like half-baked human and robot. He got angry for his friend (which contradict with the point at the start of the novel) and he acted indifferent when Miyuki show him affection.

My last point to discourage you to pick this novel. Author just not really good at writing about romance, and since siblings romance is a taboo in Japan. Writing sibling romance would just got government put his work on hold, so author just messed things up. Not only that, author would describe the mess (what he thought a good plot) from time to time, and not only that. Author would put this mess into a plot (which is kinda s*upid). The romance part is not only about our Tatsuya and Miyuki. Other characters also have their moment, but most of the time. Author would just kill the scence, so if you pursue romance in this story. What you all got would just be disappointment. And don't correct me to say, the novel is only about action, so romance is not what author's focus when he did try it many times. (Minami and Minoru is a clear example) I even try to skim the last book to see if there were any romance worth to read, but got disapointed.

Thank you for reading my review. I just want to share with you my experience. Hope it'd helped some of you to not waste your time and effort, because of how good the anime was. <<less
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Mar 26, 2016
Status: v16
Mahouka is my favorite Japanese light novel, and the anime is one of the best adaptations of a LN that I have seen.


Tatsuya is considered bad by the normal standards used to judge people in the world but his unique abilities put him on a terrifying level.

He is a genius who solved flight magic which was considered one of the biggest problems for over 100 years, he is also working on solving another one of those issues.

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Aug 17, 2016
Status: v16
I'm currently rereading the series as an unneeded refresher now that volume seventeen is out.

That being said, this novel sticks out to me and remains my favorite because it's a merging of science and magic, and a beautiful one at that. It's not your "traditional" magic with elements... well, if you include ... more>>

ancient magic

then it does have that.

However, most magic is not categorized by what we deem "normal." Because of that, the author goes into extensive detail that is needed to understand the theory, but that only makes the novel even more worth it. Heck, it goes into so, inch detail that first arc had to be split into two volumes!

Now, in terms of character development, plot, and pacing, this novel would get a five out of five. Why? That's fairly simple.

Character development: All characters that you see serve a purpose, and once they lose their relevance, they tend to fade away, but not all of them. You also slowly learn more about each character as you go on, including the side characters and ones that are introduced later.

Plot: The story is pretty much told from a third person's point of view objectively observing the situation, as in scientifically observing an experiment. This fits the theme of the novel so much, and is not lost in the translations at all.

Pacing: The novel concludes various arcs, but it still leaves a questions remained unanswered that are generally answered in the next volume, along with adding even more. What does this have to do with pacing? Time visibly moves in the novel, and you can see objectives accomplished. However, events don't happen every single day, so Tatsuya and Miyuki are generally just average students with a normal lifestyle.

Conclusion: If you still haven't made a decision, watch the anime a bit, and if you decide you like it IMMEDIATELY switch to the novel. The reason being that while the anime is praiseworthy, you don't get that POV that makes the novel so good. You also end up missing the much needed explanations and the occasional humor. Not to mention it skips over a whole novel.... Then once you've finished the Yokohama Disturbance arc, go back and watch the anime to see everything from that viewpoint yourself. <<less
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Oct 24, 2015
Status: --
We follow the story of a boy who can only care for his sister and a girl who's obsessed with her brother.
The girl is considered a genius while the boy is considered a dunce..
The story is extremely detailed, and explanations are technical.
The truth of the matter is the brother is the sisters body guard and the story focus's on the brother. Go figure right?
Setting and plot are both strong and flow into each other in the different parts are amazing.
I do recommend this if you... more>> can find the translations in pdf or something else. <<less
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Aug 06, 2020
Status: v31
Interested people just search title+epub and download it. It is actually good read with well balanced fights & world politics. It also gives importance to all characters rather than just leave them like some tools. Aftr vol 22 some vol are mtl with edits. But it's not that illegible. Around vol 22 onwards there will be some politics involved in it. I am fine with it, but some ppl might dislike it. Btw do not gloss over 1st 7 vol just because u watched anime. LN has more detail added... more>> to it. If u r into such details like me do read from vol 1. And another note MC is not some dense wimp & its not harem. Every character has their own love interest. <<less
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Jun 07, 2018
Status: v18
This was one of my earliest reads, and while I dislike the school setting I found this one enjoyable.

