Love History Caused by Willful Negligence


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The only flaw of actor Lee Wooyeon, who is on the road to success without facing a single slump, is that his manager never lasts. With a time period of three months to observe him as a manager. Choi Inseop becomes Lee Wooyeon’s manager in search for revenge. He was not the Lee Wooyeon who was loved by people, but another Lee Wooyeon. Inseop had to uncover the truth. Because he had made a promise.

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Chuyện Tình Không Lường Trước
미필적 고의에 의한 연애사
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21 Reviews

New GojosLove
Apr 01, 2024
Status: v3c30
I love this novel so much, and to anyone honestly hating on it, have y’all not read the tags? It clearly says it’s psychological, of course it’s gonna have some fked up shit.

I love the writing of the story, it’s pace is perfect, the characters are written flawlessly, with Wooyeon being mentally ill, a horrible person deep down, and doesn’t need to think once or twice to kill someone, love how the author stays realistic. His character will not suddenly change just because of Inseop, although he tries to change... more>> it for Inseop he knows he’ll still be the same bastard. He realizes the actions he did on Inseop are horrible and not good and he apologizes to Inseop and replaces them with good memories instead. People don’t change easily, same with Inseop, bullied and made fun of practically all his life, not sociable, his bad heart condition, and being sheltered all his life of course he’s gonna be more timid and fearful, plus sticking to Jenny’s revenge because it was a dying will without thinking of himself, of course Inseop would be a weak character, it takes time for people like Inseop to gradually change and become more confident. Lots of these negative reviews either talk about the Hawaii incident or their characteristics, honestly I think this is very realistic and unique, everyone wants a happy story but it’s not the reality, read a different novel if you don’t like this one. Also for the people thinking he’s the shittiest have not read other novels (EX non zero sum and more) <<less
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Jul 11, 2022
Status: --
I pretty much finished reading the novel (including the epilogue), but haven't gotten to the last volumes yet (which I assume are extras?). Although it was quite... interesting, I don't think I'll touch this novel again (or novels, since it's pretty much one big story split into 11 volumes of about 300-500 pages each), simply because it was emotionally draining for me.

I really liked the first two volumes, because Inseop was depicted as a determined, kinda strong yet introverted MC; he was a person hard to decipher, however, according to... more>> Wooyeon. That really roused his interest in Inseop. Also:

I loved the idea of Inseop, who was shy, insecure and quiet, getting revenge for Jennie, his best friend who had

committed su*c*de (while he was still in high school) because of Wooyeon - which is later proven to be false, and that his 'girlfriend' I think? and her friends were the ones behind it - and because she was incredibly lonely (due to a dispute between Inseop and Jennie, which led Inseop to stop talking to her)


Wooyeon was a character hard to sympathize with ever since the beginning of the novel. However, later in the novel, from flashbacks and snippets from the conversations he'd have with Inseop, it's obvious that he

wasn't loved as a child because he suffered from ADP. Still, that didn't stop me from hating him.


However, there were also parts that I absolutely hated (like every volume that came after the second) :


In the 4th volume, Wooyeon basically forced himself on Inseop and there was no proper preparation and Inseop was also a virg*n, so like??? Why? Apparently, it was still enjoyable for Inseop, but it didn't sit well with me. No, it doesn't happen only one time, but basically every time they have s*x throughout the book, and I'm pretty sure rimming is not enough preparation. Anyways, disregarding these parts (despite being hard to do so)...


Imho, Lee Wooyeon:


Pretty much made Inseop cry a lot of times, way too many times, and he himself knew how much of a nasty individual he was. Also, the fact that he was INCREDIBLY possessive of Inseop, to the point of mentioning throughout the novel how he'd love to 'keep Inseop in a corner, so only he was allowed to stare at him' or 'tie Inseop up and leave him in the hotel room' or 'cage Inseop and keep him in his house', which genuinely creeped me out. No, there were no butterflies in my stomach whenever he spoke of such things.

