Lord of Glory


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“By pushing light into darkness, I obtained incredible power. By sucking the essence of life, I became an immortal monster.”

He was dressed in a sacred cloak. Singing commands to the horde of demons.

“Yes, even if this might be my fall, I’d die either way!”

He was merely a child who became a s*ave. Powerless and abandoned. Never once did he hesitate to do anything to overturn his doomed fate.

After all, a God is above all moral values.

This is the story of a man who has succeeded in evolving his mortal body and soul into that of a God.

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NothingIsEternal rated it
July 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Lord of glory,

This is a story that can be quite baffling for some. It is the perspective of the life of a young mortal who dreams of becoming stronger, beaten, and belittled. He wants the power because he knows the feeling of weakness.

He gets the power he dreams and steals taboo of the gods, but he discovers that power has a price the loss of his humanity to become stronger. He must rise, evolve and become a superior being. Little by little, he loses the instincts, the habits, the... more>> thoughts of the humans he detaches himself.

After having getting such power, he is ecstatic and wants to become rich, but he soon discovers that only power is eternal, money is only temporary, longevity is the way, what is power without immortality?

A very good book written by an author very well-known in the world of dark books. It depicts particularly well the leveling of a simple man to divinity.

The great journey of a simple mortal to an impassable God.

If you want more reviews and dark novels, go look into my list Dark Novel + Rational/Evil MC + No romance

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Queen77 rated it
January 21, 2023
Status: c174
I novel translation, thank u for picking this up, I had absolutely forgotten about it.

Like Reverend insanity, the author stays true the Evil MC character, I like that. This is a gem. However, what gave me headache surprisingly wasn't the fact that I was reading Mtl but, It was the fact that MC was very slopy for 174 chapters... Bruh...

Gosh... I didn't like that at all but then I remembered that between RI and This novel, in RI MC was reborn so that was his golden finger (hence more experienced),... more>> while our MC in Lord of glory was not. He started out as a servant at a university where everyone, cared about status and clearly he wanted power for himself and lucky him ("Destiny was smiling at me" he said) he got the chance.

His character development was awesome to be honest.

I'm at chapter 174 and I already like how that now he's more aware, and smarter and knows not to be slopy.

MC made some terrible mistakes, leaving loose ends alive, while in some he had no choice coz he was weak.

I just like it when an Author, decides to write the way they want about their character and be different and bold about it.

MC is cruel, evil and has a growing God complex, he'd do anything for power.

It's exciting. <<less
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Mastahlord rated it
March 26, 2022
Status: c170
MC isn't human, he's more like a demon. He underestimated the pride and lust of humans, but at the same time he had the pride of being a superior being, it was utterly s*upid. MC is very cruel and smart but sometimes he is also impulsive and s*upid, a complete contradiction, because of those impulsive decisions he is often in a state of life and death.
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