Compared to many other novels it takes on the question of racism in this case between people able to use magic and people not able to use magic.

The anti-magician movement is a pivotal part of the story and is often a major part of the plot during some of the LN's.

The MC is pretty one dimensional explained in the way that the MC was stripped of all emotions except for the love... more>> for his sister.

Some spoilers about this.


The MC was born with two very specific abilities closer to unique abilities compared to magic, this was unacceptable for the clan he was born in as it is seen as "the" strongest clan in magic. Therefore they performed a surgery to increase his magical abilities. Magic is explained as being a part of a persons brain and as the abilities was taking up almost all of the space they enlarged it to give him average magic abilties at the cost of stripping him of all his emotions.

Except for the love to his sister so to keep a bind on him that could keep him loyal to the clan.

This is one of my most hated parts since his sister uses this (she is in love with him and a total brocon) to her maximum advantage. This becomes a chain to the MC and during the whole story the MC wants to break free of the clan. But because of his sister, the clan uses her by making her the next head and forcing him to marry her. The sister is all too happy with this (my feel and opinion) since it means he will become her husband. Thus making the MC unable to ever break free of the clan that broke him and made him into a weapon.

I have to add though that shat they kept was the MC's love as a brother towards his sister so no idea how that became romantic love, except that MC is a complete pushover when it comes to his sister.


What is interesting here is that how the magicians are shown to be treated. They are extremly restricted and to some degree shown as tools or weapons. For instance all magicians are to some degree "owned" by the goverment meaning they all have certain obligations on them like being soldiers in time of need. It is also showcased that forced marriages between magicians to give birth to strong magicians are all to common example.


One girl has eyes that allow her to see spritis/magical elements, this is extremly important to a certain clan of magicians so if the clan finds out about it she would be forced to marry into that clan or be directly kidnapped (and most likely forced to carry their children so to pass on the eye's) so it's kept a secret. Though that clans boy and she becomes a couple eventually so perhaps it never mattered?

Still that this is shown as something normal and pretty much goverment approved to increase the amount of talented magicians is pretty dark


Even the MC's mom and dad were put together through deciding that their magical genetics matched so strong magicians would be born.

I would say that this is a typical JP harem where the MC has multiple females interested in him but he has only eye's for one. Though the author likes to create stuff happening between the MC and other girls.


Like having a girl from a bloodline that are extremly loyal and does close to an imprinting on a person they truly love so as to always be loyal or love him/her and then while feeling said love for MC an alien parasitic life form comes and absorb that feeling. Thus becoming emotionally attached being 100% loyal and in love? With the MC.


In my book this is your typical school harem JN but with a futuristic magical setting where the MC is stuck with his brocon of a sister while surrounded by a bunch of other girls who wants the MC's affection.

It does however bring up questions like racism, social differences and ranks while being well written. <<less
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Sep 07, 2017
Status: v14
Clicked on 4 but registered as 5 stars for some reason. A good story but not enough for a 5 in my books, at least a 4.5. Can be considered a niche novel for some demographic and not suitable for everyone.

Its a good story, early on focusing on the relationship of the brother and his sister, who were born within the same year, but they arent of the same age. Important to note is, the world they live in is practically the same as our normal world, except they have... more>> magic, magicians and magic schools. And they also somewhat accepts mages as a normal thing. Except for the occasional racist people without magic powers. Mages are also considered warforce for a country, thus they are basically soldiers that are not officially recruited as one. Ancient magic also exists, considered the ones that doesnt use modern tech as a base. Modern mages uses various devices to activate magic that they calculate within their brain, while ancient mages use talismans and various tools to activate magic. The technology within the novel is also somewhat hundreds times more advanced to our normal world, and many things can be solved with magic thus easing daily life.


The novel half focus is the relationship of Tatsuya and Miyuki, Tatsuya being born with a specialized magic which makes him be considered useless by the higher ups for his lack of diversity, whereas Miyuki being born with balanced ability, and probably biased towards ice and cold. In his young age, his mother and aunt had him undergo an operation in an attempt to artificially add some magic talent to his brain, they were succesful, but the side effect to this operation was him losing his emotions, and the mother losing the ability to care for him. His mother did set a failsafe measure, making him consider his sister as the only one he can love. The operation was somewhat a success, they did add some ability to use magic outside of his specialized ones, albeit rather weak.

