A Demon Lord’s Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming Bliss


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One day, I woke up only find out that I’d become a Demon Lord, an individual responsible for protecting a dungeon. The world I’d been spirited away to was one filled with violence. Gigantic monsters wandered through it and competed with each other each and every day for the right to survive. I had no choice but to strengthen my dungeon’s defenses in hopes of living another day—or at least that was what I’d thought. For some odd reason, I instead ended up spending my days in relaxation and bliss.

This is Yuki’s story, my story. It tells the tale of how I spent my days after settling down in a dungeon with a self indulgent, “supreme” dragon girl and a young vampire.

Associated Names
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I Became the Demon Lord so I Created a Dungeon and Spend Heartwarming Time There with Non-Human Girls
Maou ni Natta node, Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono Suru
魔王になったので、ダンジョン造って人外娘とほのぼのする(旧題:自由に暮らしたい魔王黙示録 )
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New PandoraTiger rated it
June 9, 2019
Status: c63
Not really recommended this novel,
... more>>

It's just generic novel where the MC Reincarnated into another world as Dungeon Master (and Demon Lord), surrounded with Cute Girls (Dragon, Loli Vampire, Beastkin etc), as you expect, there is no single 'Guy' in his Harem World (All-Girls Squad).

-There is no World-Building, less character appeared, just plain slice-of-life where the MC Playing 'Happy Sugar Life' with their lovey-dovey girls.

-The MC itself is kind of sh*t, he kill all the knight who come to his territory without any doubt, without any regret. At this point I think I like this novel, but everything changed just in few chapter afterward. Later there is a Girl who called as a "Hero" come to his Territory, as you can expect from Harem-Isekai genre, yup the first Rule of Generic Harem-Isekai genre is "MC Will Never Let Any Girl Die, and Ofc Later She Will Join Into His Harem World", same as this novel.

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New TimeVoid rated it
June 6, 2019
Status: --
well, I gotta say that the novel were a disappointment. Based on what I read through many chapters, the MC is a dungeon master who is very much interacted to only 2 characters which are the elder dragon and loli vampire. While 3 chara were extras (the slaves girls who become his maid and a fenrir). Do you know who was the most irritating ? The loli elder dragon. Yeah, that silver girl, her job is to eat and having boring activity. In a short chapters, MC fell in love... more>> with her and which even worst is that the loli vampire were in charge for controlling MC from approaching other women (this is getting into a wrong direction). Lastly, this is not a harem. Its a trash harem.

Managing Dungeon? Forget it, Becoming an Adventurer ? Top priority, World building ?nah, too lazy. Enemies? Politicians. Monsters? To few.

1 star <<less
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Darxen rated it
November 26, 2017
Status: c185
Edit 2019 - TL:

Since I stopped reading a while ago since I had read the last one (raw) at the time I do not remember very well, but, I do not really remember that the MC was so rude to all the other characters, that the level of intelligence was so low or that in general the interactions between characters were so lack of emotion.
I guess I'll stick to the original version and forget what I've read

Previous 2017 - Full Raw:

Here we see that the voting should not... more>> be allowed to novels that don't have a defined minimum of chapters (unless they are short) or force comments to those who vote and avoid bad votes because of prejudice, I will not take into account the translation since I read it in its original language, so.

You must read it!!... you don't need to thank me.

5 stars - For not being boring (as an agent who wants to be a teacher in another world).
5 stars - For true comedy (not like that with a perverted highschooler with a red glove and his oppai here oppai there).
5 stars - For the interaction MC - heroines (and that's it, you should have enough with this, comparing with other novels that are better voted).
5 stars - Because I want a dragon Waifu (and caress her little horns and wings, don't forget the wings).
5 stars - For being more sweet than child-raising novels (that have no emotions in a world without cuisine).
5 stars - For never focusing on food (like mayonnaise and mayonnaise, wait, also add soy and...).
5 stars - For being a well executed cliché (although all the novels have clichés in some degree or another).
5 stars - Because the dragon Waifu deserves it. (no dragon Waifu no life)
5 stars - Because the harem is not a joke (it takes time, as well as the plants you have in your room because you are alone in this life...)
5 stars - Because I feel the love (that she never gave me...).
5 stars - Because this web doesn't accept anymore.

