Level 1 Strongest Sage ~ Cursed to Be Able to Use Only the Lowest Level of Magic, but Because of the God’s Miscalculation I Got Infinite Magic and Became the Strongest ~


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One day, Saijō Haruto was forced by the Evil God of another world into reincarnation, and his soul was cursed.

He was reborn into a world of swords and magic.

In this world, one can become stronger by raising the level of their combat occupations.

Unfortunately, Halt cannot raise his level because of the curse.

Halt felt hopeless.

However, because of the Evil God’s miscalculation, Halt obtained an inexhaustible supply of magical power.

This is the tale of how a Sage—cursed to have a “Locked” Status—managed to reach the pinnacle of strength by the effect of the curse.

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Level 1 no Saikyou Kenja ~ Noroi de Saikakyuu Mahou shika Tsukaenai kedo, Kami no Kanchigai de Mugen no Maryoku wo Te ni Irete Saikyou ni ~
レベル1の最強賢者 ~ 呪いで最下級魔法しか使えないけど、神の勘違いで無限の魔力を手に入れて最強に ~
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12 Reviews

Apr 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Review as of v3c2: I'm giving this 5 stars for now for two reasons:

MC has a brain and interacts with other people like a real human instead of a potato with eyes (like 90% of JP protagonists apparently)

Some of the character interactions made me genuinely laugh. In a sea of utter sh*t isekai novels, that is pretty rare. 5/5

Edit (v5c2) : Well changed my mind pretty quickly there. Here's the begrudging 3-star review. It would be 2 for how much it has been pissing me off, but the... more>> translation quality is decent and the romance bits do have their moments, albeit immature moments.

The author tries to portray the MC as intelligent and badass, scheming against and dominating all of his opponents. In actuality, the MC can only be as smart as the author. Which in this case means slightly smarter than a poodle. I f*cking hate poodles. Worst dog breed.

Edit (Completed) : I think my biggest problem with this novel is that the MC is so overwhelmingly powerful that the only way he loses is when he acts foolish or doesn't take the proper precautions. Every setback he suffers is due to his own negligence and not because of any special qualities these mob antagonists may possess.

And he's just so weak. His mind is weak, his will is weak, and his actions are weak. Even his internal dialogues just reek of naivete and weakness. To summarize, the slice of life and romance parts of this novel are decent (the harem is waaaay~ too big, though. Feels like our MC will marry just about anyone tbh). Anything involving action, plotting or planning is a solid 1.5/5 <<less
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Jul 28, 2020
Status: v2c2
Very refreshing to see a main character who doesn't let other people treat him like a doormat.

In the latest chapter as of this review the main character convincingly behaves both like a high ranking nobleman's son and as expected for his mental age (22).

I hope the author keeps this up.

... more>> Edit: v2c25

I'm now convinced the previous scene I enjoyed was not a fluke and this author will actually allow his main character to have a spine.

Edit: volume 5

The author was doing so well up to this point but eventually he couldn't resist the impulse to make MC artificially s*upid for this arc to generate a pointless misunderstanding.

Edit: v6c25

The reveal in this volume was pretty nice. It mostly makes up for the deficiencies in earlier volumes. <<less
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Oct 01, 2020
Status: c10
It's another of of those barebones isekai that is exactly what it appears to be from the cover. He's OP, he was isekai'd, there are harem candidates (one of which has decided she loves him since he was 5yo, yuck) and there's school arc early on. Effortless wish-fulfillment isekai for those who want it, and the MC doesn't appear to have a skull filled with lead so there is that, at least. I'd say it'd be more popular as a manga so you can at least admire the waifus, because... more>> the story is weak, the comedy is practically non-existent and there's barely any adventure.

He also starts powerful as there is no overcoming weakness character building arc. The implications of the limitation may as well not exist since he can just hand wave past his level cap, too. Quick timeskip and he's already a monster. So yeah, you definitely should not expect a story here. Just by-the-book isekai on fast-forward for simple wish-fulfillment. <<less
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Dec 25, 2020
Status: v3c15
Meh, it's okay. This novel perfectly uses the isekai formula, already boiled down to a science at this point, but without many of its most egregiously annoying parts. Yes, it's a dumb harem novel with a dense protagonist, but honestly, the chapters are so short and lighthearted in nature that even the "le funny misunderstandings" and the "evil bad guy being bad for no reason" situations are resolved by the next chapter or in the next paragraph. There's a sense of progression and the MC isn't too ret*rded, he's just kinda there. And that's the perfect way to describe this novel: Just kinda there. It's just mindless fun, I like it.

Yeah, I have to heavily revise my opinion because, as of volume 3 chapter 15, it devolves into a bad... more>> copy of the typical way too ret*rded isekai. The author tried to make the story progressively more serious: There's harsh depictions of cruelty, there's war, there's evil people conspiring to kill the MC because he's the MC. I implied before that this was impossible to take seriously even with how bad and cliche it was just because the stakes were so low. Now, MC is God incarnate and doesn't have to confront any difficult decision, remaining eternally naive and dense for +500 chapters. Okay.

Just stop reading after volume 2 if you are okay with lighthearted but shitty isekais and despise those that try to be overly serious and edgy. <<less
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Jun 05, 2021
Status: c50
This is another pretty generic isekai story, although its execution is mostly enjoyable. Our MC is sometime very dense, sometime romantic, but he is creative in his use of magic. Apparently it's fine for him to get all the women and monopolise them, and the girls are fine with it (even though he's supposed to be going out with only Tina). There is little background given to the characters (except MAYBE Tina).

