Homeless Tensei: Isekai De Jiyuu Sugiru Majutsu Jisoku Seikatsu


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Shinichi Tanaka is a homeless man who is good at dumpster diving. Because he’s a pennyless bum, there’s no help for it. He’s going to try and pick up some tr*sh to survive another day.

What is this?

Monsters and a Dungeon? In Tokyo?!

A homeless man finds himself suddenly reincarnated in another world. His second life starts now based out of a hidden room deep in a dungeon.

A weird and turbulent adventure of a 56 year old homeless man who reincarnates into a different world.

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Homeless Tensei ~Isekai de Jiyuu Sugiru Jikyuu Jisoku Seikatsu~
ホームレス転生 ~異世界で自由すぎる自給自足生活~
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October 11, 2020
Status: c40
Reincarnated... no, more like Isekaied?

Well, the start is confusing... but once we're out of that we are dropped into your regular Isekai story.

The twist is... interesting but at the same time nothing to write home about, because it stops being important after chapter 5.

... more>> It's got elements of "Kumo Desu Ga, nani ka?" and "Tensei Shitara Suraimu Datta Ken" (specifically the game elements) but it progresses more as if you're following "Shield hero"...

Super focusing on the "Slice of life" aspect of it all... the set pieces aren't going to impress you because they are your run of the mill clichés on this stories, and the "Homeless" aspect isn't really "that" important for the plot.


It's very well written...

The worldbuilding is great! there is no exposition dump, everything comes as the actions and discoveries of the MC.

The characters progress smoothly... but slowly, and I quite enjoy that they aren't jumping right into "HAREM MODE", this reads as the wish fulfillment of someone who has actually been a vagrant and rebuilding his life in this new world... it may not be important for the plot (yet), but it IS super important for the dynamic of the characters.

So far the "romance" tag is a lie... but as far as the story has gone, it's fine... only problem I would have is if this stays that way for more chapters.

So I'm conflicted... it's nothing new, but at the same time it's a super interesting twist because of the circumstances of the MC... but the author hasn't moved that an inch in this whole time, just focusing on advancing the characters but not the plot... but it's the same in "Kumo Desu Ga, nani ka?" and "Tensei Shitara Suraimu Datta Ken", and both of them are of my favorite stories... (both took like, what? 200 chapters to start actually setting up the plot???)

I really really want this to continue because it's got my full attention, if anything I would love the plot to start because we're on "meandering without direction" mode and I feel it's hurting the novel... things are getting more and more interesting but I feel like it's taking too long...

I'll put stars when the set up of the actual plot comes into view, because then we'll know if what the author is setting up right now will be interesting or not... I have a vague feeling of where this is going because of the start, but I don't like that the MC simply decided to ignore all that in favor of rebuilding his life and entered "meandering" mode... <<less
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SproutlingUnderARoof rated it
September 2, 2021
Status: --
This is the equivalent of a cheap burger. It's not appetizing, not delicious, not that filling, not even anything new. But when you're hungry and the fridge is empty, you ain't saying no.
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ilLUMIAnated rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: epilogue
A good time killer if you have nothing else to read on hand.

The author botched the last two arcs but overall I enjoyed the journey.

Word of caution though, the "homeless" plot point doesn't contribute much to the story as it progresses besides it just being an event of sorts. If you want something that would've actually detailed the struggles of a homeless person in either world's then this isn't for you.
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twistedymond rated it
October 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Its a good story, moves quickly and everything gets tied up in the end

including marriages


I agree with others that homelessness does not play a big role in the story but I did not have a problem with that, I feel his emotions and kind of mental breakdown that caused the homelessness were addressed eventually.


Nice slice of life episodes/ chapters

Story moves quickly

MC is OP basically from the beginning


Relationship does not move till the end

would recommend
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Arteg the bear
Arteg the bear rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: c38
I like to see an homeless main character and how from his view point securing food and shelter is important, but I found it got loss in the OPness of the character and the too sudden events that seems too typical.

This book to me looks to be a mix of ideas from other popular light novels you might be familiar with : Arifureta with its labyrinth, Kumo desu ga nani ka with its status, and some other light novels I can't seem to remember the name right now with its... more>> buffalo hunting and quest vibes, and I'm a NEET but When I Went to Hello Work I Got Taken to Another World with its coming war. The characteristic of this light novel however, unlike the previously named novel tends toward slice of life of the main character living with a pet and an elf (I've read up to chapter 38) without any particular heroic plot or world crisis in sight.

The part where the main character Shinichi reincarnate/is isekaied felt fresh and I love the comedy twist. However, nothing noticeable seem to happen since then. I find the elf love interest lacking in personality and Shinichi didn't strike me as memorable except for his absurd sense of thrift. The author likes to describe tough fighting scene and focus its description on that rather than developing on the technique the fighters could come have come up with, which is an issue since Shinichi is super OP. The translation is well done in my opinion, and give it a thumbs up. Someone who has read more chapters than I will have a better understanding of this light novel. There are better novels out there in my opinion. <<less
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ziethe rated it
September 8, 2023
Status: Completed
A pretty interesting and misterious story from the second half you begin to understand a lot of things, and let tell you WOW!!!
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