Loving You Is Too Difficult


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An arrogant personality with no brains whatsoever, she was the typical spolit, rich child. He was the only one who could handle being her bodyguard. But how did this man manage her ? Did he use extreme and effective tyranny to counter her temper tantrums? He was so cold that even a polar bear would tremble. She didn’t have the courage to go against him. But this delicate lady stuck to him like super glue! Like a stalker, she followed him everywhere. This led to gossips flying everywhere. The most outrageous one was that he had abandoned his girlfriend to embark on a relationship with this rich girl!

But he didnt care what people thought about him. He didnt care if they criticised or made fun of him. Even if he was being ridiculed as a dedicated watchdog, it didn’t matter to him. He had no qualms being in the same room with this spoilt child. But sometimes it only took a spark to light a gigantic inferno….

This is a short story about a rich spoilt girl, Song Yu Shang and bodyguard Xiang Yu. The story starts when Xiang Yu is assigned to guard a 17 year old Song Yu Shan, a girl he detests as being a brainless bimbo only interested in the latest bags and fashion articles. So when Song Yu Shan shows an interest in him, she is ruthlessly and immediately rejected. Xiang Yu moves on .. but a few years later he is drawn back to Taiwan. But the Song Yu Shan he meets is not the same girl he knew

This is a novel about second chances, about fated love and about reinstating a girl’s belief in love once again.

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01/17/19 Miumiu c8.1
01/13/19 Miumiu c8
01/11/19 Miumiu c7 part2
01/03/19 Miumiu c7 part1
12/30/18 Miumiu c6 part2
12/28/18 Miumiu c6 part1
12/27/18 Miumiu c5
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12/21/18 Miumiu c3 part2
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12/18/18 Miumiu c2 part1
12/18/18 Miumiu c1 part2
12/16/18 Miumiu c1 part1
12/16/18 Miumiu prologue
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New ElianaDiana rated it
January 18, 2019
Status: c8
As expected of author Sugar, this novel just tugs you at heartstrings! 😭😭😭 Just enough for a heartache, a lil bit for a spicy romance, and the drama inserted would make me waiting each day for translator-sama to upload the rest of the chapters.

Owh how I wish there were a mini real life sketch/movie for this novel! 😖😖😖
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