Don't come for the plot. Many'events' feel very forced, or not explicitly explained (ex: when the protagonist gets a... more>> demon in his harem after a 30sec interaction through a binding contract). I'm definitely not holding my breath on that story's plot. chapter 50 edit: also, this is truly a wish-fulfilling harem story. It is pretty cringe since he's literally done nothing to deserve it. Also the protagonist is ambivalent about his values. He says he only cares romantically for Tina, but he'll kiss, pet, and bath with the others. Damn, he's a dumbass. <<less
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Dec 13, 2020
Status: v3c21
The plot is extremely generic and contrived. The MC is a pushover that is getting more and more spineless as time goes on. None of the characters really have personalities, not that the author give them the time to establish themselves in the first place. We've already had two separate instances where the MC had to fight others to be with the same girl. One was a 'i challenge you to a duel and if I win the girl is mine'; the other was more of a 'whoever wonder the... more>> tournament gets the right to marry x'. In both cases he was already together with the girl. I don't really feel bad about not putting spoiler warnings because these tropes are so overdone and so low stakes that anyone could guess the result before the situation started. Also recently there was a several long chapter section where we're supposed to believe something terrible happened to the MC, but we already know that the MC is immune to irregular status effects. It was drawn out extremely long too.

As far as characters go, there's only one character that has any personality at all; but even then, they're an overdone archetype character that appears in almost every cheap isekai. We have the maid character that's the strongest person and saved the world before that for some reason decided to become a house servant to raise and fall in love with the MC. The only thing that might be semi-unique is that she was in love once before (huge shock) ! Next we have a super powered monster that is a cute girl that one sidedly decides to be the MC's s*ave. Then we have twins that their only personally traits is one has small boobs so she's jealous of her sister and they have an overprotective dad. Then we have a girl that decided to marry the MC after only talking to him in novel maybe once or twice. There's the guy character that became the MC's best friend because the MC told him they were best friends the first time they met and threatened to blackmail him if he didn't agree. That guy didn't even mind two seconds later though.

Do you want to know the worst part about this story? It's that it's still better than most fantasy novels in this website even if it's so mediocre. <<less
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Jul 31, 2021
Status: v2c7
Very interesting concept

Stat of MC is fixed like magic attack is 10 even if equip with staff it won't raise it cuz it FIX.

If the MC use magic on enemy with magic defense 100 does it make damage to it and if use high level magic the usage greater amount Mana it's totally nonsense
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Jul 19, 2021
Status: v8c9
I really like this story line. I can never predict what the next arc is going to be even with knowing the previous arcs but it is still a continuous story that brings in parts of previous arcs. Can't wait to see what happens next and can't wait for the part of when the evil god relaizes his mistake on the curse that he can't change or undo.

I can't believe the MC is a hero but got his memories wiped to give a gift to Tina which is probably the reason why the evil god didn't know he was a previous hero and gave him the curse. Which I find funny on how he just gave the MC a power up compared to the blessing part he got when he was summoned as a hero. Also I can't believe the main crisis in volume 8 is.

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Jan 07, 2021
Status: v4c10
This novel is exactly what you think it is; nothing special, but it’s exactly that what the doctor ordered to tune down for the night with an easy going slice of life story with little to no drama.

The protagonist is however not like your typical JP Harem protagonist, which is a breath of fresh air. However aspiring readers, do not expect going into this novel expect anything too different

The side characters are exactly what you expect as well, except not all of them are girls that throw themselves onto the... more>> protagonist.

As for the plot, there is not much progression as of this review, as the story still revolves around collecting more companions.

All in all, a decent read. Great to read 1 - 2 chapters before bed and not great for binging. <<less
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Jan 01, 2021
Status: v4c8
Your typical, Goes to another world and becomes an Over Powered harem protagonist.

However he's not ignorant about his strength and the story revolves more around his personal life than actual fighting. He's not a complete doormat either and his focus is on training and living with his family.

Just treat it like a standard isekai except the protagonist doesn't just allow people to tell him what to do without thinking and he does things at his own pace.
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Dec 03, 2020
Status: v3c17
It's a generic isekai with shallow world building but a very cute heroine.

Detailed Review:

Volume 1 was the best so far. It had a cohesive story and some world building. MC actually faced some challenges.

... more>> Volume 2 was the worst so far. MC got a gull harem real fast and powered up 1000 times more compared to his Volume 1 powers. Also no real central plot to the whole novel.

Volume 3 is turning out to be interesting. We have actual wars starting to happen and there was an actual event that showed that MC is not God (yet). <<less
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Heimlich Manure
Heimlich Man
Jun 02, 2021
Status: v6
Alright I had to login just to add my review. This novel might seem boring and generic because it's an isekai novel with an OP MC right? No. Characters are actually characters and not just pieces of paper, though the development is not the best in the world, it's still there and it's good. World building is there and the world develops pretty fast.

... more>>

I mean the dude can teleport


Now then, what really made me rate this 5 stars is because of the plot. Although the plot looks shallow in the earlier volumes, trust me it gets better later especially in volume 6

Speaking of volume 6... PLOT TWISTS. The plot twists in volume 6 were incredibly unexpected.


Luna is actually a reincarnated person too, she died of an accident in Earth. She wasn't considered a hero because the God from Earth is the one who transmigrated her to the other world, thus she was reincarnated as a normal girl. Also, the hero who was with Tina before that disappeared is actually Halt/Haruto from the past because he was one of the heroes who got transmigrated to the other world. Everyone who knew him in that world lost memories about him because Haruto exchanged it for Piety to the Goddess that summoned him. In return, he returned to Earth without memories of his life in the other world


The plot twists really surprised me, I hope the novel gets better. Translator and ED are also doing an excellent job <<less
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