Bad jokes aside, the strength of this novel is the interaction between the main characters, I still think how I read more than 100 chapters without getting bored in one day, maybe the weak point (if it can be considered in that way, in a novel in which development is like a slice of life) is the variety of characters (as well as male characters) and the long development (which seems to be introducing more and more), even so, does not tire, like having a teenager with a smartphone with a pseudo loli harem, and the romance is not superficial and forced, as in that of a programmer who only wants the high elf or the pseudo political romance of the eighth child of a low-ranking noble. Even so, what many forget is about the dragon Waifu!!, how dare they, even if Kira forgives them, just remember those meromero (メロメロ) scenes, break my heart like a piñata... <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
December 5, 2017
Status: c9
This one is thoroughly a slice of life novel, alright. What you should seek from this novel isn't fighting scenes, or schemes, or politics, or whatever heavy matters you could think of. It's a f*cking Slice of Life spiced with Comedy and mundane, down-to-earth, normal interaction between sentient beings who love to live their life leisurely.

Just enjoy this novel as it is. Why are you hoping something like Dungeon Defense from slice of life, geez.
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Suijin rated it
November 7, 2018
Status: c63
It's not that bad, but the wish fulfillment is absurd on too many levels.

I read through it, but the second he decides to become an adventurer as a freaking dungeon owner.. Nope, go away. This is not worth it at this point.
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Eisensturm rated it
September 17, 2018
Status: c55
I don't know how the author does it, but they make the story simultaneously interesting and mind-numbingly boring. The main issue of it is the protagonist. He's basically a high school reincarnator with a chuuni supervillain mentality who denies he has a chuuni supervillain mentality, and as a result often does stupid things alongside brilliant things.

For example; he constantly insists he's not human in mentality any further, and can thus deal with certain things no self-respecting human would do, but then he gets cold feet with gore and the possibility... more>> of growing more non-human elements as he evolves. He's simultaneously lazy and hard-working, refusing to properly practice his skills but also properly taking care of his dungeon.

That being said, the slow-life aspect is fine. The lack of serious plot is fine. But the stupidity of the protagonist at times is really grating, especially since he does show competence in regards to other important tasks. <<less
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August 20, 2018
Status: c34
  1. An interesting novel, not much has happened so far aside from a bit of action to show off how OP the MC is, which is what almost all isekai novels do.
  2. Feature a bit of romance which goes great together with the slice of life theme.
  3. A bit of a downside is that the translation quality is just bad.I feel like the translator "asian hobbyist" guy just feed the raw to some sort of machine translating program then throw in a few edit and call it done. It really sucks. The characters sound like robots with bland personality.
  4. Another downside is that, despite the already short length of the chapters, the translator goes out of his way to split them into multiple parts for non other than getting more clicks for ads revenue. He also holds up the already translated chapters for patrons, which I'm fine with, but he usually hold on to them for too long, sometimes for more than a month, which I'm not fine with. Even when u do as they say and paid 5$ for a chapter, he sometimes "forget" to unlock them so the chapters are only available for 20$~ patrons.
  5. There's a silver lightning that cardboard translation is picking this novel up, but just from chapter 33 onward so you still have to plow through 32 chaps of mediocre quality on a garbage tier site to get there. Good thing is "Supreme tentacle" is doing a great job with providing quality translation and seems very enthusiastic about it.
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Si Kucing
Si Kucing rated it
November 2, 2018
Status: c59
Well... it's bland... just ur usual reincarnation stuff, it basicly just like the title said.... don't expect much of it.... it's mostly slice of life stuff..... not that I hate it.... if there's something that put me off then that is :

... more>>MC didn't hesitate to commit a massacre, a bit of humanity still left in him, but all he did is issue a warning, once the warning is ignored he massacred them all without restrain... but the f**king thing is... once the invader is a girl he hesitate like.... wtf?!!! He just scare her off... now that realy putting me off/spoiler]

All in all the title said it all.... what the story is about, n the character of the MC.... I would give it 1... but the slice of life's not bad so I raise it to 2..... n the potential (i realy hope I hit the mark) of MC and lefy's romance raise it to 3.... for now 3/5 <<less
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Danthefanokaku rated it
April 25, 2018
Status: c19
TL;DR at the bottom

