Loving You


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At the age of 28, he had a successful career, a happy family, and a beautiful wife.

Everyone said that he climbed to such a position because of the influence of the Liang family.

Little did they know that it was Zhou Hanning who moved step by step and married his own white moonlight. When he was a student, Zhou Hanning never dared to confess to Liang Hao because of his poor family background.

It wasn’t until he came out to work that he met Liang Hao. At that time, Liang Hao needed someone to marry, and he just happened to be that person.

No one knows that he has not been able to touch Liang Hao since he and Liang Hao have been married for a year. She seemed to have a secret.

When he was thirty years old, Zhou Hanning found that he was eighteen years old again, and he decided to find out her secret.

This is a story about the pampered rich girl VS the cool academic bully

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Falling in Love With You
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