The remaining half of the novel follows Tatsuya and Miyuki outside relationships, with the Yotsuba clan they are both affliated with (aunt is the current head and Miyuki is the next one), Tatsuya being a special soldier with the military, Tatsuya only two abilities (can rewind time, or at least the Eidos, and disintegrate anything), their relationships with their schoolmates and the other big clans, Tatsuya being a genius developer of magic artifacts and devices, and probably Miyuki unending obsession with her brother.

They got married within the Yotsuba Succesion volumes iirc.

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Jun 14, 2017
Status: v14 afterword
I honestly don't see why people do not like this. They call call it "edgy" and such things just because the protagonist doesn't do the normal protagonist thing (you know what I mean, but it is annoying to describe). Honestly, I think of this main character as well developed and thought out, though various romcom fans may say otherwise.
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Apr 05, 2020
Status: v30
The interactions between the characters, the worldbuilding, the technobabble about how magic works. That's what makes this one of the best JP LNs I've read. The mere contrast between the unexpectedly dark themes and the almost Slice of Life moments allows to portray various societal conflicts, with very logical reasoning by the author.

The OPness of the MC is regularly balanced against the constraints he has and allows to have a pleasantly thrilling read. And by no means does this mean that the MC always wins.

The (if it can even be... more>> called that) romance is although cliche, heart-warming with it's subplot only being really developed from the (maybe a bit earlier) 16th volume onwards. The so called Harem route has been closed by the author even though the MC has his fair share of (one-sided) love interests. <<less
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Mar 06, 2019
Status: v16
Nice and untypical JP novel that was built around 3 things: Modern magic, Great MC and "sasuga oniisama."

- The unique magic system and nice worldbuilding.
- Alpha MC. Many people are complaining about how OP he is, and I can't disagree with them. But MC's unemotional behavior helps to highlight other characters around him, as well as the overall story. Often I perceive him as some kind of props. He does a great job of not irritating you though.
- Attempt to mature writing. It still feels like a... more>> kid's novel but the author tries to make it interesting for the mature audience too.
- Incest.


- Not enough romance. The author is just a tad slow at exploring his side characters and the main harem is failing because of MC. Since the MC is unfeeling, it's a great opportunity to show the romance between other numerous characters. There IS a romance between them, but slow and awkward.
- The author's knowledge of foreign affairs and politics is lacking, though he covers it with a power struggle between JP clans. But the international coalitions, how USA and China acting, etc, it's all weird and childish.
- Kids in the military always grind my gears. It screams too much about the age of the target audience.
- Counter-terrorism measures are non-existent in the novel's Japan. The author at least could research the subject to estimate how it should be in the world of magic.

It feels perfect if you're still young and maybe like the anime adaptation. Otherwise, you need to try it to decide for yourself if it's good or bad. <<less
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May 12, 2019
Status: v27
There’s op and then there’s op done flawlessly and for me this one’s the later. I mean we all know the MC is gonna win (op or not) but funny enough this one has picked up one or two Ls so far. The story is amazing, the characters adorable with realistic and interesting personalities, the power system is quite unique and very good, the world building is too notch, combat is interesting and done well, and the MC is not one that does things that irritate me but then again... more>> I simply hate goodytwoshoes annoying as hell hero MCs but that’s me. This is one of my favourite stories (top 5 infact) and I highly recommend. <<less
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Dec 08, 2018
Status: v25
The novel has great worldbuilding. While I admit some of the characters are not fleshed out well, I don't think it is to the point that it feels like they exists just for the MC. For those who are complaining about how he is op and always swoops in to save the MC, well he is the MC. If you don't like op MC don't read it, it is clearly tagged.
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Jun 12, 2023
Status: Completed
I loved the anime that's why I really tried hard to find and complete the novel of this. Honestly it does not disappoint. In the anime the MC is a much like a robot and monotoned and this novel gave him more heart than what is shown in the anime. But then again it does link this his skill that's why he is like that. I felt like it was poorly paced though. The pacing was too slow in the middle that I felt bored and suddenly sped up and... more>> felt that the ending was too abrupt. It was great at first but became okay in the end. Still enjoyed reading it though part from the anime it was still okay. <<less
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