Let’s Manage the Tower


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While returning from work, I was run over by a car. At that time, my soul goes out and was transferred to another world. The goddess I met sent me out to the world she manages.

In that world, I captured a tower and managed it.

I accepted various demi-human races(including humans) in the tower to develope it.

Though the main character himself doesn’t have much combat ability, he has two cheat by his side.

Characters: The MC, 2 cheat, Blood Sucking Princess, humans, Elves, Succubus + Sirens(+some vampires), two mofumofu, one dragon(?)

The two mofumofu are on their way to being a cheat. As for the other humans and demi-humans, will they grow in the future?

They’ll steadily grow. The MC is mediocre in combat but he has a cheat(?) on his own.

He’s working hard on making tools

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Tō no Kanri o Shitemiyō
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Date Group Release
02/25/21 SHMTrans v1c3 part10
02/22/21 SHMTrans v1c3 part9
02/19/21 SHMTrans v1c3 part8
02/18/21 SHMTrans v1c3 part7
02/15/21 SHMTrans v1c3 part6
02/10/21 SHMTrans v1c3 part5
02/06/21 SHMTrans v1c3 part4
02/04/21 SHMTrans v1c3 part3
02/02/21 SHMTrans v1c3 part2
01/21/21 SHMTrans v1c3 part1
01/19/21 SHMTrans v1c2 part10
01/17/21 SHMTrans v1c2 part9
01/15/21 SHMTrans v1c2 part8
01/08/21 SHMTrans v1c2 part7
01/04/21 SHMTrans v1c2 part6
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ameryuu24 rated it
October 8, 2020
Status: --
Someday, someone may translate this so I'll give it a review...

It started out weirdly confusing as the pacing was at times fast and at times slow.
But the more I read it, the more interesting it gets.
The MC started to slowly mature (personality) over time in the story from being a dense beta to a cunning alpha.
While the 2 Main Heroines feel bland at the start, over time, their character slowly got refined.
The plot starts from small, to large then to a grander plot wherein Gods have... more>> started interfering.

All in all: It's a fun read, there's a manga adaptation too. Entertaining, simple and quite relaxing to read. <<less
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