The Hawaii incident was, by far, the most infuriating. Wooyeon brought Inseop, since he was his manager, along to Hawaii for a photoshoot he had. After Wooyeon took Inseop's passport and ID and locked them in a safe in the hotel they were staying in (like???) fearing that he might go back to America (where his family resided), a female side-character (whose only purpose in the novel was to make Wooyeon be jealous, because she was friendly to Inseop - she disappeared after they went back to Korea) brought his passport in an envelope (along with Wooyeon's driver license) because Wooyeon needed them for a reason that I can't currently remember, and gave them to Inseop, since Wooyeon told her so himself (Wooyeon didn't check what was inside the envelope, otherwise he wouldn't have said to her to do that). What did Inseop do? He saw that it was Wooyeon's birthday on the driver license and went to a fancy pastry shop and bought him a box of cakes. After the photoshoot, Wooyeon rushed back to the hotel (thinking only of s*x, obviously) and, not seeing Inseop in his hotel room, he panicked and began asking around the staff, which subsequently led to him bellowing at others and smashing a flower pot, staining his clothes and face with blood. He ran around the city, looking for him for two hours, and when he returned to his hotel room, absolutely pissed the f*ck off and depressed, he spotted Inseop holding the box of cake in front of the locked door. Then came a r*pe scene, Wooyeon shedding tears, Inseop accepting his apology. Yay!

Afterwards, Wooyeon thought of telling a bit about his tragic past of being neglected as a child and the fact that he suffered from ADP, purely because he knew that Inseop would sympathize with him; he also added that 'he never told anyone about this before', which is not a lie, really. But telling someone about your past just to make sure they wouldn't want to abandon you and would forgive you is awful. Especially after what he had done moments ago. Horrible.

It didn't help the fact that, in the 7th volume, Wooyeon acted coldly towards Inseop, because Inseop kept his hospitalization (due to getting beaten up by Kang Youngmo) a secret from him and only Yoon Areum (another, slightly more important female side character) knew about it. Commence more misunderstandings (involving another female side character and more!), even more scenes of Inseop sobbing pitifully, yet still blaming himself for everything, another s*x scene which left me incredibly uncomfortable, more and more of Wooyeon manipulating Inseop (even envying a female fan of an unimportant male character for tricking him into marriage, thinking that he'd have liked to do something similar to Inseop so he could keep him by his side at all times)... at this point, I just really wanted to read the ending and be done with it.

Wooyeon's way of showing his love to Inseop (at least in the early stages of their relationship after they started dating secretly - well, not so secretly, since CEO Kim and manager Cha found out rather quickly) was through s*x mostly. He admitted several times that he was jealous of any person, animal or PLANT that Inseop interacted with (which was proven in the 8th novel.... when he smashed the pot of a flower, given to him by Kang Youngmo, on the floor because Inseop literally took care of it). He also admitted to his desire to kill anyone Inseop liked and anyone who liked Inseop. Bro chill???


Choi Inseop:


In the beginning of the novel, it was kind of easy to relate to this character (though, he went to extreme levels to get his revenge). However, later in the novel, I felt he was... maybe... too forgiving? Too naive? Too 2D? Too s*upid? Not only him, but more and more characters, that I had thought of in the beginning as interesting, funny or quirky, began resembling those from badly written Wattpad romance books. Including Inseop! I really wanted SO MANY TIMES to transmigrate inside the novel and strangle both him and Wooyeon. He had multiple opportunities to escape to America, back to his family, yet he stayed in Korea and let Wooyeon treat him like utter sh*t (especially in the 7th volume). Even when he managed to go back to America, he decided to return and continue working as his manager (of course, manager Cha thought way too many times that it was not a good idea to do so). He'd been hospitalized so many times after he became Wooyeon's manager that I lost count.

Inseop realized only in the 7th volume that his life basically revolved around Lee Wooyeon. Wooyeon this, Wooyeon that, his entire call history was Wooyeon (he had no friends). He moved to another apartment after. After leaving his film award ceremony (where Wooyeon, who was certain would receive the grand award or something, wanted to shed crocodile tears while giving his speech and declare his love, to impress and make Inseop choose to stay by his side (and this was after Wooyeon basically gave Inseop the cold shoulder for about 200-300 pages, I can't even remember.... and poor Inseop was extremely confused and wouldn't even get an answer from Wooyeon when asking about the reason for acting like that)), due to a huge misunderstanding (because they weren't capable of communicating...), and refusing to answer any calls, Wooyeon managed to track down Inseop's location in like 2-3 hours? by pretty much bribing a hell lot of people. Wooyeon calmly threatened Inseop that he'd break the door if he didn't let him in, and, despite fearing for his life, Inseop didn't call anyone for help. Nope. He let him in and listened to Wooyeon act like the ultimate jealous, possessive, overbearing boyfriend that he was and finally fainted (how many times did he do this????) He was taken to the hospital, Wooyeon finally realized just how much of a sc*mbag he was and decided to let go of Inseop. Because of all the stress he'd gone through, he developed a severe form of gastritis and, instead of returning to America and spending his time with his family..... yup, you guessed it.

