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Li Chunzhou suspected that she was an NPC in a horror game.

Every year in the capital city, there is an Oiran Contest; she has been selected 120 times. The emperor brings back three illegitimate children from the commoners every month, more fertile than pigs. Whenever the last outsider in the capital dies, she goes back a month, along with exactly thirty new outsiders.

They dress differently, speak differently from the locals, and even the word “NPC” is overheard by Li Chunzhou from their conversations.

Their eyes gazed at Li Chunzhou, greedy yet apprehensive.

These people would disappear quietly after thirty days.

Li Chunzhou absentmindedly picked at the small scar on her wrist. After several years, it never truly disappeared.

And all of this – Li Chunzhou looked at the little monster with dark hair and eyes beside her – started when she picked up this “thing.”

The tall boy, who was a whole head taller than her, gave Li Chunzhou a strange smile that seemed practiced a thousand times.

Li Chunzhou was certain that this guy was definitely not “human”.

Beauty vs. Beast


[1 vs. 1, male lead Li Zhexuan]


Tags: Enemies to Lovers, Eastern Fantasy, Drama, Ensemble Cast, Supernatural Rules

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One-line summary: Darn it, I’m going to fight you all!

Theme: Seeking the meaning of life

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New Ecirteab rated it
June 11, 2024
Status: c100
An interesting take on horror games but I'd say the summary while accurate does set a different tone and expectation from the actual novel.

First of all, I'd struggle to call this a proper romance novel. While there a romantic scenes and many men 'in love' with Li Chunzhou, the actually romantic development is a little more complicated

Second, for a horror 'game', there's actually few horror elements. The beginning is more 'horror' in terms of buildup but once you get into the meat of the novel, it doesn't really occur. Not... more>> unlike many infinite horror worlds actually. Is this novel tense? Yes. Is there some degree of suspense and mystery? Yes. Was I scared at any point? No

This novel really centers around freedom and repetition. The metaphorical cages of social classes, of being a prostitute, of being unable to escape from your upbringing and now, repeating the same month ad nauseum.

Li Chunzhou is stuck in all of those cages and when the story begins, it's already her 121st reincarnation. Without the catalyst of 'memory', she might have never seen the cage for what it is. She's cynical, manipulative but also childish in ways I didn't expect. She has a fatal attraction for basically most of the main cast and I still don't know if I like her. When you think she's in control, things spiral. When you think she'll be calm, she loses it. But she's also strangely confident in moving forward.

She wants everything to be well, she's afraid to leave the safety of the nest but she also yearns for true freedom.

Romance - without spoiling things, complicated? Rather than saying Li Chunzhou loves Li Zhexuan, it's more accurate to say Li Zhexuan is her only option because only he can give her what she wants.

Characters are all pretty well developed and interesting. Their perspectives are interesting and help build the world.




I don't think it's a bad ending, and it was within expectations but I think the leadup to it was to the detriment of Li Chunzhou's character.

Four stars for an overall suspenseful character driven novel. <<less
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