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Sis: “WHAT? Why does the magic academy have such a weird major like Mechanical Engineering?”

Bro: “Uhhhh….. But there is, and I even got accepted into it.”

Sis: “But it’s still weird!”

Bro: “Aiya, lets not care about such details.”

The two siblings had been accepted into the top magic school, the Augustus Academy. An adventure filled with dreams and a journey like that of the Shuraba will soon follow…

Associated Names
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Mo Fa Ji Xie Xiu Luo Chang
魔法 机械 修罗场
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02/13/17 Alyschu v2c21
02/06/17 Alyschu v2c20
01/23/17 Alyschu v2c19
07/19/16 Alyschu v2c18.5
06/29/16 Alyschu v2c18
06/02/16 Alyschu v2c17
04/29/16 Alyschu v2c16
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03/05/16 Alyschu v2c14
02/27/16 Alyschu v2c13
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02/16/16 Alyschu v2c12
02/09/16 Alyschu v2c11
02/03/16 Alyschu v2c10
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Melakias rated it
November 2, 2015
Status: --
Not Blood-related Brother and Sister enroll into a prestigious Magic Academy, Sister enters the Elemental Magic Department while brother enters the Mechanics Department where they learn to use magic to build magic robots and mechas. There they train to be part of the country's Army. Expect weird and almost incest relation between siblings, strange seniors and clash with nobles.

Quite good magi school story. Takes an interesting twist at what you can do with magic and adds robots, because why not. Currently translated up to second volume so not much... more>> has really happened. But characters have been developing nicely and a few have shown being more than simple roles, one of the most interesting ones is

A possible love interest is actually in love and has a quite stable relationship with someone else

MC is kinda dense, but he's more of the she's my sister wtf I'm thinking. There's also not been much time to develop some relationships with other females. <<less
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Lachiel rated it
October 16, 2015
Status: --
So far this story is good, While the main character is dense it isn't to the point of one wanting to flip a table. It's a nice read in the fact that it's not too heavy on technical terms and the flow is pretty easy to follow. I do recommend giving it a try and see if its your cup of tea.
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MondoX rated it
March 11, 2017
Status: v2c21
I liked volume one, and believed it would get better, however in volume two, some of the characters have regressed with the exception of the twins. The mc's sister has gone from strong-willed and talented, to useless and a harem member since joining the academy. The tsundere has gone from one of the strongest in the academy, to the damsel-in-distress a couple of times. However, the MC has to be the worst culprit. From being slightly dense, to a complete idiot.

In volume two the MC suspected two individuals to be strange. Understandable, he did not act because he needed to gather evidence. However, a reliable source warned him regarding said individuals, which she had warned the MC in volume one of dangers and she was accurate. What does he do? Nothing. One suspect was the tsundere's boyfriend, but he convinced himself he was alright because she has known him longer, so he lets them go off by themselves. Then the other suspect is a girl that barges into his room with a bottle of wine, which he was investigating her earlier and the day before his sister was under an aphrodisiac from a similar wine bottle. Does he guard against her? Nope, until it is too late. Then he finds out that the tsundere is being held hostage and then he is crying of what to do.

The villain could have told the MC that he or she is the bad guy, and the MC would have not believed it.

The reasons I will continue reading is because like I mentioned before, the story is good, but also because of the twins, especially the librarian. If the author begins focusing more on her and less on the other characters, I think the story will be better. However, if there is less focus on the librarian and more on the tsundere, I will definitely drop the series.
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