In the end, because Inseop used his brain to finally analyze everything, he realized that EVERYTHING WAS A BIG MISUNDERSTANDING! And that he was in the wrong! And he forgave Wooyeon for everything! Wooyeon was also hospitalized for his insomnia and hallucinations during the time CEO Kim and manager Cha and literally everyone was begging Inseop to go back home, but he suddenly disappeared from the hospital after two days. Inseop found out from CEO Kim he had disappeared and started frantically searching for him, then found out where he was - again, Wooyeon spat out some incredibly rude words directed to Inseop's body and personality to make him go home, but Inseop, like the angel he was, forgave him. Once AGAIN, commence some pitiful crying, hugging, kissing, uncalled for s*x scene in a mansion and, just like magic, Wooyeon's personality did a 180 degree flip and he began acting like a normal lover. Boo...

Even though CEO Kim, manager Cha and EVEN Lee Wooyeon HIMSELF (right before the epilogue) told him to go back to America, Inseop wouldn't leave. They made up and yay! The epilogue!


Way too many misunderstandings, scenes which made me uneasy or bored, side characters who vanish completely from the novel after they helped, in any way, the plot to progress and unnecessary angst.

I'm giving two stars only for the drama, which is something I thoroughly enjoyed. Will I read this again? Nope. Do I regret buying the novel? Kinda.

Inseop and Wooyeon went through a lot - and it was draining for me - and I wouldn't stand reading the

r*pe scenes

and all the childish misunderstandings again. <<less
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Aug 19, 2022
Status: --
1/5 is pretty dramatic, but please here me out. I was very mislead from the Manhwa, which is coming out and very behind in the story. I read the 38 chapters, and saw a link to the novel, and was like "nice!" and read up till chapter 70.

Extremely disappointing. The most annoying thing is how cool and unique this story could have been. The MC has unique motivations and personality, the ML has sociopathic traits, but is also interested in the MC. There are unique characters, relationships- it had everything... more>> to be a 5/5 story.

Y'all, the first s*x scene made me cry. It was so abusive and weird. The MC loses all personality and becomes a crying, weak, shell of an individual. The ML is out of my nightmares. so yeah, 1/5 stars. Extremely disappointing story that is once again ruined by an author fetishising toxicity and s*xual assault. <<less
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Jan 04, 2022
Status: v4c12
I love ML with this kind of personality which is very captivating a dangerous but also beautiful character while MC is the ideal lover in my opinion. One of my current favorite novel because the mystery behind both lead characters are fascinating. I don't think all the reasoning is logical but it moved me. The author describes the MC and ML's perspective very well and emotions too making this one of the best BL novels I'm reading.

... more>>

Wooyeon (ML) falls in love with our MC (Inseop) the kind of love that's filled with dedication and possessiveness. I'd say both sides got what they wanted from the relationship and to no surprise ML reveals his true identity. Also ML is only truly genuine and cares about our adorable MC.

ML and MC are both very much aware of their own feelings for each other. They both learnt of this through self-observation. Which I find likable.

I'm currently high on the honeymoon phase and it probably would continue to be this way because despite coming from a high status background our ML was out of control and discarded by his own parents. I don't think they'll mind their son ended up in a relationship with another man.

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Jun 06, 2022
Status: Completed
I have read the novel until the end (including all the side stories) and I have to say, this is not my usual cup of tea, but I still ended up loving it. I'm still questioning myself why I like it and get so invested in it.

The MC is innocent, kind, timid, a pure angel. As if he has not even a glimpse of evilness in him. Meanwhile, the ML is basically the other way around—a hot scum. I understand it's his mental illness but I often found myself dumfounded... more>> by his thoughts and acts, lol.

It has 8 volumes in the main story so expect the plot to be long. Honestly, I barely managed to get pass through volume 3. That was my least favorite volume because it has many dub/non con scenes. But after that... Enjoy the ride. The MC and ML's relationship is questionable at times but undeniably sweet. The ML became so obsessed with MC and his health and endlessly kind to him and it's heartwrenching to see sometimes.

It's definitely one of the most memorable BL novels for me. <<less
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Oct 28, 2022
Status: v1c82
I don't care what anyone says, but this is definitely one of my favorite BL novels.

I started reading the manhwa until it was abruptly dropped by the group that was translating it, which left me on a huge cliffhanger! So, I started reading the novel. Let me warn you, I'm sure this novel is not going to be a LOT of people's cup of tea, but it was definitely mine. And I'm rating this series a 5 because I enjoyed it. Not because of any moral issues or problems depicted... more>> in the novel, but because I genuinely loved it. If you're looking for dark romance with an innocent-looking start, but a beautiful (healthy-relationship) ending, then you've got to read this!!