Okay, so far I love the story. The characters are interesting, even if the main character is a bit 2D it isn’t bad. The plots rather interesting, and the translation job is done really really well. You may be asking yourself now, why did I give this series 4 stars instead of 5 if I’m so in love with it? There’s a couple of reasons as to why I did what I did. While the translator is pretty good at their job, the person who is sorely... more>> lacking is the group itself. After one of the chapters in the early teens (ie 11-14), Asian Hobbyist started to split up each chapter into different pages. Now while that might not be a huge issue, the problem is that the chapter isn’t long enough to really warrant that. Some pages are as long as an iPhone 7 screen, so it make sense it a huge hassle to keep going all the way down to the page index, and clicking on the next one. Really takes you out of a series while you’re reading it. The next issue is the fact that the group uses ads, and while again in and of itself I’m totally happy about that since how else are they supposed to cover their website’s overhead cost, the problem is the amount. Each “page” has at least 8 ads on it, 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom which makes it really irritating to go from the top of the page to the page index button. The layout could be changed so that it’s a bit less intrusive, since each time I read a page of this series I suddenly get pulled out of it because of some clickbait article that could/could not be malicious in nature.


Okay, so overall the story is great, the characters are great, and I’m in love with this series. What I’m not in love with however is the translating group because of their desire to split each chapter up into multiple pages as well as use a ton of ads. Great series, great translators, awful website. That’s my only complaint about it. <<less
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BhozzAoI rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: c199
i am now having a hard time continuing to read this novel even though it is a bit good as a slice-of-life novel because:

MC is a major pedophile. In the earlier chapter it isn't much but as the story goes on the pedophile tendencies of the MC is increasing that most chapters have words like: Illuna is so cute while doing this, Shii is so cute and so on so forth that destroys the pace of the story because of sudden stupid lines such as those and it is done... more>> too much in later chapters that it is starting to get annoying and when it comes to introducing women the author basically just go like this "that woman is quite a hottie with a great body" just that and nothing has even been said of what the girl look like, the color of eyes or hair and how old she looks but when it comes to loli's the author truly put so much detail in saying many things and not only that in the next chapter the author will once again said what the loli looks like with so much emphasis.

Also the MC doesn't put much thought on getting stronger even though he has an enemy that he will eventually need to fight who is as strong or stronger than him and just laze around in his dungeon doing nothing and then he will just win against said opponent through PLOT ARMOR which is truly annoying. <<less
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double D
double D rated it
August 26, 2018
Status: c34
I must tell dat this novel had a good start, many aspects involved here dat make the novel it self such a unique one, comedy, hearwarming story, little bit of action so far, game elements like, and others.

For those who need some refreshing strory with game element and isekai background, I think this is the best one I found so far.
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Custardmouse rated it
May 14, 2019
Status: c89
CardboardTL is in my top five list for all the translators I've read on NovelUpdates. Kudos for keeping the original linguistic flavor alive in relevant English slang. The story is really good, too! Manages to stay original and reverse some tropes in clever ways while landing solidly in the "My pace OP isekai" genre. Up to chapter 90, the action all seems to come to the door-step of a homebody MC, but that doesn't mean he's unwilling to visit the neighbors and lay down the law. If I have one... more>> complaint with this story it's that the game elements seem to have been dropped from the latter half of the chapters, in particular, the dungeon development aspects. When the author throws up their hands as if to declare, "this guy is too OP to track, I give up!" They've usually done something wrong. In this case, the stats of things haven't had much relevance to the plot of the story where conflict is infrequent, so it's not a deal breaker for me. However, part of the wish-fulfillment OP fun of stories like this has less to do with analyzing the numbers for verisimilitude and rating who the MC can throw down with and more to do with watching the numbers climb to silly levels and giggling about the absurdity of it all. In that respect, I hope the author comes back around to stat blocks soon. <<less
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May 4, 2018
Status: c22
The chapters are short, without much content or descriptions, so for now it's another one of those "slice-of-life in another world".

Despite being in the dungeon master genre, it barely uses it and it is used here and there as an excuse to get materials and items for free.

Because there is a gatcha, you can expect plot luck of getting top-tier stuff way before he should be able to afford it (already happened once, maybe twice but we have no idea if the first one is potent or not as it... more>> has not been used yet).

