Little Family Treasure of the Apocalyptic Boss


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Ye Ze was a powerful psychic standing at the pinnacle of the apocalypse, with the assistance of a magical interdimensional trading device by his side. However, even in these dire times, not even the overlords could escape death. He thought his life would come to an end, but the trading device unexpectedly transported him to a primitive world, where a solitary snake-person saved him and took him into a cave.

The little snake-person lacked sharp claws and tough scales but possessed a kind heart and nimble hands. Even when angry, they were soft and lovable.

Originally, Ye Ze intended to leave once he understood the environment. However, the more he looked, the more he liked the little snake-person. So he decided to keep the little one in his pocket, nurture them, and make them even cuter than they already were!

A year later, the little snake-person, holding their tiny horns on their head, ran over in tears and asked, “Um, Ye Zi, am I sick and going to die?” QAQ

Turns out, what Ye Ze was nurturing wasn’t a little snake-person but a small dragon-person, a creature from legends.

Prepare for a cross-dimensional adventure with a protagonist who has god-like abilities, and a diligent, cute, and obedient little dragon-person as the receiver of his affections.

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New Leeni rated it
July 1, 2024
Status: c46
I'm sorry...I tried REALLY HARD😣. The story is so cute and fluffy and I loved it soo much😍. But when they confirmed their relationship...I couldn't anymore😥. All the effort into describing Nuo Nuo as dimunitive was supposed to make him cute... AND HE TOTALLY WAS😍😘!! but then I couldn't stop picturing an adult man and a child Nuo Nuo🤢. I am so heartbroken, I LOVE THE CUTE AND THE FLUFFY AND THIS STORY WAS ALL THAT but I just couldn't continue anymore🤧. I will alwaya love and defend the lovely... more>> Nuo Nuo and his antics with his family.... but now I have to say goodbye for my own mental wellbeing🤕. I just... can't. BUT I'LL MISS YOU SO MUCH!😭😭😭. this world is truly too cruel sometimes😪 <<less
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Iesheta rated it
April 20, 2024
Status: c5
Just 5 chapters in and the MC is already attached to ML. Gave me the slice of life and overpowered Seme MC that would just pamper the ML vibe. Actually want to jump directly to the point where the summary mentions the ML is actually a dragon-person than snake. I think from that point it would be more happening. Seems would be a good light hearted binge reading experience.
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4565446667 rated it
June 4, 2024
Status: c43
Um, it's okay if you want to shut off your brain and drink sugar water. If you're looking for substance, this probably isn't for you. I ended up mtl-ing it, and it was pretty good.

There's a little part that slightly bothers me though; with the emphasis on how "small" and "innocent" ML is, how childish he is as well as how often he is referred to as a "baby", I feel like the only thing stopping the author from straight up making him a child is their fear of backlash.... more>> Coupled with the fact that his age is left ambiguous... idk, it just rubs me the wrong way. It didn't really affect my reading experience ig, but it was something that was at the back of my mind the entire time.

Anyway I've currently stopped at the beginning of chapter 43 and so far it's pretty good. There aren't really any adversaries so...🤷 I like the fact that the MC is trying to make the ML more outspoken and care about himself more. Pretty sweet all around. Someone said the MC is always jealous, and while he does show some jealousy, It's not extreme. He often encourages the ML to interact with others, and the jealousy doesn't really affect the ML negatively, it's just a cute little feeling imo.

The only reason I'm giving this three stars is because it was pretty mediocre. it has his own charm but it's just so... meh? It doesn't really stand out and there are a lot of sugary, fluffy, slice of life novels that have done better and stood out much more. Anyway, if you're like me at the time - bored, with nothing to read, it's a pretty good waste of time, so, check it out <<less
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ShizukaMomo rated it
May 1, 2024
Status: Completed
My real rating for this novel is actually 3 star. But as it has just started translating, I didn't want to bring down the overall rating.

That being said, the novel is actually a mindless sweet pet novel where there is no logic behind our seme MC 's action other than pampering the shou ML, protecting the innocence of ML, and taking revenge on behalf of ML. The whole plot can be boiled down to these points:

  • MC is strong and he gets stronger at the end but everything about this power system of this world is either kept vague or happens offline. So we know MC gets stronger but nevermind how, when and where.
  • ML is cute. MC thinks ML is the cutest existence on this universe. And multiply this statement for nth numbers of times and you'll be done with about 60% of this novel. Oh and another 20% is about MC being jealous of everything regarding ML. I mean EVERYTHING like if ML touches a stone and says it's pretty, then you bet MC will be jealous of that stone
  • MC pooping out machineries and technologies and other stuffs that is gazillions of years ahead of the primitive world. But nothing happens to MC or there 's no consequences other than general people and ML marveling at MC's deeds
  • On that note, there is no clear description of the primitive world's technological state either. For example, initially we are introduced to the average activities of primitive tribes. Then the caravan comes and there are suddenly space stones? How much is the capacity? Do they vary? How do they make it? How do they make beast coins and from what materials? How different are these materials from earth? Nothing. Nada.
  • The overarching plot about ML's mysterious past isn't that mysterious at all. We can all predict what and how it happened.
  • The final battle, if I can call it that, is pretty lame? I mean a few vines pop up and pocks the villains and they die. That's it.
As I said it's a no-logic, sweet pampering novel with a bit of foods introduced for the sake of foodies. So overall, it's an ok novel.
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