(Although I'm not sure if the story has actually ended because there's still V2. I'm pretty sure V2 will be full of their life as couple, because (spoilers)

At the end of Volume 1, the ML admits that he loves the MC and didn't want to see him get hurt or cry because of him ever again (he even travelled to America in a hurry because he couldn't take being apart from him TT)

And I genuinely enjoyed their relationship development!

Although they started from a toxic relationship and then developed into a cute and healthy one, this is #1 on my favorites! <<less
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Sep 08, 2022
Status: --
The only word that could be used to describe this novel is disappointing. Which is sad because the synopsis is so original, but the way it was executed is horrible.

The only way you will like this work is if you are a teenager girl without critical thinking. The main character is very cringey and you can't empathize with him because he's so annoying.

I hope that someone can someday adapt it to another work with a much better execution.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 08, 2022
Status: c65
Ugh I started this bc of the manhwa. Thought it was gonna be your standard possessive lover, make him cry, maybe a runaway scene type story. Checked the tags and everything was all good.
The beginning was pretty good. Average plot, has a good revenge premise. Standard showbiz stuff.
Started to crash once

Inseop completed his revenge plans and wooyeon went insane over him leaving/ losing trust as he says


haha I added a r*pe tag (idk if I’m allowed but it’s pretty deserved..) bc I’m 99% sure that this is pretty noncon on the s*x front. Kinda went in blind to that.

I have no idea how their relationship is going to develop from here but it really seems kinda manipulative if you’re into that :,)
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Mar 29, 2023
Status: --
Sometime I get bored and tired of reading all those fluffy romance bl novels. And I love to read this type of novel. I love this so much. I was looking for angst and drama and this was it. I fell in love with the art in the manhwa, I like this even more. I want a handsome hot, rich, emotionally unstable, psychotic and Yandere ML And I totally got what I want. I want an MC who is loving, kind, a bit s*upid, weak and unpopular MC and I... more>> got it all in this novel. Love this novel so much. Love the regret and the chasing the ML is going through. <<less
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Feb 13, 2023
Status: v2c27
I absolutely love Love History Caused by Willful Negligence. I started with the manhwa. Choi Inseop is adorable and Lee Weeyeon is dangerously hot. I was immediately hooked. I needed to continue learning about them once I got to the last chapter (I think it's 43). This was the first novel like this I've read I was not disappointed. Their relationship was lopsided in the beginning but they now have mutual respect and obsessive tendencies for each other. Truthfully this is one of my to 20 favorite love stories.
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Yan Fang
Yan Fang
Jul 01, 2022
Status: c54
This is not my usual cup of tea, therefore I have been enjoying this and anticipating what's next.

One chapter is not enough 💔

Chapter 54 was a little heavy for me, does someone know if this continues through all the novel or when the relationship will be more smooth?

Thank you!
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May 09, 2022
Status: c24
ML is a psychopath (not the mu*derer stereotypical kind but an actual psychopath that just doesn't have any empath but can function in society). The fact that he has a limit to his facade for a psychopath is very realistic because no matter how hard someone tries to cover their bad points, it will always reveal itself in the end no matter who the person is.

MC at first is presented as a calm, responsible and quiet man but as you get further into the story, you find out he is... more>> more like a lonely child who easily cries alot and wants to be comforted and live a simple life but because of a promise he made, he decided to go through life the hard way.

Both leads are adults so they are mature (in certain parts) while also showing their childish or vulnerability in certain places.

Some logic doesn't make sense but it's negligible when both the leads have very interesting and attractive personalities.

Truthfully, I didn't find Mc's personality very interesting (personal opinion) but reading about his story was.

The side characters CEO Kim and manager Cha are interesting and fun.

The stalker fans were disgusting and annoying asf, made me wish ML would just run them over or tell them to f*ck off but he couldn't reveal his real personality but very frustrating seeing MC get hurt bc of them. <<less
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Sep 29, 2023
Status: --
I liked this story till when Inseop got exposed.

After that it's major downfall for me.

Inseop got portrayed as someone with no spine.

... more>> He has nothing in his life other than wooyeon.

No friends

No social circle


After getting in relationship with wooyeon, he's more isolated because his dear Philip gets agitated even if he talks with someone.

He's hella cringey too, cries the second things don't go in his favour.

What I hate more is he keeps his dead friend in the front foot to justify his stalkerish behaviour.

Just wanted to be close to wooyeon, used his dead friend. Simple!