You can read it if you want one more of those OP protagonists leaving a lazy life in a fantasy world, or give it a pass if you wanted something a bit more structured. <<less
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rutabella rated it
April 30, 2019
Status: c86
awesome novel, great characters, a little bland and a little shallow in the world building but its a slice of life focused on a small group of characters so you don't really notice it too often. This is slice of life done right, so much good fluff.

one of the few criticisms I can find with it is how it handles the screen time of the characters. When we transition from the whole group to a smaller group I feel kinda bad for those who get left behind as they don't... more>> get as much characterization. But the author put in enough effort to build up a foundation for everyone, so I don't think he is going to abandon them.

If you see reviews talking about how its boring, they probably read asian hobbyists lazy machine translations, don't make their mistake and read the cardboard translations instead. They put so much effort and emotion into the novel that it really makes it stand out. <<less
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Seregosa rated it
March 15, 2019
Status: c18
Horribly bland and this author's writing style doesn't work well for me. I actually disliked all of the characters. Even the dragon girl, a setting I always LOVE, made me kinda irritated. The interactions between the MC and the characters are dull and unrealistic even for a slice of life. It's pretty much just another slice of life novel but somehow they're in a fantasy world this time around. The dragon girl is quickly seduced by food with no real developments shown and then she acts and is treated like... more>> just another young and weak girl. The next girl is just boring and overdone to try to make her "cute", making her feel artifical.

The MC is really hard to like. He's truly inept at pretty much everything and has no real grasp on his own situation. He's pretty much below average in intelligence. He always complains about this or that and the author is using him to state his own opinions on stuff, even real life affairs. His talent at things are minimal at best and he can't imagine any good magic despite being from the modern world and one who liked playing games. The best stuff he managed to imagine was a flamethrower which was decently powerful, but after losing control of it a little, he somehow got a trauma and now he can't use it anymore. The magic in this world is just about imagining, as long as you can imagine it clearly, it'll work. Despite this, the MC can't imagine anything good, which is ridiculous. The dragon was interesting at the start, but she just turned into a normal gluttonous shut-in instantly. Giving it a 3/5 is pretty generous of me.

I don't recommend this. <<less
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Fuxy rated it
April 25, 2018
Status: c123
It's a light hearted relaxing kind of story with a lot of goofing around and a little bit of action but not much.

If you are expecting anything serious this is not for you but there is a little bit of romance if you like that kind of thing.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AndyDarren rated it
June 2, 2019
Status: c98
Honestly, it's a decent enough read. But that's only if you can manage to get past the mc's suuuuuuper cringy way of speaking. It's not like the MC has to speak in uptight proper english (japanese) all the time but Jesus Christ.

The aurhor tries way too hard to make the MC speak in super-urban jargon all the time and it goes way past the point of being corny to being straight up cringe. It's like the MC is your 90's uncle that's trying to be "hip" and "cool" with the... more>> kids by constanly speaking like a 2011 milenial

Other than that tho, it's a decent enough SOL that isn't too heavy on wish-fulfillment. <<less
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SillyScream rated it
May 22, 2019
Status: c112
Edit: Finally dropping it. At Chapter 112, and yet again romantic moments get spoiled by "omg I smell a woman on you" "it was just a child I played with" "oh so you used yet again a child to satisfy your unsightly desires"..............

f**k this. I can live with a lot of flaws, but how the MC gets treated as a pervert and s*x offender again and again and again just doesnt ring well with me.

OG Review:

Currently on Chapter 64 and really enjoying this novels - for the most... more>> part. What grinds my gears is how the author on the one side slowly advances the romance, but on the other side insists on adding a "omg the MC is such a pervert and pedophile" part as well. Come on, really? Its insanely annoying and adds nothing to the story, not even comedic value. All it does is make the reader question wether a proper romance is even possible....

Footnote: I've been reading on Cardboard TL only. Great translation. <<less
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Xu rated it
October 27, 2018
Status: c57
Pretty standard slice of life isekai in terms of world building and characters, the writing itself is above average and the translation is good.

Recommended if you're looking for something of this genre, but it's nothing particularly amazing
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RazorLight315 rated it
October 18, 2018
Status: c71
It's a relaxing novel with comedy and some action. It's just heartwearming I guess?
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 7, 2018
Status: c13
Not many chapters released, so no idea how it'll end up. For now it's good, and I would had continuted reading if there were more chapters.

Overall I got a vibe of this novel being a rather slow-paced with lots of fluff and slice of life. If so then not my cup of tea.
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