Do you want me to briefly summarise him in few words " if wooyeon says Earth is flat, he'll believe it " that much how he blindly loves him.

And about wooyeon, hah !

Don't let me start on him 😒

This story could be a good time pass, read it putting your head to the side.

Coz if you go and get connect emotionally, it's such a headache.

*You'll be rolling your eyes on many instances*

*You've been warned*

😅 <<less
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Jun 28, 2022
Status: --
Ngl tho the way MC think is kinda cringey, super cringey in fact the way he tell his story and his point of view besides it being cringey also kinda creepy

the way he secretly also liked philips and didn’t tell his friend...

and the way he literally STALKED philip is also creeepy af
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Oct 22, 2022
Status: --
It's not my cup of tea. I read up to the part where ML got obsessive, and it's not the direction I was hoping for the novel to go. It's a matter of preference. Usually, I can stomach the typical BL tropes but I feel like the product didn't match what was advertised (aka the quality of the beginning of the novel doesn't match the end). I still liked some parts of the novel, but those parts don't justify investing the time to me.
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Nov 25, 2023
Status: v2c67
Ok, first of all, this story has flaws but overall that adds to the uniqueness of it.

It's one of the novel that I wait patiently so I can binge read.

The ML has problems, that's true, but he REALLY HAS SOME MENTAL PROBLEM, so you know.... don't look for a perfect ML quality on him.

... more>> The flow and how the story is laid out is good, I really like the details and the way the emotions are described.

I may haven't finished the whole, I know this is a long way to go and so far, I'm still liking it and eager to read.

If you're looking for a not fluffy and perfect romantic story, then try this. <<less
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Oct 18, 2023
Status: v1c58
Extremely disappointing.

I was actually invested in the story at first.

... more>>

The build up of the story up until the part where In-seop was preparing to go back to America was good. And then it went downhill fron there. It seems that the author wanted to prolong the story but at the expense of the character suddenly not making sense. What the hell happened to them? Looks like the author also doesn't know. The main characters suddenly became so shitty and s*upid, I was truly at a loss. But the most unforgivable thing was the ML suddenly becoming a rapist. It was my fault for not reading the tags carefully but nothing could have prepared me for that.


I'm not the type to give up on novels that I'm reading but it really had become too nonsensical that I couldn't continue. What a waste of potential. <<less
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Oct 14, 2023
Status: v3c80
I started reading this novel again for the second time. I think the couple in this novel are one of my favourite BL novel couple. I love everything about the book especially when the story is told from both the ML and Mc's perspective in details.

I read some of the negative reviews but decided to read the book anyway and I absolutely absolutely love it to the extent of reading it all over again which I rarely ever do. I'm giving this a 5 star.
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Sep 27, 2023
Status: v2c75
I started reading the manga and it definitely was not my cup of tea. Nonetheless I continued reading to see the development and hopped on to the novel.

It was ridiculous especially with the R word in the plot but if you're willing to move past that then you will see shittier things. The concept of the ML and MC coming to terms with how they approach with relationship was very realistic to me especially with ML being mentally out of it and the MC being overly cautious and a great... more>> pioneer of people pleaser IMO.

MC started to push ML away on volume 2 fearing that MC will ruin ML's career if they were caught dating. This involved a lot of push and pull with MC being too careful to the point where he neglects ML's feeling. I felt bad especially with how MC treated the ML on volume 2 and also felt bad for MC with how ML expressed his affection in a not so convenient way.

I'm still waiting for the development though I'm kinda of not rooting for MC and ML being together anymore and always hope that they do not end up together and find lovers that would treat them well.... <<less
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Jun 17, 2023
Status: --
This had a lot of potential. Didn't expect it to progress that way...


I hope the manhwa makes some changes, big ones. I genuinely enjoyed it at the beginning but it kept getting crazier. For some, it's their cup of tea. But for me, it's too much.

... more>> I think it was a bit cute that ML was confused on how he feels about MC in the beginning. And how he teased him.

But along the way, ML treats MC like shit. Didn't seem like he loved him, but was just obsessed with him. I guess that makes sense given ML's frame of mind.


But no (⁠。⁠ŏ⁠﹏⁠ŏ⁠) <<less
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Nov 23, 2022
Status: --
I feel in-loved with this story immediately when I was reading the Manhwa, so I went to the novel. The author did not disappoint me at all, but the reason why I was giving this a 4 star instead of a 5 was because the one chapter in the story, where the MC got R word

wasn’t really a big fan of that, if the author didn’t write that part the story would be better, but all and all it’s amazing. 😍❤️
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